Make a Timeline Banner for The Host Movie Facebook Page

In just a year (March 29, 2013) The Host movie hits theaters. The official facebook page for the film is asking for fan created art to use on their timeline. Here are the guidelines:

To celebrate our one year milestone, we invite you create a new timeline for The Host (MOVIE)! We’ll pick our favorite next week and publish your work. Specs to include:
– Title “The Host” and our release date of 3/29/13
– Size is 850 x 315 pixels
– Upload it to the facebook page, we’ll make an album for everyone to share their thoughts!

So all you photoshop mavens time to get creative!


  1. The official font is Optima, which you can download here (or lots of other places):

  2. Hey, Is this just a task or some contest? 😛

  3. 419BLUEBELL says:

    what is the movie about.