Why Do Fans Love The Host?

The Official The Host Movie Facebook page is sharing why the winners of their trailer contest love novel The Host.

First up is fan Angie.

Check out the official The Host facebook page.


  1. CullenCoven says:

    I made a video for a school project on The Host. It’s bad quality and amateur editing and sound, but it’s the best I could do in short notice. Here it is:

  2. It was an okay book, and the story line was unique to be sure, but it lacks the magic of her Twilight series. I don’t think there will be an outpouring of love for the characters in the same way there was for Edward/Bella and Jacob.

    I wonder if Twilight will be the best thing Stephenie Meyer writes? (Not in terms of skill, but in terms of enchanting a worldwide audience like the Saga has.)

  3. Loved this book!

  4. Why aren’t they posting this on a real website, dedicated to the film?

  5. I like it even better than Twilight, so that means it’s my all time favourite book. I love all the characters and the story itself, and I love the parts where Wanda talks about the other planets.

  6. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I loved this book and thought it was just as good as the Twilight series. It captures your interest and keeps you thinking on a lot of different levels all at the same time. It was really difficult to read the first time because of Jared’s violent attitude toward Melanie. But when I read back through it again knowing how it would end, it was even more moving and I had a greater understanding and compassion for each of the characters. As someone already mentioned, the book deals with a lot of different kinds of love and difficulties involved with each. Please, all of you who didn’t like it or haven’t read it, give it a chance. It’s much different than Twilight, but it is a great story. I always tear up for the last few chapters.

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