The Host Trailer to Debut March 22

Stephenie Meyer updated her website today with the following exciting news about The Host!

Congratulations to our six trailer contest winners! These awesome fans will appear in The Host teaser trailer:

Angie Cason – Shreveport, Louisiana
Ethan Polson – Ankeny, Iowa
Linda Barnes – Dinuba, California
Lisa M. Hayman – Covington, Indiana
Cody Billingsley – Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Danielle Hickin – Endwell, New York

And when will you get to see all of these beautiful people? Very, very soon! The trailer will be debuting Thursday, March 22nd on-air via Access Hollywood and online via Yahoo! Movies.

For more info—and to get a peek at the faces you should be looking for—please visit the movie fan page at!

Also, they’d love for you to comment and get involved, and personally I’d love to hear what kinds of things you would most like to have a peek at as we continue with the filming. Please chime in!

Thanks, everybody!


  1. Why it and not BD2. I could careless about Host.

  2. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I’m really looking forward to this, but I wonder if SM realizes that the release date will land on Good Friday that year. I wonder if it’ll end up getting moved.

  3. Didn’t they JUST start filming for this movie? How can they have enough edited content for a trailer? I’m pretty excited to see what they have, though!!!!!

  4. will this be the official trailer for the host, or a fan made one? seems kinda early since the host began filing just a few months ago.

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