Rob Pattinson on Shirtless Acting and Comedies

Over the last few days  I’ve watched as story after story popped up about the statement Rob Pattinson made to Reveal Magazine about shirtless acting.  I’ve been waiting for an actual link to the story because we like to credit  the actual source, but so far I’m coming up short.  What I do find is quote after quote from the article and a mass amount of people assuming that Rob was slamming Taylor Lautner for taking his shirt off.  Here is what Rob said:

“It seems like every single actor in the world is doing a Taylor Lautner scene. It’s crazy. They have a scene where they walk out with a 12-pack. It’s like, ‘Really? You’re playing a normal guy. That doesn’t make any sense.”

To me, this isn’t a dig at Taylor but rather a dig at everyone else in the industry trying to pull off a shirtless scene the way Taylor has done.  Do you agree with me?  Let me know in the comments.

Rob also commented on why he’s never hosted SNL or done a comedy film.

“Doing comedy is impossible. I would be terrible. People have asked me to do things likeSaturday Night Live, and there is just no way, not in a million years. That’s just way too scary.”

Actually, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen from anyone in the Twilight Saga was when Rob joined Jimmy Fallon in the tree.

Lastly, Rob spoke about his “wild” days and how he’s changed.

“I used to not care about what anyone thought about anything. Now I’m forced into thinking about things if I want to have a career. Maybe it’s because I’m older.”

”I used to be a little bit wilder, but it’s difficult to do that now. I used to want to do the craziest things, as I had no understanding that I had an audience. All I wanted to do was weird stuff, but it’s different now – people have an expectation. You have to think about things objectively.”

What do you think?  Do you feel Rob has changed over the years?  Do you think he’s less wild now than what he was before?  Tell us in the comments.

Source: EntertainmentWise and ABCNews


  1. edwardsmylion says:

    I totally agree that the shirtless comment was about copying Taylor’s look and scenes in Twilight. Look at how popular it made him! The entertainment industry is all about copying whatever is successful – over and over ad nauseum. I think Rob would come through in comedy – he’s quirky and much more mature than he was in the early days. He’s much more comfortable in interviews, etc. You can do it Rob – just stick with quality stuff so we can enjoy you for years to come!

  2. I very much agree with the shirtless comment. Hollywood seems to like to attatch itself to whatever is very popular at the time and repeat it over and over. And even in the media an magazines, “who has the best abs” “looks like Taylor has some competition” “how to get Taylors abs”

    As for Rob becoming less wild over the years, I would say its a bit true. A lot of what he says and does is under a critical eye, he is constantly watched ( and that must be really hard) and he does watch what he says but I do enjoy when he says something wacky or just off hand every now and then , i think its just part of his personality which i really like.

    As for the comedy thing, I really think he could do it, i mean he did do it with jimmy Fallon in the tree and he was pretty darn funny in the Tv movie The Bad Mother’s Handbook. Maybe he just needs to start small and work up his confidence, …but who knows .

  3. I don’t agree with the comment that Hollywood is copying Taylor nor Twilight in that regards when it comes to shirtless males… I’ve seen trends like this cycle around ever since I was a small child. If you read any “How to sell a screenplay” book, they’ll eventually mention “Sex sells”… and was is sexy trends with styles…

    A pretty good example is the 80’s… The 80’s was the era of the “Macho Man” with stars like David Hasselhoff, Burt Reynolds, and Tom Selleck frequently taking their shirts off in their respective movies and series. In all cases, these men were browny and hairy…

    With the advent of the 90’s though, that trend of “Macho Man” appeal began to change with more refined males coming onto the scene like Kevin Sorbo (with Hercules), Lorenzo Lamas…ect…ect… While these new guys were equally as tough, they weren’t so browny…

    Here comes the 2000 era, and we now see a trend of boy-men… Like the Justin Timberlake variety… They are adult, but not quite… they have that youthful unrugged appeal, and in most cases are virtually hairless…

    So I don’t see people copying Twilight, it’s just that the Twilight fashion of male beauty is currently leading the pack per say.

    As for Rob becoming less wild… I never new Rob was WILD in the first place… 😛 As with anybody young star who’s be in the spotlight, he is maturing as an actor and as a performer. Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall in the trap that is Scientology. 😛

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      FYI, the word you’re looking for is “brawny,” as in muscular, not “browny,” as in sort of brown. Check your Webster’s.

      It’s also, as I see it, less a comment on sex selling (Rob certainly has had his share of shirtless scenes) than on the 12-pack issue. A 6-pack indicates a considerable level of muscular development for anyone. Taylor went for over development – the 12-pack – because he was trying to represent a 7 foot 6 inch tall ridiculously overdeveloped monster. For most other roles, displaying a 12-pack is going to be inconsistent with the role.

  4. No, not a criticism of Taylor whatsoever. It’s a criticism of the entertainment industry for trying to latch onto anything that’s popular and trying to “ride the wave,” whether it makes sense in the context it’s presented in or not. In fact, it almost sounds like a defense of Taylor. Rob’s pointing out that the copycats have no reason to be running around shirtless, which implies that Taylor’s shirtless werewolf scenes were 100% appropriate within context, regardless of what a lot of Twilight critics may say.

    This is just another example of rumormongers doing their thing. They’ll take any comment and twist it around, just to try to sell copy. (Or, if that fails, they’ll find some “secret” source to make up comments that were never made to begin with.) Sadly, it’s the world we live in. Look at the “feud that isn’t” between Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss from The Hunger Games) and KStew. The media is trying to act like there’s some big feud between the two of them. Meanwhile, they’re e-mailing back and forth with each other laughing about the fact that the media is making all of this stuff up.

    And yes, I think Rob has changed a bit over the last few years, but for me it just seemed like a natural progression. He was still pretty young when he was first thrust into the spotlight, but the situation and the fact that he wants to be taken seriously as an actor just made it seem more like the natural progression of “growing up,” if that makes sense. I never really thought he “changed” in the truest sense of the word – it was more like he grew up a bit, the same way we all do when we get out of high school and college and realize that we have responsibilities now and have to start acting responsibly . . . most of the time, anyway, lol. The people around me would tell you that I did the same thing . . . many, many years ago, lol.

    But every time he makes one of those funny, off beat comments out of the blue you can tell the “old Rob” is still in there. 🙂

    And I think he could do SNL. He is a funny guy. He just has a more British sense of humor, which works for me, since American humor nowadays has descended into the lows of insulting people, hurting people, or just being completely stupid. 🙁

  5. All you have to do is google “Robert Pattinson drunk” to get an idea of how much he has matured since the beginning of this whole thing. He was constantly partying and getting wasted, and that’s not something a mature and serious actors wants in his portfolio. He does his partying privately now, and I’m so proud of how much he’s grown up. He’s much more confident in front of the cameras, he’s managed to maintain his poise around the paps (unlike his girlfriend). He’s just a class act, and so very humble. He will go the farthest of anyone in this saga…mark my words. He’s dedicated and so talented.

    As to Taylor…naw…he wasn’t criticizing Taylor, he was getting in a jab at shallow actors and an equally shallow Hollywood who can’t do anything but jump on the bandwagon and copy stuff. Unfortunately, they’re way too late. LOL It just ends up looking ridiculous. I think that was the point he was making.

  6. I think Rob could rock a comedy. He was hilarious in “How to be”. He may not be “Jack Black” style funny, but he has an understated kind of humor about him, which I find to be more funny then the slap stick type of stuff

  7. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Like the others have said, Rob wasn’t picking on Taylor, he was picking on the copy cats. And he’s quite right, “It doesn’t make any sense.” Part of what’s great about Taylor’s shirtless scenes is that it’s hyperbole. Jake’s supposed to be a HUGE mythical creature who runs too warm. Taylor bulked up for the character, not to be “look at me.” And the fact that he negotiated his shirtless time down for BD1 shows he wasn’t doing it to be merely gratuitous. Hollywood, on the other hand, seems to think they can bring in a larger paying audience by having some guy take his shirt off. Without a legitimate “story” behind it, it’s empty and ridiculous.

    • Michele Dwinell says:

      Well said! This is exactly what Rob was saying, but of course the media love to exaggerate and blow things way up into something it isn’t at all. It’s tiring for me…it’s GOT to be tiresome for Rob. Empty. AND Ridiculous.

  8. I don’t think Robert was making a jab at Taylor either. He was talking about those coming after Taylor and copying his shirtless scenes. And he is correct. Taylor has won the best shirtless scene and no one after him can do it justice.

    As far as comedy…Robert definitely could pull it off. He has a wonderful/strange sense of humor and I, too, love it! His whole demeanor when he’s being himself is so funny. Look at some of the previous interviews when he has let his guard down. Maybe a guest shot on SNL, then move into the hosting of SNL. I would watch. I will watch anything that Robert appears in!

    He is maturing and slowly seems to be adjusting better to his fame. I empathize with him not being able to maintain his privacy. Regardless, Robert’s true fans will be there with him.

  9. kathrynes00 says:

    I agree with everyone else that Robert’s comment about shirtless actors has been taken out of context and is in no way a dig at Taylor. But I would like to comment everyone’s overwhelming support of his doing comedic work.

    It’s great that we’re all so supportive of Rob taking chances and trying something new, but I fully appreciate his being uncomfortable and unwilling to do it. First, there is a HUGE difference between doing A comedy like a movie or skit that is scripted, which is what most people are commenting on, and doing comedy like SNL, which is what Rob is talking about. Second, take it from someone who works and has two degrees in theatre: comedy is MUCH harder to do than drama, especially if it doesn’t come easily to you. And if he were to attempt something like SNL and screw up it could potentially ruin his career. If he really isn’t comfortable doing it, he’s better off sticking with what he knows. I applaud Rob for being aware of his strengths and weaknesses, especially in an industry where so many aren’t.

  10. what rob is saying is that in every movie every guy has to have a six pack whether he is an actor playing a executive or an ordinary guy, thats whats ridiculous about hollywood. Rob is the most funniest person I have seen, just seeing him alrdy makes you smile, he just makes you happy. Like Cronberg says that Rob is a ray of sun shine.

  11. Ladylovesleo says:

    I think Rob was commenting on Hollywood in general. Shirtless scenes and sex sells – so that’s what the majority of movies throw at us rather than focusing on a well told story.

  12. I really get sick of seeing “The Twilight Saga says: <————–LIKE, PLEASE <3<3<3<3<3" on every fricking post I read. Why don't you guys delete those comments? They contribute nothing to the thread. Whoever this is does this on every single article here.

  13. I also took the comment as being a criticism on people trying to copy Taylor going shirtless in general. I’ve never heard him saying anything bad about Taylor and don’t think he would. It’s funny, because not long ago I watched an interview with Rob and I was struck by how much different he is than when he gave interviews during the first movie. He was so much more immature and kind of had an “i don’t care” attitude. He’s still on the goofy side, but I’ve always found that endearing about him. I believe part of it is having to grow up so quickly, and part of it is kind of being more settled down with his..umm…girlfriend. Anyway, I think he’s come a long way.

  14. I agree with Rob. There is a lot of copying of Twilight, in general, by people who have no idea why Twilight is so popular — and they seem to think that it was just one single element, and if they copy that, it’ll be a hit, whether it’s abs, or vampires, or a love triangle, or whatever.

    IMO, it’s pathetic.

    I hope Rob is “growing up,” and that the days of just making crazy things up during interviews, or doing films that are intentionally difficult to watch, for his own amusement, are over.

    There are lots of people who could use a little entertainment in their lives, among whatever difficulties they face, and hopefully, with entertainment that is thoughtful, uplifting, enlightening, and praiseworthy.

    His films thus far, other than Twilight, mostly seem shocking, in one way or another, and I think, in some instances, are… unhealthy. Inaccurate, weird, or untrue, in the broadest sense. And it would be a shame to squander everyone’s attention in such a way, when real good could be done, and is most needed.

    I’m afraid that Cosmopolis and Bel Ami will be more of the same.


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