Comic Con 2012 Tickets Go On Sale on Saturday! Read the Fine Print!

Comic Con just put out the following notice to those who registered using their new ID  system. This pre-registration system closed on February 28th.

You had to register with them and have an ID in order to purchase a ticket (very different than previous years).  Also please note that a Comic Con ticket buys you access to the Convention Hall, not a guaranteed admission into any specific panel or presentation. For that reason it’s first come first serve and sometimes sleeping outside for days at a time is required.

Please also note that though the Twilight films have typically been at Comic Con on a Thursday, there is no guarantee that will happen again. It’s up to the Comic Con staff who do the scheduling and now Lionsgate to bring them there. Do we think they will be there? Yes! We’re betting on it. Are we sure on the day? No.  Especially since the same studio now has Twilight and The Hunger Games who knows what they will want to do to maximize that PR. It’s also probably worthwhile to note that almost no movie or TV outlet has confirmed their presence at Comic Con at this point, nor will anyone have anything specific about dates(under Comic Con not studio control) until a month or so out.

If you did follow the procedure and preregister and have an ID you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO READ THIS DOCUMENT! Yes it’s long but trust us you want to read it. It covers the finer points on how the registration system work and what to expect in regards to wait time, what browsers to use, what email addresses work best, etc.

As this article in the LA Times notes, last year the ticketing system went down several times and when they finally resurrected it, it sold out in 24 hours. So, even if the wait is long, you want to login to get your tickets on the first day, or there will likely not be any left.


  1. Christina says:

    I was planning to go to this…but I heard that only minor characters will be there. I’m not interested in going unless Kristen, Rob, or Taylor will be there…but I’m pretty sure they won’t be. Anyone else know?

    • Christina says:

      Uh, scratch this entire comment. I was confused…just realized you are talking about Comic Con. Haha.

  2. I’m going to continue to avoid ComiCon and rely on your reports. Best wishes to all that want to go!

  3. Did anyone get tickets?

  4. Seems it sold out in about an hour today. I had a running group so I had my boyfriend wake up early to be online at 8am. It sold out before he was able to get any tickets 🙁

  5. I couldn’t get the connection to work from the link they sent for the first 15 min by the time I got to there waiting room I was 32,000 in line! Waited watching my number go down and the days sell out when I was at 4000 the email came up they were sold out. So bummed my daughter with Down syndrome age 19 loved going last year and got a autograph poster from Taylor Lautner. Maybe I will try taking her to the LA Twighlight convention they have instead. Isn’t it like $300? Anyone been and is it worth the price?

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