Stephenie Meyer Addresses “Annoyed” Rumor

Earlier this week (see series of Tweets here) a reporter for Variety Tweeted that, “HUNGER GAMES presales begin tomorrow; early tracking shows it outpacing the first TWILIGHT pic. My theory as to why: Safe for boys. As long as we’re on topic: Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they’d do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention.”

Stephenie Meyer issued the following statement on her website:

“Hey all,

Just wanted to clear up a little rumor making the rounds. I have absolutely no issues with anyone at Lionsgate. Far from being a negative thing, it’s actually a very nice feeling to know that both Lionsgate and Summit would like to make another Twilight movie if I were ever to write another Twilight book. So, thanks for the support, Lionsgate and Summit. I look forward to working for the first time with new friends at Lionsgate and working again with my old friends at Summit!


Edited: At approximately 10:00am Eastern Josh Dickey Tweeted “Stephenie Meyer makes nice w/ Summit/LG at But hey, I know what I know …”

At approximately 4:30 eastern time Josh Dickey responded to the controversy on Twitter. Various people have been questioning his veracity over the last 48 hours or so. He just responded to a tweet from the Twilight News Site that asked:

R U saying she was annoyed, and isn’t now? That her post was disingenuous? That future books/films are impossible? Or what?

@Twilight_Site What I tweeted was 100% accurate — that’s all.

So it looks like John Dickey is standing by his annoyance claim, but isn’t given any clarification as to additional context making this a he said/she said.


  1. thephantomcat says

    Classy lady. Hope it works out. And not in a Star Wars: Episode I kinda way.

  2. I’m glad to hear the “rumor” has been put to rest. The fact that Lionsgate wants to continue the saga says a lot about your vision as a writer. And you definitely have the vision…..!

    Thank you Ms. Meyers and write on…..

    • Actually, what I think it means is that yet another Hollywood studio wants to beat a good thing to death just to make another buck. See: the Rocky franchise & the American Pie franchise & the X-Men franchise & Spiderman & Batman & Jaws…and and and…you get my drift.

      And I think Stephenie Meyer is playing nice in her statement and maybe making a point by saying “…if I were to ever write another Twilight book…” I think, if the studio could, they’d make new films or TV stuff without her input. Hopefully her contracts and her lawyers are powerful enough to keep that from happening.

      • thephantomcat says

        Not to be argumentative, but the latest installments of some of the franchises you mentioned showed significant improvements in quality. Rocky Balboa was a step up from robot butlers and Mr. T. The Dark Knight was a cultural phenomenon and the Dark Knight Rises is already creating early Oscar buzz for best picture and best director. X-men: First Class is one of, if not THE, best reviewed movie in the franchise. Also I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Jaws movies. Spider-Man may end up something of a circus of bad will, but with billions made from just 3 movies that horse ow hardly dead.

        Also, why can’t we just take Stephanie’s words at face value? Has she lied to us before? Why would she start now? She started a fifth novel, is it so inconceivable she’d finish it?

        • Yes, the LATEST installments of SOME of those franchises…and “billions made” doesn’t mean they were good movies.

          • thephantomcat says

            Allot of people, including credible film critics, say the same thing about the Twilight franchise. So only you get to decide what franchises are good despite their financial and/or critical success? You’ll note all of the franchises you mentioned have huge fanbases. All of those people have less taste than you?

            If everyone shared your opinion, we wouldn’t have the Dark Knight, John Carpenter’s the Thing, the Godfather Part II, A Star is Born, Aliens, Terminator 2, or any of the other remakes and sequels that breathed new life into an old idea.

  3. Not that Variety is the epitome of journalistic excellence (and it was on Twitter), but there seems to be a bit of lack-of-fact-checking going on surrounding the Twilight franchise lately. First the Bombay Bicycle Club story referencing the wrong movie soundtrack and then SM being misrepresented – again. Okay, so that’s only two examples, but still…

    • The Bombay Bicycle actually did make those comments on being disappointed and disgruntled about not being in the film. The news writer assumed it was the wrong movie, which we pointed out. But the band did actually make those statements.

      As for the Variety reporter, he doesn’t usually go out on the edge like that. Either someone misrepresented something to him, or spoke out of turn. It’s not his usual style to dish unconfirmed gossip. As an individual he is highly respected in the industry

      • Even with the Bombay Bicycle article, there was a case of someone not doing their homework completely. A lot of what is reported these days is based on assumptions and hearsay so it is very hard to believe this reporter even if he has great sources. It is a game of telephone in the end. No reporter in the business is 100% accurate but instead of him just admitting that, he is trying to displace blame. I will always believe SM over any reporter trying to scoop a story. If she says she is not annoyed, then I believe her.

  4. I don’t get it. Why is she “looking forward” to working with them? Is she saying there WILL be another Twilight book and movie?

  5. The largest issue with Twitter is that many people post their thoughts, comments…ect ect… at a moments notice without really thinking through as to what is being said. As Stephenie has produced a lucrative (no matter what critics say) franchise for Summit, it is conceivable that they are in talks in regards to future Twilight related projects. With Twilight still in its prime, it would be good business since to push the series further, whether additional books, TV series, or what have you. They are making money… they want to continue making money.

    As stated with my Twitter comment, one producer might have let slip something that wasn’t intended to be released just yet. Stephenie and Summit have their own PR workers on hand to release information in regards to projects and such at very specific times. This is normally how Hollywood works. To have something slip out, even in “rumor” can take the “wind out of the sail” per say.

    It is possible that Stephenie was annoyed over the comment. Just because she’s annoyed doesn’t mean she hates Lionsgate or Summit and glares at them with a seathing hatred that could burn out a thousand suns, but that she simply wished they could have held their tongue.

    We know that Stephenie is interested in making more Twilight Saga books, just not in regards to Bella and Edward. Personally I’d rather see a new book series entirely rather than Midnight Sun, of which is just a rehash of the first book from Edward’s perspective.

    NOW… does all of this mean that there will be more Twilight movies or even a Twilight related series? No… Thousands of deals are made in Hollywood that never get anywhere. Summit-Gate is simply opening doors for future potential projects… that is all.

    If something formal does happen, and once Stephenie’s PR and Summit’s PR get together, there will be a formal release…only then will we know exactly what has taken place and what will the future be.

    • Dickey said “Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they’d do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention.”

      This does not go along with your theory. Dickey says he is 100% accurate, which I highly doubt since no one is perfect and there is an actual statement from the writer herself disproving that notion. Dickey also said she has no intention of doing more pics with the studios which actually goes against your explanation as well. All we know for a fact is that SM said on her site that she is fine with Lionsgate and Summit. That holds a lot more weight than any hearsay, rumors, or conspiracy theories about PR wanting to keep things under wraps.

      Both SM and Dickey cannot be right in this case. Either she is annoyed or she is not. Either she wants to do more books that will lead to more films or she has no such intention. Someone is not telling the complete truth and it is always better to believe the person the rumors are about than some reporter trying to get the scoop with no noted sources, evidence, or credible interviews in sight.

      • Joshua L. Roberts says

        In truth, I see no reason to doubt Dickey’s claims, nor as to what Stephenie stated refutes those claims. More or less, she is clarifying what was said, and that she doesn’t have any real problems with Lions Gate nor Summit.

        It is quite possible for Stephenie to have been annoyed by what somebody said, and it is quite possible that Stephenie didn’t have any intentions of pursueing any further Twilight related films (at this time). The issue, of course, is that we only have what Dickey supposedly quoted, versus the context.

        IF Stephenie said those things, what did she say… That she was annoyed at somebody? That isn’t bad nor really negative. We get annoyed with people we like/love all the time and it does happen in business all the time. I might get annoyed at my job, but that doesn’t mean that I hate it, or wish to walk out while throwing things.

        As for the second comment… She might not have any intentions of pursuing any more Twilight related films at the time the comment was made, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to utilize their services.

        In short what I am saying, is that what Dickey posted is not too outrageous to not have any truth to it, but the problem with quoting another person, is that you don’t have the context…

        What Stephenie says clears that up.

  6. Call me paranoid, but the way she phrased this seems ominous to me: “… if I were ever to write another Twilight book.” I feel like she’s implying that she won’t be, or that if she does, it will be at some point far in the future. Dammit, I neeeeeeeeeeeddddd to read Midnight Sun in its entirety. Have they ever identified that one prick that leaked it?

    • I believe Stephenie knows exactly who the person is that leaked Midnight Sun as it was a friend of her’s. Every time I saw her speak about it or read what she wrote about that incident (which is not many times), she has never identified that person. SM is a classy lady and she has always been. No matter how popular she has become or how much money she has made from the Twilight saga, she continues to remain herself. True, I don’t know her personally but you can see in all her interviews & actions that her core principles & values have remained the same.

      Another thing I really appreciate about her is that she didn’t just throw Twilight at some big movie company and took the money and ran. She stayed involved & did all she could to protect the integrity of Twilight. As a fan of her stories, I truly appreciate that.

  7. hello,
    here is what i think first , i think that before Stephenie Meyer says no to anymore Twilight stories she might should consider what the fans want. If the fans want more twilight stories i think she should give them what they want or the next Book she tries to publish may not sell that is if she makes her fans angry. So far i have all the twilight books and movies but i still have not read books of hers that are not Twilight related, simply because i am not interested in her other books like The Host. I had an idea that i came up with along with Peter Facinelli that we both thought was a great idea. First what we did was made the lead a teenage boy and second who out there ever wondered what it was like to live in the Cullen’s house with a family of vampires. Third This idea would be so original like the first Twilight a Human living in a house with a family of vampires Peter said this was a great idea!

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