Breaking Dawn DVD Commercial Aimed at Husbands and Boyfriends

So how many of your significant others took the hint. When Laura was out at Target on Friday night, she met at least three guys who were there to get the DVD for their wives, including one guy whose wife thought he was out bowling.

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  1. It’s a clever ad, but I wonder how many guys who are allegedly buying BD 1 for their girlfriends and wives are actually secret Twilight fans. I’m buying my copy of BD 1 for myself!

  2. Ugh.

    “Buy BD1, get laid.”


  3. Yup, I already coerced the bf into buying it for me for Valentine’s Day. It was a smart move, releasing the DVD for V-Day. I would have waited for deleted/extended scenes though!!

    • Yeah! I told hubby that’s exactly what I wanted for V-day. Got the one with the fabric poster of Edward & Bella in wedding garb smiling. But I was wondering about the deleted/extended scenes too! It wasn’t on there…did they just not put it in this set…are they planning to release another version closer to the time when BD2 comes out or are they gonna put all the deleted/extended scenes on the BD2 dvd/ble-ray!! I was really looking forward to those….. 🙁

  4. This is funny & very clever. I saw it the other night when I was watching some basketball on ESPN. It made both my mom & me laugh.

  5. That was hilarious. I hadn’t seen it yet. My better half took me Saturday morning to go get my copy of the DVD so I could pick out which version I wanted and not have to wait until today to watch it. And he spent all of Saturday evening with me watching the movie, then watching the movie again with comments, then watching all the extras…. He’s a great guy!

  6. That was a perfect ad for the target audience. And the “After the movie…” bit is only so funny because it’s TRUE. Women get hyped on the romance and it tends to make us… frisky.
    And remember people, this commercial was targetting the Twi-widows. Awesome.

  7. I mentioned to my husband multiple times how perfect of a release time it was to get it for Valentine’s day. He knew I wanted it even without the hints. He told me today though that he made SURE to ask for a gift receipt so it wouldn’t look like it was for him 🙂

  8. my husbands not a fan of twlight but he watched breaking dawn on valentines day with me and he got a kick out of how the bed room looked the next morning and thought charlie was pretty funny

  9. Does anyone have a blue ray version from Target (with the prop flowers) available? I don’t care if the movie is opened as long as the flowers aren’t, will pay fair but good price. Please!!! Numerous problems with attempting to pre-order which is why I do not have it. Thanks!!!

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