Video: Robert Pattinson Talks Honeymoon Sex Scene

Hollywood Hills and VideoEZY.Com has a conversation with Robert Pattinson where he admits that “me and Kristen had no idea what we were doing” during the sex scene.  He also talks about the wedding, birth, and hanging out with the human cast members.



  1. lol the fact that they were looking on google for vampire baby information is kinda hilarious – lol Thanks Rob for the insight 😀 love you man XD

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      I thought he meant the bit in the movie, where he and Alice were researching vampire babies online (“Immortalicum” was on one screen I think), and he’s right, I remember thinking at the time, what, they can’t think of a better way to represent the research the family was doing?

  2. LOVE this interview!!!!!!!!! Nice to see Rob back when he still looked like himself. LOL

    I can’t help but think they do a lot of Google research because I’ve heard Stephenie say that’s how she did her research for the books.

  3. Lizzy_gal says:

    OMG marielle sooo true!!!

  4. Vampire-girl says:

    Lol Marielle, yep we need vampire sex

  5. The thing that would have put the street seene in Rio over the top would have been for Edward to have cut loose and danced in the street to the music, a little swivel hip action would have gone a long way to spice it up a bit!!

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