Demian Bichir Has New Moon to Thank For His Oscar Nomination

Well, sort of. Demian Bichir is currently one of the OSCAR nominees for his role in Chris Wietz’s first post Twilight film called A Better Life. He tells Collider that it came about because of a New Moon meeting.

Hadn’t you met with Chris Weitz a few years prior to making this film?

BICHIR: It was not so many years back, but I got a call from my agents saying that I had an audition for New Moon. It was not in my plans to become a vampire, but I wanted to meet Chris Weitz. So, I went to talk to him and I remember that we started talking about this gardener. He started telling me everything about this story about an undocumented worker, and I just couldn’t get it straight. I thought it was a gardener vampire, or something like that. I was a little bit confused. And then, he told me, “We don’t have a script yet, but I’d like you to read it, as soon as we have it ready.” A year later, I got ahold of the script and I fell in love with it instantly.

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