Stephenie Meyer Talks About The Birth Scene

MTV takes a look at the birth scene and how emotional it was for Stephenie Meyer to watch.  The authors felt that Rob nailed the scene.  What did you think?  If the video isn’t working, try viewing it at MTV’s site.


  1. It says the video is no longer available. 🙁

    I do think Rob nailed that scene. It is one of the most emotional scenes I have ever seen in a movie, I got teary eyed. (And I wasn’t expecting that!)

    • Click on the MTV link above the clip, and it will take you to the original posting on MTV. You can see it there. Enjoy!

  2. Of course I agree with Stephenie, Rob was spot on! Of course I love all the movies, but the entire cast, especially Rob, Kristen, and Taylor, took this movie to an entirely different level. It seems like each movie grows closer to the feel and details of the corresponding book. I can’t help but think that correlates to Stephenie’s ever increasing involvement. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to know you actually wrote such a powerful, touching story, and then to see what you invisioned in your mind come to life before your eyes! I would have been moved to tears everyday!

    Ooooh, all these dvd spoilers are making me so excited. It’s going to be a REALLY long week!!!

  3. Michael G says:

    Even though we ALL know what is going to transpire, there were several scenes that put a lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes.
    How does that happen?
    First, you have to be engaged in the story. If the story is compelling, then you can read it over and over again.
    Second, the actors must perform the part as if they are emotionally into the scene. In the birth scene, Bella must lay there with NO emotion. She doesn’t even blink as Edward caresses her face and approaches her during his distress. He looks around in bewilderment and anxiety. He appears to be at the edge of despair but continues to attend to Bella; trying to will her back to life. Yeah! He nailed it. Words in a book can describe what the character is thinking and/or feeling but as they say…. A picture speaks a thousand words. Can’t wait for the DVD. I have seen the movie twice in the theater but my own copy will definitely get worn out. Good job Condiff!

  4. Twilight Nymph says:

    Rob definitely nailed it. That scene almost brought me to brink of tears as he continuously begged Bella to come back to him. He was amazing.

  5. Oh yeah, Rob was spot on. This was one of my favorite scenes because of the depth of emotion that he brings to the story. Can’t wait for the dvd.

  6. I totally agree with everyone, and of course Stephenie. Rob did nail that scene; you could see & feel his pain as he began to realize that Bella was no longer living. And Kristen, she nailed it also. I saw an interview with her when she talked about how still she was, how difficult it was for her to be that still. I can’t wait for the DVD!

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