Video: E! Covers Breaking Dawn Birth Bloopers

How did Rob, Kristen and Taylor keep from laughing? The answer is they didn’t.


  1. Joshua L. Roberts says

    Actually Ivy, BD hasn’t bombed… In fact just a week ago, its reported earnings were 710 million world wide. When you consider that Summit spent only 100 mill on this one, that’s 600 mill profit.

    Secondly, I’ve seen MANY productions where the actors had to have multipe takes due to silliness… SO what we are seeing on the making of BD isn’t that uncommon, so I don’t know why you’re being so harsh…

    • thephantomcat says

      Not to belittle your comment, but its not 600 million profit. The studio gets about half of the domestic gross and less than that of the foreign gross depending on what foreign distribution deals have been made. But true, Breaking Dawn is definitely not a flop.

  2. I love it when movies show the bloopers, its hilarious! Plus it shows that the actors are normal people, there is nothing wrong with laughter! I couldn’t imagine being on a job no matter what it is, without cutting up and having some fun with it. I am curious why Ivy is even on this website if she is going to bash the movies….this site is more for the Twilight lovers, not the haters. I personally loved the the movie!!

  3. I think Ivy is a hater. Truth is, a movie is judged on the box office and the audience concensus. $700M is not too shabby. Can you say “New Years Eve”? That’s a bomb. As for releasing the DVD shortly after the end of the theatrical run, the distributors will rake in more millions in DVD sales and rentals. I feel sorry for haters.

  4. Are they showing everything that is going to be on the extras of the DVD? Ugh. I hope not.

  5. thephantomcat says

    I like how Ivy is pretending she’s an actress. That is the funniest blooper. LMAO!

  6. I think they should start requiring you to be 21 or older to leave comments so that would weed out tween morons like Ivy.

  7. I’m wondering if Ivy is a psuedonym for Nikki Reed?

  8. Vampire-girl says

    does anyone know if the dvd will have the B-roll on them like on the others

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