Guess Who Passed Up the Role of the Seeker

According to Variety, Diane Kruger of National Treasure and Inglorious Bastards fame was not the first choice to play The Seeker.

Variety states, “Several actresses passed on the part including Eva Green, Hayley Atwell and Claire Danes…”

Usually you don’t get to find these things out, but it sure makes an interesting discussion point on what might have been


  1. It is just me, or is it weird that a lot of the potential “seekers” were tall and blonde while the character is supposed to be small and dark? I dunno, the more I see about the casting of this movie, the less I want to see it.

  2. The only one they’ve listed to play the Seeker, from what I remember, that has any resemblance to the character is Eva Green, or at least she was the last time I saw her in anything.

  3. i thought the host was a terrible book. i really wont see the movie.

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