Would You Want a Twilight TV Show

For her column on Movies.com next week, Laura is going to explore the idea of the Twilight TV show. There’s been lots of reporting on this issue here and around the Internet. In all the frenzy, it seems like one very important aspect has been missed which is fan opinion!

Would the fans want a TV show? If they do want a TV show, what should be the focus? Most sites aren’t asking any in depth questions. So now is your chance to be heard.

So, please vote in the polls below and chime in in the comments to let Laura know if she missed any important aspect on this issue and to explain why you voted the way you did. You may just find yourself quoted in the Movies.com article!


  1. I wouldn’t mind a mini-movie or a little animated series. I would love to see something about Alice before she became a vampire.

  2. NO TV SHOW!!!!

  3. Would I watch the TV show religiously? Yeah, probably, because I’m a sucker for all things remotely Twilight-related. Would the quality of the show be good and fulfilling for me? No, most likely not.

  4. Just the idea makes me cringe. There’s no way the original actors would all sign up for TV. Shows based on movies are just a way to try to keep bringing in the cash. I would love to see more of the Cullen’s, but not like this.

  5. Just the idea makes me queasy There’s no way the original actors would all sign up for TV. Shows based on movies are just a way to try to keep bringing in the cash. I would love to see more of the Cullen’s, but not like this.

  6. I really hope they don’t make this. There’s no way the original actors would all sign up for TV. Shows based on movies are just a way to try to keep bringing in the cash. I would love to see more of the Cullen’s, but not like this.

  7. I really hope they don’t make this. There’s no way the original actors would all sign up for TV. Shows based on movies are just a way to try to keep bringing in the cash. I would love to see more of the story but not like this.

  8. Shows based on movies are just a way to try to keep bringing in the cash. I would love to see more of the story but not like this. it wouldn’t be the same without the original actors.

  9. Please please NO!

  10. Ashley Marie Wilson McManaman says:

    I heard that the actors won’t be the same on the tv show. What a crime!!!!! There is no one else…. Those actors are the characters. It just wouldn’t be right!

  11. I love the Twilight Saga, but I agree with all of the wonderful explanations that everyone has given about voting NO to creating a Twilight TV show.

    I would like to make a few other observations. A Twilight tv show has only two options: (1) follow the mythology Stephenie created in the books or (2) spin off tangent story ideas based on the characters. I don’t see how a tv show could ever practically work under option 1. As others have mentioned, the story has already been told visually in the movies, and the actors would eventually age out of their roles. HELLO, the “creatures” (i.e. vampires, wolves, hybrids – after a certain maturity) in Twilight don’t age! Under option 2, if someone were to create a show about backstories on some / all of the vamps (which keep in mind we all know already to some degree from the books and the illustrated guide) or on future stories of some / all of the characters – when all is said and done, would the result really even be a “Twilight” show? Or would it be a completely different animal? A tv show where we would be familiar with the characters names? If they didn’t follow the mythology, would it even be “Twilight” at all?

    When all is said and done, The Twilight Saga is a love story. It is Bella and Edward’s love story. Nay sayers, you know you go back and re-read the “good parts” as much as I do! Leave them out, and you have lost the real essence of Twilight. So again, would stories of any other characters really be “Twilight” or would they be more “Twilight based”?

    To some of the yes voters above – please be realistic. I honestly believe with all my heart that there is NO WAY that any of the original cast members from the movies would ever be included in a tv show project. I know there has been a big migration of former Hollywood A-listers from the silver screen to the tv screen, but the key word there is former. Don’t we all truly want to believe that the Twilight Saga is as special to them as it is to us and that they wouldn’t want to tarnish their memories or degrade the saga that has propelled their careers?

    For everything there is a season under heaven . . . It’s kind of like Christmas day or Halloween candy, it should be enjoyed and savored while it lasts. But as with all good things, it must come to an end. And truly, that’s okay. You can hold it in your heart, looking back on it with fond memories and looking forward to visiting it again later (reading the books or watching the movies again).

    Now if Stephenie wants to take us back into the Twilight world with a new book . . . that’s a different matter. I would much rather she have time to complete Midnight Sun than even consider working with a tv show. Stephenie – I am praying for you to be inspired to continue past MS and rewrite the whole saga from Edward’s perspective. Is that something we could vote on? Sorry – Lol!

  12. Lynne Stringer says:

    My opinion is also no. SM has said that she has had enough of vampires for the moment, so I don’t think she’d be involved, and I wouldn’t consider it canon without her involvement (not to mention that they probably wouldn’t be allowed to do it without her involvement).

    Also, the current cast would not want to continue with these roles (certainly as far as Rob, Kristen and Taylor are concerned) so would need to be recast. Getting them right the second time around would be harder than getting them right the first! Can you imagine what it would be like for any actor stepping into Rob’s shoes?

    Not to mention that it’s clear that Summit/Lionsgate are considering it only to keep cashing in, rather than because they have any creative ideas for its continuation. And unlike something like Buffy, which only had one movie preceding the TV show, there are plenty of things that are canon with many of the characters, and even slight deviations from that would upset fans.

    In my opinion Summit should be glad of the money it’s made them and let The Twilight Saga go out on a high, rather than dragging its name through the mud with a cheap, hastily made series.

  13. thephantomcat says:

    I would watch. Books are responsible for allot of the tv my family watches. Bones, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Dexter, Game of Thrones, and Pillars of the Earth was an excellent mini series as well. These are allot of popular series. Twilight could easily be the next big thing in tv. And no Stephanie doesn’t have to write all the scripts. She didn’t even write the scripts for the movies. Do any of you understand how movies and tv work?

    • Im not sure you understand how tv works. The scripts were based on Stephanies books. She was involved. Why would you want to cheapenTwilight with tv? as you just said, there are a dozen of those things out there.

      • thephantomcat says:

        I’m referring to the simpltons who want Stephanie to write all the scripts and R and K to reprise their roles in a tv series. I didn’t say anything about Stephanie not being involved. Or don’t you know how to read? How does an abundance of well received programing equal cheap? Many of these series have received Emmy and Golden Globe noms and wins. Scripted dramas are still capable of engaging storytelling.

        • If that’s the way you feel about it, why even make Twilight a tv show at all? Why not just make another vamp show that’s completely unrelated?

          If you just want more stories based on the Twilight characters but not necessarily with Stephenie’s creative input, why not just read fanfiction and watch some of the plethora of fan videos and parodies posted online?

          • thephantomcat says:

            Another person who can’t read. When did I say I don’t want Stephanie’s input? I said its unrealistic for her to write all the scripts. No showrunner writes all the scripts themselves. And many of the series I mentioned have the input of the authors. Kathy Reich and George R.R. Martin are both producers on their shows. One strays heavily from the source material and the other follows it closely and both are hugely successful. Fan fiction is written by untalented idiots who have too much time on their hands.

  14. pues a mi la verdad es que no. porque entonces habría que hacerla mucho mas larga y empezarían a inventarse cosas y a explotarla demasiado y acabaríamos enfandandonos con los cambios. y encima no serían los mismos actores y resultaría ya muy raro. ya se han echo muchas veces y al final lo destrozan todo en television por querer sacar mas dinero. creo que es demasiado buena como para eso. y ademas si es un lirbo, esa es la magia, que tengamos nuestra propia vision y si stephenie no ha echo mas que es la que saber la historia, yo paso.

  15. https://www.twilightlexicon.com/2012/01/20/would-you-want-a-twilight-tv-show/comment-page-2/#comments

    The movie was based on Stephanies book and she was involved. Do you understand how a network and a tv show works? I think not.

    • thephantomcat says:

      I reiterate. It’s ridiculous to expect her to write all the scripts. When did I say she wasn’t involved in the movies? Try not to put words in people’s mouths. It just reveals how poorly you can defend your point of view

  16. NO! I don’t see it. Yes I’m obsessed with Twilight, BUT,enough is enough. I don’t want them to ruin whats already out there, the movies, books, fabulous fan sites…. The movies and books set a standard and I feel that there is some greed involved and they just want to cash in on the Twilight name. I know Buffy was a movie and made into a TV series but there was a story to tell, Twilight is done, close the book. As sad as that makes me I know all good things come to an end.

  17. Yes. If – the original casts are the ones who will play the characters. It will be hard for me to imagine another person to the original cast.

  18. KellyRPattzLover xx says:

    I would love a Twilight TV program! But, only if it was the actual Twilight cast. I know that the original Twilight cast will have other films etc. to work on so, i’m not sure if it would be possible. I would love it if the TV program would be in the future – past Breaking Dawn Part 2. What I mean is, when Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out, you could make the TV show after that so that you could carry on from exactly the point were they finished off.

  19. Mary Beth says:

    The books are incredibly rich with so much plot and potential for endless story lines! A television version of the Twilight world would be awesome! There have been other great stories and characters of literature that have been borrowed for television, why not Twilight? Besides, even though Stepanie Meyer wrote an amazing story, there is still so much subplot potential that could be developed. Imagine the places the writers could go? Besides the obvious (Bella, Edward, Jake), I’d like to see more of the Volturie (Aro, Marcus, Demetri, Felix, etc.) and their world, also the other vampire clans such as the Denalis. What about the Wolf Pack and Jessica and the humans in the town of Forks and so on and so forth! There is so much material it would be hard to choose what to focus on. Do you start the series with back stories of the Cullens, the Volturie, Bella’s life before coming to Forks, Edward’s perspective? Or do you begin the series where the books left off? Personally, I would love to see where they take it. As long as they do a good job and don’t turn it into a “chessey” rendition of the movie. With good writers and a top notch production team (the show The Tudors comes to mind), a Twilight television version would be so much fun!

  20. Shelly Mckenzie says:

    As much as I would love for the Twilight Saga to go on and on I just couldn’t watch a TV show with a different cast. There is no way that any of the cast could continue with their roles as they are all aging and the Vamps don’t age and while they’re around neither will the wolves lol. Twilight I will love you always!

  21. A GREAT BIG NO!! It would be a horrible idea. The movies are the story and to just add or make
    up a bunch of stuff about our characters would be so sad. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the
    roles of Edward and Bella. It would be a cheap imitation of a beloved story. So, no, never, ever.

  22. no!!! look what tv did to the vampire diaries. stefan is trying to kill elena and she is snogging his brother! i shudder to think what they would do to edward and bella, NO WAY, NO HOW!

  23. There’s a difference between “do I WANT a Twilight tv show?” and “would I WATCH it?”

    I don’t WANT a Twilight tv show, because I think that would be pulling it out too much and end up spoiling the Twilight world (too much of a good thing and all that 😛 ).
    But if they DID end up making a Twilight tv show (and if it made it across the pond), I probably *would* end up watching it, simply because (and I’m 100& sure Lionsgate/Summit would be counting on this) knowing it existed, I wouldn’t be able to stay away!

  24. i I love twilight and I like to see it on TV!

  25. Please no. I love Twilight, I really do. But a TV show is a little too far. I mean, what are they going to do? If they continue with Edward and Bella’s story it would be with different actors instead of Rob and Kristen. I don’t see Rob or Kristen as TV stars. Plus, Stephenie already ended the story for Bella and Edward. If they do continue on someone else is going to write the story.
    It would be more interesting to have the Cullen’s past before Bella though. They could have a mini series of the Cullen’s back stories. And hopefully they would follow the plot from the Twilight guide. That could be more interesting. But there is still the chance that the orginal actors won’t be in the show. And I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t want someone else playing the characters other than the orginal cast.

  26. FuzzyWolfLuvJBJ says:

    The only way I would even consider watching it if it was about Jake & Nessie. The same actors were in it and Stephanie Meyer wrote it. Now the chances of that happening are not good. The actors have others projects they want to do and I’m happy for them. Stephanie said if she wrote more Twilight it would be about Jake and Nessie but she was “vampired out”. I don’t want Lionsgate just making a TV show just so they can have more money and I don’t want Twilight to be overproduced. As much as I don’t want Twilight to end I don’t want **** being produced just for money I’m happy for the actors and Stephanie that Twilight turned out as big as it is. Im excited for Breaking dawn to come out on DVD and for part 2 to hit theaters in November. Please Lionsgate you have The Hunger Games which I’m now hooked on as well. Make your money off of that.

  27. This idea give me the creeps!!! No, no, NO and again NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  28. MAITEBELA says:

    para mi crepusculo a sido lo masimo tanto como pelicula como en los libros, yo creo que si hacen una serie de televicion lo van ha estropear todo lo que sea conseguido hasta ahora

  29. maybe, as long as the cast is the same and stephenie takes part in it. So, since those conditions won’t be possible, i think that the best choice is to forget about that TV series idea and keep the magic of this amazing saga

  30. Breaking Dawn Page 674
    “Edward and I had not had a last grand scene of farewell, nor did I plan one. TO SPEAK THE WORD WAS TO MAKE IT FINAL. IT WOULD BE THE SAME AS TYPING THE WORDS THE END ON THE LAST PAGE OF A MANUSCRIPT.”.

    Breaking Dawn page755
    “the end”

    No tv show

    • thephantomcat says:

      What’s your point? The books also say Bella worked at the sporting goods store with Mike. Didn’t see that come to fruition in the adaptation. Why would the words “the end” have any more significance? It’s a popular fiction series, not the Bible.

      • honey get offline and go read your bible. you make absolutely no sense and are embarrassing yourself. Leave it alone. Are you stalking me? go away before I report you.

        • thephantomcat says:

          You are implying that the words The End appearing in the printed work is conclusive of no tv derided meaning you think they have more power than a 412 million dollar merger. That’s what doesn’t make sense. And you imagining that I’m stalking you is embarassing yourself. Can you count the number of times I’ve even replied to your comments? Have I even commented on your thoughts outside of this thread? Who replied to who’s comment first? Exactly. Oh, and your disdain for the Bible is very telling.

  31. I am entirely against a Twilight TV show. It would ruin all the romantism in the books and movies. It would be a shame to create a what-I-presume terrible and not classy at all show for younger teens.

  32. I am so on Bored with this Twilight T.V series….. think about it…. we can stay with the same cast and the directors and slowly lower us into new charactors while some go away so then we will get used to the new people! (:

    • GloriaEvans says:

      There is no way the “BigThree” would do a TV show plus they are ready to move on. They are already mocked and heavily critized for playing these roles. They are trying to detach themselves from Twilight so they can have decent careers.

  33. GloriaEvans says:

    The poll is showing that almost 50% say they would watch a TV show. Who knows what Lionsgate is going to do with Twilight but believe me there is no way Lionsgate will let this end with Breaking Dawn part 2. They are much too greedy for that. They are seeing dollar signs and they have a bad track record when it comes to trying to anticipate what will make a successful and profitable movie and what may catch the movie going public eye. I dont think Robert Pattison or Kristen Steward would do TV but i do think the supporting cast would jump at the chance because they are not getting the exposure and opportunities that the BigThree are getting. Doing a tv show would be very very tricky for Lionsgate and could end of costing them money that they probably cannot afford to lose. Personally i think the whole thing will blow up in their faces if they try this.

  34. Micaa Nuñez says:

    I love twilight with all my heart is like a fever I have with it, and yeah of course I want the TV show !! But yet there is a problem because I think that if there is a TV show the actors have to be the same as in the films. It would be very strange to see different people acting as Bella, Edward, Jacob, etc I think that it will lost a lot of fans because it woluldn’t never be the same with other people. And also that if the TV show is like a continue about the book I think that Stephenie Meyer has to be the one that is in courge of deciding what is going to happen because if not the twilight saga will finally change a lot and stop being THE saga and take like a very different ”road’ and it will stop being the saga we read and saw in films.

  35. I think a TV show would give twilight a better chance at choosing more accurate and character fitting actors/actresses. I think it would be awesome to have different people; like many people say, none of the main actors are going to be around the twilight set again if they had a choice. I would definately watch it, just to see what the Cullens were like before Bella, becuase I found that really interesting:)

  36. CullenCoven says:

    I think that if they feel the need to do a TV show, that they do it before Bella’s time. Why? Because I think it would be easier than to continue in the future, where they would need all of the actors then some, as opposed to just a few of the main actors at a time. I think it would be easier to just get Peter, Rob, Nikki, Elizabeth, Kellan, Ashley, and Jackson as opposed to Kristen, Wolfpack, Foreign Covens, etc. a few episodes at a time.

  37. Shiena Swink says:

    I watched the movie Twlight first, I have never read a book from beginning to end in my life so with that sain when I watched the movie I did like it but there were to many holes in the story.So I decided to buy the Twilight book collection and read them all in 7 days. I couldn’t believe what they left out in the movie! So when the other movies came out of course the ‘movie people’ had to try to compensate for what was left out of the first movie. I think the movies could be AWESOME if they could make them again but in reality they probably won’t, so I say why not go ahead and make a tv series and try to make up for what was lost in the movies. I know people could just read the books but not everyone likes to read. For those of you who are truly twilight fans you all know what I mean about where they messed up in the movies, like for instance not enough cooking for Charlie, the friendship with Alice and what about Angela and her boyfriend Ben Cheney?not Eric. Ok I could go on forever. I’ll shut up but really the movies could have been better.

  38. I LOVE TWILIGHT and with that being said a tv series would not work for all the obvious reasons already stated. Steph would not write, Robert, Kristen, Taylor, would not and should not act in it and all good things must come to an end and this was good. With that being said i think they could possibly have a show with Peter, Elizabeth, and any of the other Cullens because they’ve (Peter,Elizabeth) already done tv series and the others could easily be tv actors. Nevertheless, I think that we should let the twilight obsession go and be at its end until Steph gives us Midnight Sun and then we can go crazy again. LOL

    • Shiena Swink says:

      ok you have a point. I’m sooooo ready for Midnight Sun to be finished, I have read it many many times online and would love to read it all.I love Stephanie’s imagination and hope she continues with her writing.

  39. Don’t know if I can get on board with this one. Of course, the cast would be different, which would be wierd. Also, TV tends to take subjects from books and turn them into shallow storylines. That would be my concern. Don’t want my favorite books and characters turned into some nutty TV stereotype. If they HAD to do it, then it would be interesting to see them before, like when Edward was turned up until when he meets Bella.

  40. I could see tv work if they took the story of Jacob and Renesmee and used Taylor Lautner. I could see the other Cullens and wolf pack being tv available but of course not Edward and Bella. So they could move to the future when Renesme is Jacobs age and have Edward and Bella gone enjoying their time together finally without the voltori or anyone afterthem.The show could then focus just on Jacob and Renesme falling in love and having the wolf pack and other cullens around for supporting rolls!

  41. Abosolutely not. There are no happy endings in tv. Nobody ever stays together. Can’t keep a TV drama going with out drama. I’m happy with SM happy ending.

  42. Twilight series was so wonderful I would love to see it on tv! I love writing myself and I think Stephanie did a wonderful job! I would like to see what happens with the Cullens, the Quiluete tribe, Bellas dad and mom (interesting to see if the dad and mom find out the truth about Bella and how they react) and the Volturi. The story could be told from any of the characters perspective on each show. Then maybe Midnight Sun could actually be told on tv also. ( hint hint Stephanie).

  43. Twilight was a wonderful series and I believe it should continue on tv. Stephanie did an awesome job on the books. It should continue telling the story of the Cullens, the Quiluete tribe, Bellas mom and dad (interesting to see if her parents find out what really happened to her), and the Volturi. The story could be told from each of their own perspectives on each show. Then maybe Midnight Sun could be told on tv. (hint hint Stephanie). Lol.

  44. Hi

  45. Courtney Eve Tate says:

    i am probably one of the biggest twilight fans out there, all i talk about is twilight and robert pattinson;) i would love to see a twilight tv program because its defonatly going to be upsetting when all the films are out but in a way i think it will spoil it. 1 because the charactors pobably arent goin to be played by the same people, thats mostly the reason i watch it and 2 it wouldnt be the same if stephine doesnt write the script. Team twilight:* xoxo

  46. No, because “The Twilight Saga” are books, movies are just badly done adaptations.
    They are also exploiting the saga. First, the cinematic adaptation, then the graphic novel, and now a series?
    I think the story can not continue without Stephenie Meyer. I have read all four books, I did not like the movies.
    Think about it, the saga without Meyer’s nothing. She is the one who gave life through a book that so many fans now take for granted. Just want the saga to continue, but this can happen only if it accepts Meyer. Besides, that would be too much work for the Meyer and the other actors. They are immortal though acting in films in the series, can not be the same age forever. The actors are getting older, no longer fit well with the age of the characters.
    Although not my fault they are so blinded. But that’s normal for those who have not read the saga and have only seen the movies.


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