Would You Want a Twilight TV Show

For her column on Movies.com next week, Laura is going to explore the idea of the Twilight TV show. There’s been lots of reporting on this issue here and around the Internet. In all the frenzy, it seems like one very important aspect has been missed which is fan opinion!

Would the fans want a TV show? If they do want a TV show, what should be the focus? Most sites aren’t asking any in depth questions. So now is your chance to be heard.

So, please vote in the polls below and chime in in the comments to let Laura know if she missed any important aspect on this issue and to explain why you voted the way you did. You may just find yourself quoted in the Movies.com article!


  1. Andra Katherine Gilbert says:

    I love Twilight and ofcouse i want the TV show!!! I just hope that it’s made by the same actors who are in the films too because i can’t imagine anyone else playing f.e Rosalie because Nikki made an awesome job in there!

    • All good things come to an end!

      • Gigi Cullen says:

        So with you on that one.

        • I would love to see Jake with Renesme! What a great story…. but only if Stephenie Meyer writes it!!!

          • Nah, there’s no point seemingly, it’s more like a fairy tale ending that way, and I think that’s twilight’s charm.

            But if you’re interested in seeing the other end of the spectrum, go and see the new underworld, it’s very good in it’s own right, and nothing like twilight. This series will have sequels, so it would be weird to have these two movies continuing on together. Up to you.

          • RPattzLover xx says:

            exactly ! x

        • RPattzLover xx says:

          true, but it’s upsetting for fans, when the end comes

      • Lisha Phillip says:

        i agree good things come to an end however even with the illustrated guide there are a few unanswered questions. like who was the original vampire, who the volturi really are and if marcus will ever figure out if aro killed his wife. also there is soo much left open to what happens to nessie & jake, the rest of the wolves. i mean i have had numerous daydreams about the possibilities. however a tv show may not do twilight justice

    • Guys, seriously….the present actors aren’t going to touch anything Twilight related with a ten foot pole now! Get real. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will NEVER reprise their roles as B & E. They need to move on. Taylor Lautner, same thing, so there goes any storylines with Jacob/Nessie.

      People need to just let go and let the actors move on with their careers.

      • Jocelyn R. says:

        I do not think there should be a twilight tv series. Yes i absolutely love twilight but a tv series would just ruin twilight’s ending. Just think about all the tv series based on books. Vampire Diaries for example, is completely different from the books. If there were a tv series, it would need to be written by Stephanie Meyer, and the actors would need to be the same.

        • I disagree. I am a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries and think that a spinoff of the Twilight Saga could be done in much the same way where it is happening in the same time period as the books, but it does flashbacks to give more info on the other characters. I would prefer to have Stephenie Meyers involved in the writing and making of the tv series, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.


      • hahah sorry i just thought that was funny:)

    • Rebecca Evans says:

      it would only work with the original people. there is not anyone else that could play them.

    • @twihardaddy says:

      All this will do is ruin a great saga that we have all come to love, let the end be the end like the book says. Please don’t try to suck the life from the story we all love by making a tv show. Ugh ppl focus on the BIGGER PIcTURE HERE



  2. I have mixed feelings about this one. I love the Twilight Saga and am sad that it’s over but it just wouldn’t be Twilight without the cast from the movies and since they all are busy with other movies and such it just would be too much and I don’t think a TV show without them would be the same. If there were to be a show however I think it should be a continuation from the books but focus on someone other than Edward and Bella. The one poll above has Leah, Jake and Nessie and I think that’d probably be the best bet.

  3. NO!!!! Not unless Stephenie wrote and original actors Whig would never happen

    • Exactly what I say stephenie meyers only wrote four books and that it. Just so loingate knows summit doesn’t own twilight its got the rights to JUST THOSE FOUR BOOKS and only stephenie can say if there goin be a show or not and I seriously doubt it cuz she goin be busy with the movie the host and its books so it ain’t goin to happen peoples

  4. The only way I would want a Twilight TV series would be if Stephanie Meyer wrote or produced it, I would hate if they completely changed the storyline like most made for TV books end up doing.

    • RPattzLover xx says:

      yeah, if Stephenie Meyer wrote it AND if it was the same cast. But, i’m not sure that they’ll have enough time to come onto the show because they’re also starring in other movies so…..

  5. Maybe. If – and only if – Stephenie Meyer was completely involved, writing the scripts or at least supervising to make sure that every plotline and idea came from her and fitted with the story. Otherwise, I would want no part of it.

    And I’d much rather she be writing more books, anyway (even if they have nothing to do with Twilight – I just love the way she tells a story).

  6. Jackie Brown says:

    I truly have loved Twilight since the first book came out. It was thrilling to watch it be translated into a movie. Melissa and all the directors did a really beautiful job keeping the movies as close to our beloved books as possible. Though I am sad the movies are coming to an end, it’s fitting that they should. I feel that a television show would depart so far from the story we have all fallen in love with and any further media creations would be purely based off of financial gain. The integrity of the books and the characters would fall apart when stretched across season after season of television. We have all grown to embrace and appreciate the amazing job the actors have done with bringing our characters to life. A television series would certainly involve a different cast, Kristin, Rob, and Taylor’s careers are taking them in a more expansive progressive place than television. It would be a step back for their careers. From interviews I’ve watched, it seems they are all ready to move on from the roles which have rocketed their careers to where they are now. The fandom would certainly outrage at recasting, though I think many would ultimately watch out of curiosity. Curiosity would not last long and I feel that the show would end up being cancelled. That would be a terrible last note to leave our wonderful saga on. The success of the movies and the satisfaction of the fandom with what it has become is a much sweeter place to end the saga’s journey.

  7. No. No TV show, even if I am insanely curious about Jake/Nessie. I’m still down with the idea of it being make into a Japanese anime though, the theme is 100% shoujo and the Japanese sure know how to handle highschool/supernatural themes.

  8. Alisa Payton says:

    I had to vote NO to the TV show because I don’t really want to see anything “Twilight” without Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner together. I love Twilight too much with those three to see anything without them because it just wouldn’t be the same. You can’t have an Edward without Robert Pattinson!!!

    • Twilight Nymph says:

      I said maybe, but I agree with you. Anything without the cast wouldn’t be the same. It wouldn’t feel right.

  9. Heck no! I like the Twilight books, I think the movies are alright but a tv series would be just awful! Just look at everything else tv has ruined (ie; vampire diaries, 10 things I hate about you, ect.). Plus I think that if they ever came out with a tv series it would be for the profit and not for the fans. It’s just delaying the inevitable end. Twilight you had a good run but all good things come to an end and this is yours.

  10. no that would ruin it

  11. GloriaEvans says:

    HELL NO! Why make a awful tv show and see it get cancelled and believe me it would be cancel because the fans will not watch it and the fans are the only ones interested in anything Twilight. I think it should end with BD2 and why ruin it trying to stretch something out. The movies have not been that great and a tv show would be a EPIC failure. Leave well enough alone and leave us fans with our wonderful memories.

  12. watch: maybe depending on the focus and actors. I am trying to limit my TV.

    focus: Cullen’s before books, easier to accept other actors playing the characters
    second choice would be Leah, Jacob, Nessie, same reason, could be interesting to see how their lives go
    third choice would be Voluturi, same reason and in some ways more interesting possibilities than with L, J, N
    No to Bella and Edward: their story has been told, any other actors unacceptable except as minor role in other focus

    time period: before books for reason already given

    In general I am not in favor of the idea of moving TWS to TV. There are already several shows that ‘cover’ the supernatural – True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Being Human[the British ghost,vamp,werewolf one], Sanctuary [if still on], Fringe?, Warehouse 13? and could be others that I’m not aware of.

    Also the TWS is special and going a TV route would dilute that I think. I would not want it to proceed without Ms Meyer’s involvement and that would not be likely. At this time it seems to be too much of a ‘lets make more money’ idea rather than telling a good story, which gives the whole idea the smell of rotten eggs.

    If I think of anything else on this topic I’ll let you know. Thanks for asking for our opinions.

  13. No, without the original actors it would be a cheap imitation. Let Twilight end with BD Part 2, and live on in our own imagination.

  14. No, no, please no. It will ruin the magic.


  15. Even though I’m team Edward, I think an interesting focus for the show would be on the werewolves/shapeshifters and the Quileute tribe and legends surrounding them. I would like to see Sam’s change or even prior to that…his relationship with Leah, etc.

  16. It would be impossible to keep the original story, and the cast sucks. Why not recast with guys who are actually attractive. The reason vampire diaries works as a Tv show is because the story is different. It is our beloved characters in a new setting. Id love to see twilight cast properly. Or why not create a whole new cast of characters based on the books similar to what was done with teen wolf. Lighten up people. It is okay to be entertained.

    • gloriaevans says:

      What have you been smoking. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • If they don’t do a TV series, or continue the story in some way, a reboot — eventually — seems a near certainty.

      Expecting to hear about the Harry Potter reboot in 5, 4, 3….

  17. Mary Masen says:

    If there’s one thing that I’m absolutely sure about, is that I love Twilight. The books, the plot, the characters, the movies, everything Twilight. Now, I’m trying to look back in time after Twilight was released and people wanted to replace Taylor Lautner just because he wasn’t buffed enough. And then I remember the protesting when it was announced that they were going to replace Rachelle Lefevre with Bryce Dallas Howard.
    Fortunately only one of these things happened. Now are we really ready to lose some more of the cast members, because I don’t think everyone of them would agree on this. For another movie, yes, maybe. But a tv show? It’s too much. They had careers before Twilight and they’ll have careers after it. I’m sure they’re all grateful for the opportunities that they have now after their success in Twilight, but I think everyone wants to move on. And as long as there’s no other book to base things on, I don’t agree with this.
    Before the original Twilight was taken on by Summit, all the other studios had changed the story far too much to call it :”based on the book”, almost like the Vampire Diaries. And I’m not ready for this to happen to The Twilight Saga. I’m not now, and I don’t think I’ll ever be.

  18. RPattzLover xx says:

    I would absolutely LOVE a Twilight TV Show !! When I was voting i just couldn’t choose whether to pick Edward and Bella or The Cullens Before Bella’s time and the Future or the Past !! xx

  19. No for a variety of reasons.
    1. Twilight has had it’s run. Let it be. There is such a thing as overload and they (execs) just seem interested in our money and NOT the Saga itself.
    2. If it isn’t cannon then I don’t want it. If Stephanie had finished Midnight Sun or done Leah’s or Jake and Nessie’s story then I may answer differently.
    3. While I do not have a problem with a new cast many fans would.
    The only way I will accept a continuation is if Stephanie herself creates the work.

  20. Esme Cullen says:


    The books are perfect as they are. If they make a TV serie, they could write anything about the characters, even something that Stephenie Meyer would have never writed (deaths, infidelity…), because a TV serie needs conflicts, new plots and new characters to go on.

  21. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    A TV show would be nice, but it would have to be handled EXTREMELY carefully. First of all, no Twilight TV show should happen if Stephenie doesn’t “sign off” on it and is also involved in production. It would be horrible if Twilight went off into horrible tangent, non-existent story lines, only retaining the characters’ names and the setting but without any real substance (Little House on the Prairie comes to mind). Secondly, I think that if a TV show was made, it should NOT revolve around Edward and Bella. That story has been completed with the films. It also, I think, would not help a TV show get on it’s feet if Edward and Bella were too much the focus of the story, as I’m sure Rob and Kristen will be doing other things. Most fans already identify with them so much that new actors to portray those characters is bound to cause a less than happy welcoming reception.

    I think (and this is where I find the poll too restrictive) it would be nice if they used the other “satellite” stories in the Twilight Universe. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner would make an excellent TV show and I, for one, would love to see Freaky Fred. From there, an episode (or series of episodes) could be made using the back stories of the characters from the Official Illustrated Guide (Benjamin and Tia would be awesome to see). I’d love to see Emmett and the Bear, and even more so, Alice’s story fleshed out on screen. The Volturi could probably be their own season. And then, there’s the Wolf Pack that could be another season. Focusing the show around the more “minor” characters would move away from the original cast of the films, which is more likely to appeal to fans. I think it would be nice to see the stories between the lines that we haven’t seen.

    I think my biggest concern and what the producers, whoever they may be, need to be very careful about is to NOT ruin the fun of the saga by trying to quickly make cheesy, let’s get ratings types of episodes. If they aren’t VERY careful, a great money making venture could quickly become a bust–and the fan reaction would not be kind.

  22. If it was with the original cast, yes. With new actors, NO!

    • FWIW, Jackson Rathbone has already said he’s on-board. Carlisle is the most important Cullen, and he’s obviously happy to play television.

      A movie(s) would be better though. And the original quote seemed to indicate that Lions Gate didn’t care what they did, but they would just really like to do *something* with Twilight in the future.

  23. We’ve seen it before: Great movies that were turned into TV shows (simply to make money), and the TV version stunk. I can deal with recasting, but to take a preset storyline, and try to drag it out, is boring and lacks creativity. Of course, everyone will point out the few obvious sucess stories , ie., Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which I did not like in TV form), but in total, attempts to transition to TV have been failures. Sequels to movies have generally faired the same; obvious flops simply written to snag more money from fans of the original.
    These failures translate into making the creative team (writer, directors, producers, studio) look like people who were just looking to make an extra buck off an existing hit. Unless you can truly justify creating a sequel/TV series off a hit movie then to try to put out more simply cheapens the original. Justifying a sequel or move into a TV series, would mean that there is more to tell of the story, or as with Buffy, a different take on the original.

  24. No there have been several movies gone series. They didn’t survive. So I say let soon to be sleeping “vampires” lay and move on to the next hot topic.

  25. NO, NO, NO…. I

  26. One thing that makes Twilight special is that it is not an ongoing serial. It has a beginning and an end. Jake and Renesmee’s story, if told (and only by Stephenie Meyer!), should be presented in live action form with movies, not television.

    It would be hard for any Twilight TV series not to look like a crass cash-in. I have difficulty imagining stars of Sheen, Pattison, Stewart, and Fanning’s pay grade doing a Twilight TV series. And frankly, very soon if not already Pattison and Stewart will have aged out of their roles. (Sure, in some franchises vampires can appear to age, but not this one.) So that leaves out both Bella-Edward continuing story and the Volturi backstory unless it was recast and/or rebooted. Besides, I like the idea of Bella & Edward’s story ending.

    Some of the more legendary shows (Buffy is again an exception) were canceled early or miniseries. There’s a reason for that; it’s very common for shows to decline in quality, sometimes by the second season. And even as early as the first season a lot of shows have what I call ‘character churn’ in which personalities, motivations, and relationships abruptly change and change back in order to keep new plots in motion as part of the demands of a weekly serial. This isn’t meant as a slam, but look at Vampire Diaries: how many times has Damon gone from murderer to antihero to boyfriend material to creep? (The other TV drama alternative is the procedural in which nothing really changes so they can be watched out of order.)

    The only TV approaches that I can imagine having a chance of not driving the Twilight brand into the ground:

    1) An anime miniseries retelling the Saga
    2) A spin-off dealing with a clan other than the Cullens (written by Stephanie Meyer).

    They would do well not to kill the golden egg-laying goose by diluting the brand. If they treat the Twilight name with care, then a new cohort of fans will rediscover the movies and new DVD editions can released every few years. But if a Twilight franchise property has an aura of failure or crassness that will hurt Twilight’s reputation and future legacy.

  27. I think what a lot of fans are trying to say — including when they say, “no” to a TV series — is that they don’t want to see the Twilight Saga get ruined.

    And I have to say that at some moments in the films (growling vampires spring to mind), Hollywood did it’s best to do exactly that, and Twilight still survived. Quite well, in fact.

    Of course, Stephenie Meyer would be involved in a TV series.

    Of course, Lions Gate would spend big bucks to make a solid, quality presentation.

    Of course, every person here would watch every single episode, regardless. After all, it’s Twilight!

  28. Could only be done if Stephanie had input as she did with the movies. I also don’t think it would work without the actors that played the characters in the movies. I can’t imagine a TV show with someone else playing Edward, Bella, Jacob or any of the other vampires and werewolves.

  29. I would want a tv show if THE ORIGINAL CAST is in it! and if Stephanie Meyer writes it or atleast has a big part in making the show. But I I highly doubt this is gonna happen all the actors in twilight are big movie stars who are moving on from twilight I don’t think they would wanna do a tv show….SO no twilight tv show if they make one without the cast i swear to god they will ruin twilight! It’s only beautiful cuz of Stephanie some dumb ole writer can’t just write about Edward and Bella! Lol

  30. I think a TV show or series would be a great idea. It would have to have Stephanie involved to have the same continuity as the books. Her story and the way she tell it is what sells the books and the movies, it would not work if it went in any other direction.

  31. To bring up another issue that others have touched upon: the market is already oversaturated with vampires. (I love the genre, but in terms of box office, ratings, and sales it’s true.) Cirque du Freak, Daybreakers, Let Me In, Priest and Fright Night tanked, and they didn’t really deserve to. The Gates was canceled. In YA fiction, future dystopias have stolen the buzz from vampires. A Twilight TV show at this point may well subject Twilight – the origin of the recent bandwagon – to the unpleasant consequences of that oversaturation.

  32. There are two major problems with Twilight turning into a TV show of any kind. The first is simply that we know characters by certain actors, and it would be very difficult to accept other actors in those roles. Who else could play Edward, Jacob or Bella and still make us believe it after Mr. Pattinson, Mr. Lautner and Ms. Stewart? That can be overcome of course, but regardless is a major hurdle. The biggest problem I can see it maintaining the feel of Twlight without Ms. Meyer’s writing. It’s clear Ms. Meyer doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in Twilight, and that’s she protective of her written works, so I can’t see a TV series ever getting a green light. There is one alternative that I think would be really neat though. Turn “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” into a made for TV movie, or miniseries. You could probably get Mr. Samuel, Ms. Ferland, and maybe even Ms. LeFevre to return for their roles. Now that is something I would watch.

  33. Kaya Harber says:

    Over 41% of people may be voting yes for a TV show but I can’t help but think that it isn’t the show they want but a book. No one wants it to end. When you get to the end of Breaking Dawn you came up with ways how the story would continue as it is open for the story to keep going and we know Stephenie knows for sure what will happen next and happen what the characters will do next. But a TV show won’t give us that. They are honest that they are doing it for the money they will make no telling the story. There will no passion behind it anymore and will have a unfinished story if it doesn’t make as much money as they want it do, they will cut it being uncompleted as they have done with other shows leaving the faith fans disappointed once again.

  34. No!!! I neither want to know what happened before, nor after, nor I want to see the whole story again. The movies are great as they are. I love the Twilight Saga for what it is and a TV series would ruin it. Enough is enough.

  35. Samantha Justilian says:

    YES i do i would love a “vampire diaries” version of Twilight BUT IT WOULD HAVE TO DONE RIGHT

    with the polls above: i like all the answers

    I think it should be the “main time of the Books” with Flashbacks to the time before the books (liek ampire diares) and it should cover everyone Jacob, leah, Nessie, the wolfpack, the volturi, the cullens, the forks high schoolers

    and it should have everything from the books … even our lsot scenes that the movie didnt do … like Blood typing ect

    and I think Season 1: twilight
    season 2: New Moon
    season 3: Eclipse + The Very short second left of bree tanner
    season 4: Breaking dawn
    Season 5: THE FUTURE (jacob and nessie, ect) picking up where the books and movies left off

    it will be hard though because the cast will be an issue

    I don’t know of any TV show that would ahve the budget to hire Kirsten, Rob, Peter, Ashely, Taylor, ect … but it wouldn’t be the same without then .. .not even considering if they would be WILLING to do ti … less movies ect

    so if the show wouldn not have the orignal cast then the new cast would be very hard to get right as we have a cast already

    So if doen right .. .this would be a very good thing and i would love it …but there is a huge room for a disaster

    • Mitch Jarmin says:

      I am open to it if as you stated they take each book and really use it as a script. This would also allow the back stories to be told which would make an even more interesting story. Yes I do agree that SM should over see it or only sign off if it stays very true to the books. As for different actors, of course it should be recast so we will not compare it to the movie. Because the movies took the book and picked it apart I feel it would be a fresh new story and I would really enjoy seeing the books really come alive.

  36. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    In reality the best bet for a TV series would be focusing on events that occured before the Twilight books because it is safe. Stephenie would be very reluctant to hand the “future” of her series to other people, and the TV series could direclty conflict with her vision for her existing characters, where as there is enough material in the backstories that Lionsgate/ Summit could make dozens of episodes without touching the core story. I don’t think any of us would like them to mess with the core story, more than they already have. The stories could lead up to going to Forks, and meeting Bella…

    Look at what we could see…
    Edward’s transformation into a vampire…
    His life as a nomand…
    His first meeting with the Vulturi
    His first semi-romance with Tanya (sort of a Clark + Lana thing)
    The Cullens move to Forks

    Season 2
    Treaty with the Werewolves

    See… there is a LOT of territory they can cover without damaging what has already been done.

  37. I say NO! I would want the actors that play the characters in the movies to play them in the tv show. And we know that isn’t really feasible w/the actors getting older. Rob is playing a 17 yr old and he looks older than that (which in real life he is.)

    I don’t want Lionsgate making a terrible decision like this just to milk more $$ out of us Twilight fans. Stephenie only wrote 4 books and that is where the story should stay. Now if she were to write more in the future than maybe. But I would much rather her finish the other book from Edward’s POV first.

    I really don’t like this idea. I really hope SM says No.

  38. Im undecided. First, Twilight became big b/c Stephenie Meyer’s books and how she wrote them. The movies became a hit b/c it stayed true to the book (besides some parts missing & putting everythg in the book to movie would be long…i’d personally would sit through any lengths.of time b/c I love Twilight) so if anyone besides her writes the scripts etc…i probably watch it to get mad…i love SMs vampires…if someone else writes it,.it just ruin it for me. Second, I cant envision anyone else playing any of the characters….i was pissed that they changed Victoria…and I didnt like her…i think it should stop while theyre still ahead..idk…

  39. I love Twilight. I also love the cast. The movies, the books… all of it.

    I also love The Vampire Diaries, the books and the spin-off tv series. Same characters, different story.

    Let Twilight books and movies live in their own right, and a spin-off tv series live in its own right too. I don’t see why they can’t co-exist, just like The Vampire Diaires have managed to pull off.

  40. I would only want a Twilight TV show if they could have the same cast as the movies. Otherwise, I think the show would not make it past the pilot.

  41. Lynne Stringer says:

    I can’t even imagine watching someone else play Edward. I wouldn’t want to be the actor who tried! I wouldn’t watch it. TV shows that start up after movies don’t have a good track record. There are exceptions, of course, but if they’re just doing it to milk the Twilight cash cow, I can’t imagine that the production values will be too high.

  42. Aileen Leon says:

    Noooo !! I just don’t think it’ll be the same !! 🙂

  43. Aileen Leon says:


  44. NO!!! Emphatically no! It will so take away from our beloved series. No Bella, Edward, Jake or anyone would be good enough and constantly compared to the films. Please no!

  45. I would TOTALLY watch a TV show for Twilight. It would be great if it followed the books… BUT dig deeper into the the past lives of all the characters, prior to the books, as well as continue into the future after the books end. They could really market this!

  46. Lionsgate-Summit should take advantage of the Exquisite graphics used on the Twilight websites/DVD Menus to continue the Saga (film/tv/dvd/internet) in an Animated format Featuring the Voices of the ORIGINAL CAST. This would solve MANY issues – career schedules/Vampires and Wolves Aging/physical-CGI limitations to storyline, changes of venue (World Travel), etc. Quality and Continuity would be Preserved and Respected. Honestly, the Cast brought the stories to Life and I have the Imagery Emblazoned in my Memory – Accept No Substitutes. Using the graphics in animation allows the Saga to Continue Uniting New and Enduring Fans. I would like to remain Cullen-centric with exploration of the Cullen-Volturi storyline. I would like to see “flashbacks” for origination and further character development. I would like to see the Cullen Clan as they move through time and Bella learns what it can REALLY mean to be Immortal w/Time on Your Side in the Exploration of the World. Hope it Helps! BK Silva

  47. I absolutely love the Twilight Saga. Please please please dont ruin it by making a tv show. Its not about pleasing the fans, its about making more money. They already said that is why they wanted it. It will not have the same actors and it wont have the same writers. It is a love story that ended just the way Stephanie wanted it to end. I would love for Stephanie to continute writing but she said she isnt so thats the end of it. I would love to read Midnight Sun if she finishes it, but if there is a tv show, i really think she will find there is no reason to write even that anymore. I have no problem reading my books over and over. I watch the movies over and over. It would break my heart if they cast new actors and took this saga in a new direction.Even if they did make a tv series, it wont last forever. Maybe 5 years at the most? and at the end it will be because its past its prime. If they want to make money, sell merchandise. Its only about the money so if anything, please dont ask for a tv show. They dont care about making us happy, its about making someone rich and thats not what this story is about. Anyone who truly loves the Twilight saga really doesnt want this amazing story ruined like this.

  48. Rylie Rae Sororitylife says:

    i think the only way it would be a hit would be with the same actors and with Stephanie Meyer writing it… I want to know the story of Jacob and Nessie and how Bella and Edward handle it….


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