I Hope Doesn’t Mean It’s Going To Happen: Twilight TV Show Our Opinion

We are seeing a lot online regarding this LA Times article that quotes the head of Lionsgate talking about Twilight’s future (highlighting ours):

I’m anticipating ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ being $700 million-plus in worldwide box office,” said Jon Feltheimer, predicting the next film would slightly outdo the $697 million global take of “Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

Asked whether the franchise would continue in some form for Lions Gate, he added, “It’s hard for me to imagine a movie that does $700 million-plus doesn’t have ongoing value. It’s an amazing franchise that they have done a great job of maintaining with absolutely no deterioration. So the simple answer is ‘Boy I hope so.‘”

One person close to the acquisition deal but not authorized to speak publicly suggested that because Lions Gate, unlike Summit, has a television production unit, it could adapt “Twilight” for the small screen.

Asked whether there was a possibility of bringing “Twilight” to television, Feltheimer answered, “I would certainly hope so.”

We’d just like to point out a few things. In fairness of full disclosure we have no insider info here just background of experience with the Saga from February 2006, longer than any other currently running site.

—Summit doesn’t hold rights to Twilight other than the films that they have already done. To our knowledge they have not been granted the rights to do anything further with the series: TV, radio, plays, cartoon, etc.

—Even with a merger, Lionsgate doesn’t get extras, only what Summit currently has the rights to. So they can’t just up and decide “we are doing a TV show” They can certainly pitch the idea, but it doesn’t mean they have the rights unless Stephenie Meyer says yes.

—Stephenie Meyer is next working on The Host movie (not with Summit/Lionsgate) which is slated to start filming shortly and is slated to be a trilogy (according to the director).

—Stephenie Meyer’s production company, Fickle Fish Films, filmed Austenland last summer and will likely start to promote that project to buyers this spring.

—Given that Stephenie Meyer is going to be pretty busy with The Host and Austenland and she likes to be hands on with her items, it would seem unlikely that she’d give carte blanche to develop a TV series that she didn’t have time to give ongoing input on.

—There was some talk about Potter and Rowling extending their series too with the cry of “She’d be stupid not to”, with conventional industry wisdom saying “how can you walk away from this money” Twilight has sold 10’s of millions of books does anyone really think Stephenie Meyer is going to do something just for the money any more than Rowling did?

—Does TV really need another vampire and werewolf show? Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Teenage Werewolf, Grimm. At a certain point you hit saturation.

Now all the above being said, do we think there is a possibility for a Twilight TV series? For a Bella and Edward centric item, no, not really. As Stephenie said, that storyline has been wrapped up. Are there other areas?

To play Devil’s Advocate:
Where could a TV series go? Certainly, Jake, Renesmee, Leah have potential, but it would seem odd to us that Stephenie might let someone else develop what she might want to write herself.

So where is there room that wouldn’t mess with a future universe, and a certain element of drama that makes for good TV? Maybe with the Volturi and the Denali. There’s 1,000’s of years of back-story there that someone could have a lot of fun with and not per se affect sequel books.

So to wrap it up(again no insider info here) but our gut says Lionsgate may want a TV show, but it’s about as likely in the near future as it is for Aro and Edward to have a group hug while Jasper sings Love Is All You Need.


  1. I almost freaked out when I saw this title! But, I feel a little better after reading your analysis.

    I’ve been a fan of the series since New Moon the book came out. I’ve had Twilight parties and have even been to Forks! But, I’m excited for BD2 to come out and end the series. I just feel like Breaking Dawn has been dragged out, and quite honestly, I’ve lost my fanaticism. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Twilight, but I’ve moved on to other things (Hunger Games, anyone?? Thanks for the recommendation, Stephenie! I read the HG before it was cool *puts on hipster glasses*) But anyways, I’ll be sad that it’s ending, but I’ll look forward to closing the story. NO TV SHOW. I wouldn’t watch it and would pretend it didn’t happen.

  2. It’s amazing how the color green can blind people. Those poor, delusional execs at SummitGate better not hitch their apple cart to Twilight’s star prematurely, otherwise they’ll find themselves free-falling in the atmosphere. As much as I love Twilight (which is a lot, borderline obsessive to some) I firmly believe that there is credence in the saying that there’s no need to beat a dead horse. Let the final movie come out and not force anymore blood from this wonderful turnip that’s entertained us for the past few years.

    Wow…I must be drunk on dated cliches. 😉

  3. I think there is a story there. They could most definitely do a story on The denials. They could do a story on Peter & Charlotte. They get the angst, sex and Cullen connection but not really. It would also allow them to explore with Charlotte and Peter a Jasper & Alice story too. I am guessing we could even see Carlisle & Esme. as for me I think there is enough to explore and entertain you. They could do a Jake & re Esme story but thatvis less likely than a Seth and Leah story. Can you imagine if Seth And Leah moved to Seattle. Since both Peter and Elizabeth do tv and Jackson& Ashley do some this could keep some connection. I would tune in.

  4. My view on any future Twilight novel, movie, graphic novel, TV series, anime, etc.: if Stephanie Meyer herself writes it, I’m interested. Maybe one day she’ll be inspired to give us Jake & Renesmee’s story or a more detailed backstory of a particular coven, or whatever. If so, great! But if it’s just part of a licensed ‘Twilight Universe’ franchise without Meyer’s direct input, I can’t work up much enthusiasm. Look at other franchises that have works that are semi-canonical at best or that have long been out of the hands of the original creator(s). The result tends to be a glut of material, a dilution of quality, fan burnout, and fan backlash.

    Twilight fans are fans of Stephenie Meyer’s distinct creative vision. Not some endlessly expandable franchise that can be farmed out to any writer.

    • Agree completely. I can’t imagine SM agreeing to it and wouldn’t want to see more Twilight Saga any other way. Besides, they’d have to recast many of the characters, and I don’t think a lot of fans would appreciate that.

  5. Ugh. That would be horrible. The ONLY thing I could EVER see possibly being good, would be if they remade Twilight. Make Midnight Sun into a movie, fix all the issues with the original Twilight and then call it. I don’t believe any of us would really watch a Twilight based show if Rob and Kristen weren’t in it and trust me… they won’t be.

    • Completely agree! Midnight Sun would be fantastic IF Stephanie Meyer was on board creatively and IF Rob and Kristen signed on. Otherwise…it’s a bad, bad idea. It might make money in the short-run, but I think it would backfire in the long run.

  6. Twilight Nymph says:

    It would be a bad idea without the original cast. I can’t imagine another actor playing Edward or Jacob. Also, if SM is not involved it wouldn’t be right.

  7. Marlo Martinez says:

    God, I hope they never get the power to do anything so stupid.

  8. The only way I can ever see a Twilight inspired tv series working is if it focuses in on some of the other characters (meaning vampires) introduced in the last book and developing them more as long as nothing in the tv series contradicts what’s already been set up with the movies. Of course, recasting of certain characters may be necessary if they are some of the major characters like the Cullen’s or Volturi.

    I do think that it would be stupid at this point to make a show, if they were to make one, because many people are fed up with the series, and at this point, it may just turn people off. I think that if they were to develop a Twi-inspired series, it should be some time after people have the chance to chill about it. Additionally, it would give SM a chance to deal with what’s she got on her plate now, and if a show is ever made, it would give her a chance to add on to the characters skeleton personalities and add a bit of meat to them before allowing the show runners to take over and develop them further.

  9. It’s hard to accept the Twilight Saga is almost over, but when it is, we want to keep the memory of the movies as they were, meaning absolutely amazing and especially with Edward and Bella as Rob and Kristen. So unless the show is with them and supervised by Stephanie Meyer, which i think is not gonna happen, i don’t want any shows to ruin all the memories that we have.

    • Yes! Knowing there was a second-rate show out there would ruin the movies and the beloved characters for me!

    • I agree completely, we have an atatchment to them actors as the characters they portray, it wouldn’t be the same at all! Plus watching a twilight saga film is special and not something you should be able to just flick on the tv. In Breaking dawn they continue into their blissful part of forever, not a tv show! As sad as I am at the end of the films, I won’t be watching the tv show, it would change every idea I have of the characters, when I think of Bella I picture Kristen, not some commercialised look-a-like with less talent!

  10. I think I could get into a show that takes place right around Edward’s change and focuses mostly on his rebellious years. I can’t see anyone but Rob playing him though. He gets Edward’s flaws and darkness, (which while we don’t see much of them in the saga, they would definitely be present in something like this.)

    It probably won’t happen though. I should just do it myself and write a fan fiction. LOL.

  11. I hope Steph puts her foot down. Don’t mess up an amazing thing. No Twilight TV show! No!

  12. I was really upset when I saw the Lions Gate comment. Let’s leave this series as it is. Please don’t pump it out. I would think it would cheapen what has meant so much to me.

  13. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    The reality is, many movie related stories have found new life in TV series. One such was the highly successful “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” and “Star Wars: The Clone” Wars (animated series). TV series can do many things that the films could not, such as fixating on backstories and characters that you couldn’t focus on in the films.

    In truth, IF Twilight was made into a TV series, it would be to their benefit to go the route of “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” and largely ignore the film, if they want to retell the story of Bella and Edward for the small screen, as it would be hard to accept a completely new cast just jumping into the roles, versus seeing those characters reborn for the small screen, OR they focus on Cullen plot lines leading up to the Twilight Saga…aka Edward’s birth into the vampire world, his life as a nomad, the Cullen’s first meeting with the Quiluets… there are numerous story lines you can delve into without ever having to touch the Bella – Edward relationship. Remember how Smallville drug out the Clark + Lana love story for almost 8 seasons, before FINALLY having him fall for Lois…

    I mean they have an entire Twilight Companion Guide to glean story details from…

    So, yes, I could see a lot of potential, but whether Stephenie would agree to this or not, would be the largest question, as she wouldn’t be able to be a part of it 24/7 as she was with her other projects (well at least after Twilight)… She would have to confide a whole lot of trust on her part, that they wouldn’t create something that would tarnish her series.

    Then again, if George Lucas can hand the reigns of his Star Wars franchise to others, I think she could.

    • It was probably easier for Buffy to be succesful as a television show because it was based on ONE movie, not a series of 4 books (5 counting Bree Tanner) and 5 movies. There wasn’t a lot of backstory explored for Buffy, only two hours of movie. That left a lot of creative leeway to explore all of the mythology and character development. This is not the case for the characters of Twilight (even the new covens and nomads introduced in BD2 have some limited background explanations) – after reading all the books and watching all the movies, one feels like they KNOW the characters. Why do you think so many fans travel to Forks? They want to see the real places that their favorite characters “lived”.

      Also, Buffy was ahead of its own time. The market is so heavily saturated with vamps now, would anyone really watch long term – especially if the story line wasn’t true to the source material? The true, long term fans would not stand for it, and the “haters” will never like anything Twilight no matter what you throw at them.

    • I don’t mean to be offensive, but I can’t stop myself from asking after reading a couple of your posts. Are you involved in this transaction or associated with Lionsgate somehow?

      • Joshua L. Roberts says:

        No offense taken, but no, I’m not associated with Lionsgate or Summit period, however I do know several people who work in the business, one of which is the creator of “Guardians of Luna”, and I myself am a screenwriter/ novelist. In this regards I am well aquainted with the ends and outs of the industry. 🙂

  14. NO Way! Unless it is original cast written by Stephenie I don’t want it and I don’t think it would be watched

  15. Mitch Jarmin says:

    What if they took the books and word for word turned it into a TV show? What would you think of this?

  16. Stephenie won’t go for it and neither will her fans. It would just be ridiculous to even think about doing a TV show. I don’t know who the moron is who brought it up but I think it would be ridiculous. If they really want more to film you have the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

  17. NO! just stop it at the movie! Omg they’ll ruin twilight…and! I wish lionsgate didn’t buy summit! Come on I love summit the little 2 mountains that show up before the movie starts lol

  18. EJ's Girl says:

    The visual that came with your last line is hilarious! LOL I totally agree with your analysis. No one but Stephanie could write Jake and Renesmee’s future and it make sense.

  19. I can’t help but think that LG is sending out feelers (friends, reps, whatever) to gage the collective fan response to whole the tv show idea. What a shame! Thank God Stephenie is still in control, well grounded, and very level headed. Sometimes it isn’t all about money, and money truly isn’t everything.

  20. I would love to see a mini-movie of some kind. I think we would all love to see some kind of film that is about alice and her becoming a vampire, i know i would.

  21. Guys guarantee they have scouts/secretaries who visit fan sites and blogs. They will see our reaction. Keep the anti tv series comments coming! They wouldn’t be so dumb to upset their fandom.

  22. I would not be interested in the least for a retelling of Bella and Edward on TV. As Joshua L Roberts points out there are other areas that could be developed outside of Bella and Edward. With the old series ‘Forever Knight’ and ‘Highlander’ some of the more interesting episodes were the ones that went back in time – within Twilight universe it could be Carlisle’s history, more about the Volturi or other longer lived vampires. Those historical stories might be of interest. I agree that there really is a glut of supernatural stories on TV currently and no need for Twilight to become a part of it. As sad as it is for the movies coming to an end, their story is completed and satisfied with that completion. Time to move on to other interesting characters and stories.

  23. It’s kinda pathetic that they would Twilight just for the money. If Stephenie Meyer writes another book for Twilight then I would be interested but Twilight as a TV show???

  24. Andy Palmer says:

    The only concept I could see working for TV would be some derivative in the “Twilight World” that doesn’t involve her characters. Perhaps one of the nomads that witnessed the Cullens standing up to the Volturi begins to examine his conscious and examines how to live in the human world without seeing humans as just cattle? Perhaps some detective or reporter is digging too well into mysterious deaths in his city?

    The concepts are far from original, but as 95% of what is on TV now isn’t, I’m not sure if that is a showstopper, as long as it is well written. The fact that the story is consistent with Twilight lore will gain the show fans, but the bigger question is whether Stephanie would be willing to let it happen. I have no insight as to how protective she is of her “world” as opposed to her characters.

  25. I think it’d be a disaster if Twilight was adapted into a TV series. I certainly wouldn’t watch. Without the original cast, it would feel like fake & drawn out…it wouldn’t work, at least not for me.

  26. T. Mullen says:

    Very bad idea. Obviously the guy doesn’t understand the fandom. Someone should educate the fool before he loses more than his credibility with the fans.

  27. The story I would pitch to Stephenie would be a Carlisle-centered show. I imagine something where each week, we see a different Carlisle memory. In the show, it’s like he’s a hero doctor (with supernatural powers, of course) and he saves a life each week, or a family or a whole town.

    It could sometimes go in chronological order from week to week to follow an ongoing story, but most of the time it could just jump around to different centuries and different countries all over the world.

    The framework for the story could be him telling someone the story of his life (maybe Renesmee?) so it could jump around to different memories.

    The writers could build in an ongoing mystery, and they could plant clues throughout the seasons. Maybe it could be a mystery related to these werewolves we’ve never seen (the ones who attacked Caius). Or it could be something to do with the Voluturi. Or it could just be related to something we haven’t even heard about in the novels – something Bella didn’t hear about but Stephenie has already imagined and could share.

    We would see cameos of familiar characters from the movies. Like it could show the first time Carlisle met Esme (which we now know was when she was a young girl in Columbus, Ohio). It could show how Carlisle first met the Volturi. How he first met the Brazilians, the Irish Coven, the Egyptians, etc., etc.

    There could be really cool cameos of other Cullesn. Like Carlisle could be in the south one week and just happen to walk by Jasper when he was a rookie human soldier. Or one week could follow a story about when Carlisle was in Chicago, but it would include a short encounter with a young boy named Edward and his mother (before they got sick). It could eventually go even further and include vampire Edward in a few episodes, or Esme, or all the Cullens — in flashbacks involving them (like maybe Emmett with the bear, or with his singer hanging laundry).

    That’s what I would pitch. I think it would work if they’d launch it while we’re all still Twilight crazy, and if they got a really good actor in the role of Carlisle.

  28. The idea if a tv show just kills me. The whole premise of the books is that vampires don’t age AND the wolves don’t change as long as they continue to phase AND Hybrids like Renesmee won’t age past a certain maturity. It’s bad enough that the movies had to be shot so far apart and the actors aged (some of them noticeably). How could a tv show that follows any of the mythology carry on for long?

    The great thing is any time you want to relive the saga and go back to Forks, you can pick up the books and read them again or pop the movies in the DVD player. For everything their is a season under heaven . . .

  29. I think the show would be a good idea if they had like the other vampires like the volturi or the nomads or the denali covens,then maybe have the cullens.Or a renesmee and jacob show.And i like the idea of making midnight sun into a movie and for SM to finish the book.I dont want the saga to end so i’m all for more movies or a tv show.

    • Or maybe Have The Cullens BackStories as a tv show especially alice,jasper,and edward backstories would be good.

  30. Michelle xx says:

    im sry but plz dnt make a damn tv show out of itxx it will ruin it for god sake xx like who else could play edward and bella rite???? i no kristen and robert wont do a damn tv series so it will obviously suck without them xx No dont do that let the twilight franchise end right xx Hopefully they dnt drag it out xx

  31. I honestly think that it should have been a TV series from the beginning that way they could have followed the books more closely maybe not word for word but close enough.

    I am a huge fan and maybe slightly obsessed BUT It would ruin it for me if they did this now. I would most likely start watching it but stop after one or two episodes.

    The decision was made to adapt it from book to movie instead of book to TV series now stick to it.
    If anything there should be more books not tv shows or even a remade film.

    I think our love for twilight is going to be crushed very soon.

  32. GloriaEvans says:

    Who is going to watch it? Not the fans. So Liongsgate should save themselves the time and money and go back making crappy movies. Is that the same man who said Abduction was going to be a Trilogy. How is that working out for them. The Twilight Saga should end with BD2. It is a satisfying ending to the EPIC love story. Time to move on.

  33. Even thou Im a huge twi-hard and I love the Twilight to death and wished that twilight would continue it depends on Stephanie Mayer as she is the author of the books. If she would write the stories in the same amazing way as she did with the twilight books and it would still have the same excitment, romance, sadness, happiness etc. I wouldn’t be against. But the thing is that eve thou we are waiting for Breaking Dawn part 2 more then a year and we complaign but its exciting to wait. I dont think it would work with the TV series. If there was another movie I wouldn’t say anything! That is my opinion. ONLY IF THERE WERE THE SAME ACTOR TO PLAY SAME CHARACTERS! IF NOT THE F*** OFF AND DONT DO THE SERIES!


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