Iconic Twilight Movie Moments Part 2

Back in December, Laura started a countdown of iconic movie moments from the Twilight saga. Here’s the follow up story on Movies.com covering the moments from Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Right away the wedding leaps to mind when talking about iconic Breaking Dawn images. After all, the wedding is what the entire series was leading up to. So, is there a way to say that there is a single, definable moment at that wedding? Actually, there’s not one, but two.

As much press as the wedding reveal dress received, one iconic moment seems not to be the dress unveiling so much as Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke’s intimate dialogue where the nervous Bella says, “Don’t let me fall,” and Charlie responds, “Never”.  It was one of the first tear jerker moments for many fans.

The second wedding moment came post-ceremony with Edward’s speech. After a number of double entendre toasts from Emmett, and Charlie making thinly veiled references to his prowess with firearms, viewers get a sincere moment as Edward explains what the marriage means to him. This very public declaration of love stands out amongst the lavish wedding montage. It‘s a rare moment of total honesty from Edward that gives it iconic status.

Now if fans were looking forward to the wedding, they were doubly looking forward to the honeymoon. Online debate raged over wanting an R-rated cut. Could PG-13 be sexy enough? Would the memorable scenes of the book come through? Here is where the movie delivered both an iconic book scene and delivered a new one.

In the books there is a fade to black when it comes to the specifics of the honeymoon. In the movie version, we were able to see more (well, as much as PG-13 will let you see) and in doing do we hit what may be the iconic moment of Part 1. That would be the headboard crack heard ’round the world.  As soon as the teaser was shown, it was the image on thousands of icons and animated gifs. Team Headboard tee shirts sprung up. About the only thing that didn’t happen was the headboard having its own Twitter account.


Let us know what you think the iconic movie moments from Breaking Dawn Part 1 was in the comments. Read the whole story at Movies.com.


  1. definitely Bella opening her eyes and them being red is the most iconic. That and her wedding dress being revealed for the first time. The way the music swells and that image of her and Charlie…that was priceless

    • I agree about Bella’s eyes opening. The movie ended almost exactly as I imagined it. (Well, except for the fun inter-credits scene.)

      The second would be Edward telling Bella that the baby loves her.

  2. For someone who read the books before the movies came out, Edward and Bella’s wedding is just priceless.

  3. My most iconic moment…

    1.) Edward realized he can hear their child. The moment was such a tear jerker for me.

    2.) The wedding!!

    3.) Jacob and Bella dancing.

  4. Let’s not forget the feathers in the bed!

    I can’t wait for BD Part 2 – I hope the stone cottage scenes don’t get left out!!!

  5. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Great list, Laura! It’s hard to pick just one moment, and your list hit everything that was most “iconic”. I think it’s interesting that it greatly reflects what Bill Condon said–that there were those 5 scenes they really had to get for the film to be right. And he did. He completely exceeded my expectations. I’m really looking forward to how he “got” Part 2. 🙂

  6. Michael G says:

    A turning point that was not in the book but was well done in the film; Edward is sitting “near” Bella and the “nourishment” is working. Edward admits that he has left Bella to deal with her dellivery alone. He then asks, “What did you say?” At that point, Edward and Bella come back together. Iconic moment.

  7. Great job Laura! Those are some of my favorites. In addition, I love the look on Edwards face as Bella walks down the aisle, and the tender way Bella thinks about the honeymoon the next morning with that beautiful song..Turning Page.

    • Sooooo agree,I love the way Edward looked at Bella when he first saw her in wedding dress …..I didn’t think I ‘ll love the movie as much the book but I love them both

  8. That Other Twilighter Girl says:

    Dont forget that bit where the shot goes inside of Bella and you see the venom turning her blood, and theres that one orb of brilliant red being washed into something else. Simply Brilliant. Very dramatic way to visualize it … I was impressed by Bill Condon’s work.

  9. One that had me that I don’t see mentioned –

    Greatest movie wedding kiss . . . EVER.


  10. Joan Frontz says:

    I would have to say the part of the movie that will stick with me forever is when Bella “dies” and Jacob runs outside falls to the ground and starts crying. Then, Seth says ” Bella didn’t make it!” Just the loss and pure sorrow that Jacob is going through just made my heart fall.

  11. For me the most iconic scenes were whne Edward hears the baby it brings Edward and Bella back together after so much disagreement, when Jacob imprints on Renesmee and when Bella “awakens” at the end of the movie.

  12. 1. the wedding
    2. the headboard, and then the feathers
    3. the moment Bella realized she was pregnant
    4. the birth scene
    5. Bella’s eyes opening