Year End List: Top Ten Iconic Twilight Saga Moments Pre-Breaking Dawn

Laura decided to try and tackle a top ten list this week for her regular Breaking Dawn column and discovered it was going to be harder than she realized.

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be making a top ten list, so why don’t we jump into the mix too. The Twilight Saga has so many possibilities when it comes to top moments. I started out writing an overall Top Ten Twilight Saga Iconic Moments list taking into account all the Twilight Saga movies, but quickly realized I was going to have to totally rethink that idea because The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 has so many iconic moments just by itself. This was definitely destined to be a two-part idea. So for this week, let’s take a look at the Top Ten Twilight Saga Iconic Film Moments leading up to Breaking Dawn Part 1. Then, in my next column, we’ll examine the Breaking Dawn Part 1-specific ones.

1. The original Twilight movie has possibly the most iconic image of the series. It’s the moment where both Bella and Edward are entranced with each other right after Edward saves Bella from Tyler’s out-of-control van. For many fans who didn’t know anything about Twilight until they saw the films, that was the moment that hooked them. They became captivated by Robert Pattinson and/or the Bella and Edward love story right there during those intense few seconds.

2. One of the most parodied parts of the entire series is the infamous moment in the meadow of “Say it out loud. Vampire.” If you ask people who aren’t fans of the series for a Twilight Saga moment that stands out in their minds, this one is easily it. Even though we don’t get the romantic meadow scene as presented in the book, the scene is memorable to fans nonetheless. It’s the big reveal to Bella that confirms what Edwards is, and consequently it’s what drives the action forward from that point on.

3. The final iconic moment in Twilight is the prom with Edward and Bella’s dance at the gazebo. It’s the first truly prolonged, tender moment they have in the films. Iron and Wine’s song Flightless Bird: American Mouth underscored the sequence and became an instant fan favorite. It was now unofficially Bella and Edward’s song, the one that defined who they were to each other. So far, it is the only song to make a comeback on any of the soundtracks. It currently serves as the song at their wedding in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

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  1. bellateeny says:

    Those scenes do rank on top for me. The other two that instantly came to my mind before reading this article are; “Who are they?” (in case any of you don’t remember it’s when Bella first sees Edward in the lunch room & he gives that crooked smile), and the second is of course when she walks into the class room & the fan is blowing in her hair. Edwards reaction is priceless! For me, that is really when the intensity/attraction/mystery began. I was one of those people who hadn’t heard about ‘Twilight’ until seeing the movie. I was hooked & obsessed from that moment on!

  2. I’ll comment here, as there is likely to be much less trolling. 🙂

    I agree with pretty much all of the top ten moments listed, but I admit that a few of my favorites are missing. From Twilight, one that I really, really loved was the Bella Italia scene in Port Angeles. When Edward admits to her that he just can’t stay away from her and she counters with “then don’t,” it just melts my heart.

    In New Moon, the “Voting” scene also really touched me. You see much more than Bella’s relationship with Edward there, you see that she is part of the whole family. That realization that she belongs to the whole family is what makes the events of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn so intense. It isn’t just the two of them anymore, it’s everyone who loves them too.

    All in all, it is a great top ten list, but like all lists it is subject to interpretation 🙂

  3. Since Laura mentions the BD2 countdown in the full version of her article, the Lexicon needs a BD2 widget!

  4. tanya kalra says:

    every sence of dis epic love story was more than just the simple word amazing!!! wow i loved it all..

    when i first watched twilight all i knew about it was dt its a vampire fiction…and being me i really really loved it!!
    why hasn’t any1 yet menstioned the sence when bella visits the cullen ….and tells edwaed “your not as scary as you think” and all that follows right after ….

    i just love stephenie meyer ..**you rock**!!

  5. Great top 10 if we have to limit it. However, I could watch Edward enter that cafeteria forever on Bella’s first day. I was hooked. And one of my favorites, was the first time he takes her to school and let’s everyone know by doing that that she is his girl now!!!!

  6. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Great list, Laura!! I love that you made sure to point out that Bella saves Edward in Volterra. That is so important. It’s so hard to narrow a list down to just 10 things. Good job! 🙂 REALLY looking forward to your BD1 list! 😀

  7. My top three movie moments:

    Twilight: Edward begins to follow Bella from the school into the woods just before the famous “Say it out loud” scene.

    New Moon: The wolves chase Victoria at the same time that Charlie and Harry are hunting the “bear”.

    Eclipse: Alice bests Jasper in practice combat and kisses him.

    • doctorcullen says:

      Halek: Wow thank you for mentioning the Victoria chase scene in NM. I thought that scene was one of the finest scenes EVER in film-making, not just in the Twilight series. It stands to this day as one of my fave scenes from all 4 movies thus far. The way they incorporated the music with the different speed sequences was brilliant!!

      I also wanna give a shout out to the original Victoria — loved her so much! She was perfect!

  8. I have to mention the scene where Edward and Bella kiss for the first time in Twilight. The anticipation of waiting for their lips to meet and the chemistry between Rob and Kristen was amazing. (Robert was hot in it as well. )
    That was one of my favorite scenes from the series.

  9. Great list, BUT! #3–I beg to differ on your ‘Flightless Bird the only song to be in 2 movies’ comment- if you pay close attention, you can hear a short snippet of the wedding band playing “My Love” by Sia (from Eclipse…the “Leg Hitch” scene.)

  10. I also like for Twilight when Bella says I’m not scared of you and pulls her out his window piggy back style and shows her some of his world when they’re in the trees.
    Like others have said the anticipation of the kiss and her reaction to it as well.

    New Moon – Victoria chase combined with Bella cliff diving. When Bella goes to the meadow and flashbacks to Twilight with her love and all the flowers to how it is now all dead. The volturi fight with Edward.

    Eclipse – Leg hitch scene, meadow opening scene, and the Cullens training.

  11. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    One of my fav scenes is where Bella encounters Jacob in his wolf form for the very first time while in the meadow. I loved the look on his face and how they mirrored Bella’s horrified expression in his eyes. Nice…

  12. I like the list but a few of my personal favourites were missing.

    The kiss from Twilight was definitely an oversight – that scene was so intense. It was one of the best things about the movie for me.

    From New Moon, I actually found the chair scene (ie. Bella staring out the window as the months pass by and the following screaming scenes) playing to ‘Possibility’ was so moving and such a great way to translate the emotion of the books to the screen. For me that was more memorable and more a depiction of Bella’s heartbreak than her lying in the woods (although I admit that was also great).

    I can’t argue with the Tent scene as a number one for Eclipse – that is my all time favourite from the movie and the book.

    Over all a great list though. I can’t wait to see what her top 10 moments from BD Part 1 will be!

  13. “Iron and Wine’s song Flightless Bird: American Mouth underscored the sequence and became an instant fan favorite. It was now unofficially Bella and Edward’s song, the one that defined who they were to each other. So far, it is the only song to make a comeback on any of the soundtracks.”

    I actually have to dispute this fact. All though I have no idea where it actually appears in the movie, if you watch the credits, “My Love” by Sia is listed in Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, which makes it a second appearance as well. This, of course, was the song playing in the leg-hitch,I’ll marry you if you have sex with me scene in Eclipse.

    It could also be argued that “(Eclipse) All Yours” by Metric was in 2 films, but it was a new instrumental version at the wedding reception, not the original band. The same argument holds for Bella’s Lullabye, as it was integrated into Burwell’s “Love Death Birth”

  14. all iconis moments was in twiight, the moment edward appears in the cafe, the prom scene and kiss, the biology class scene etc


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