Video: Robert Pattinson Accepting People’s Choice Award

There wasn’t a huge Twilight turnout at last night’s PCA because Eclipse was covered on the previous PCA and Breaking Dawn part 1 wasn’t in the running. Robert Pattinson was recognized for his Water With Elephants work.

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  1. Wow! What Movie is he working on now that required him to shave his head? That was quite a surprise! Not a good look for him.

    And sorry but I am so over the grunge look that he and Kristin have going on. Can he just try to clean up a little for these award shows? He can look so good at the premieres and then he goes out looking like he just doesn’t give a d… ! Sorry, just thought last night was not his best appearance.

    • I agree completely. It’s one thing to show up dressed like that for the VMA or MTV awards but all the other men showed their respect for their profession by dressing in suits and ties. A nice sport coat and dress pants would have not been as stuffy but at least he wouldn’t have looked like he just came from the skate park! When you disrespect the fans and their shows you lose them. I like Rob a lot and think he is becoming a really good actor but he needs to grow up a little when it comes to these things.

  2. I think he looks pretty decent ! I like the way him and Kristen keep it real and when getting ready and dolled up they stay true to themselves.

  3. He did give a nice thank you and has improved dramatically in doing that. No stammering and only one giggle!

  4. what happened to Rob’s hair!!? I don’t think it’s very becoming…

    • Maybe he cut it off so he can train himself to stop running his fingers through his hair when he is nervous.

      • EdwardsNana says:

        SB….This is my own opinion……….I actually think the fingers through the hair is cute. It is also a signal to me, that he is a little nervous and wishes he was somewhere else. He really doesn’t touch his hair with certain interviewers, like Josh form MTV, because he knows Josh won’t cross the line and start probing about his private life. With some of the interviews its all about the money and how they can get the jucy details.

  5. Classy speech, Rob. It must be hard to keep coming up with original things to say!

  6. I guess I’m alone but I actually liked his look. It might have been a good idea for him to be a little more dressed up, but I’ve seen him dress up for other things like Leno and other awards shows, so I know he’s capable of looking nice when he’s cleaned up 🙂 That said, he wasn’t dressed awful, just very casual. I really liked his speech though. Rob is a humble guy, and I like that.

    • I agree… Plus, this was the PCA’s, it’s more laid-back, and he was only there for a few minutes, there wasn’t really a point for him to dress up…

      • EdwardsNana says:

        Ditto Amy, I dont’ think Robert understands the facination that everyone has for him….but if he could understand how long we have been putting up with all the “plastic people” in Hollywood, he would understand one of the many reasons, and there are many,why we are such loyal fans.
        He is so real………………Believe me, I has been around a long long time and he is a breath of fresh air.

  7. Is it just me or did Rob and Ashley seem kind of not very friendly.

  8. Bless his heart! Evidently Rob spent so much time preparing his speech that he didn’t have time to change his clothes for the award show. Or maybe he was still in shock over new “do”? So do you think it is work related, a fashion statement, or one of those middle of the night ideas that didn’t seem as great the next morning?

    • EdwardsNana says:

      Well Andrea, I think it is just Robert being Robert. But everytime he has shown up in a new do it is usually for a new role. Maybe this is one choice that no one will find out why.

      • I read something yesterday on TwilightPoison about the new do is possibly for a new movie project called Child 44 – and it sounds REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good! I hope it pans out because it sounds like his best project yet since Remember Me (not counting Twilight movies of course).

        • EdwardsNana says:

          That would be awesome Andrea, is Rob is working a new project. I am sure he is a little bored, with Kristen so busy with SWATH.

  9. EdwardsNana says:

    Guess I am a die-hard Robert fan, or I feel like his grandmother/Nana.
    He is going to take a lot of grief for his appearance on the PCA, but he is such a nice guy and devoted, talented actor.
    That is why I will always be in his corner and defend most every choice he makes. I will pick my battles, because I believe most of his choices are very good.
    After listening to several pre-award show interviews, hearing how these people spent hours and hours to get ready. Then to watch them pose, like they are God’s gift………….well it sometimes, rub’s me wrong.
    I know it just isn’t Rob’s scene.
    With him, “what you see is what you get.” I love his honesty. I was privilaged to be at “Breaking Dawn 1” LA premier and I watched him handle aggressive fans with patience and devotion. This is the part of his success that must just push him over the wall. I also thinks he works daily to blend in so that he can go to places like a normal person.
    So all this being said, if he looked too real and less plastic at the PCA…………… be it!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry! I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. I thought his speech was his best EVER! I was really impressed with how he carried and presented himself. I guess with the unusual appearance and the out of character composure, it just seemed like a whole new Rob.

      I hope for Rob and all the kids that they don’t try so hard to not be typecast as their characters that they end up losing themselves. And even though all this crazy fame stuff probably drives them crazy, I hope they enjoy the ride. You’re only young once.

  10. Shiena Swink says:

    I think he looked really good, even the hair. I read somewhere that Rob said after they got finished with the Twlight Saga movies he was going to shave his hair, he was tired of wearing it that long for all this time.

  11. CullenCoven says:

    HIS HAIR!!!! OH MY GOSH HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!! D: D’:

  12. alwaysedward says:

    He looks a little like Matthew Fox from LOST here!

  13. he looks great with the buzz cut and his clothes are for, Marc Jacobs. His speech was the best!

  14. Wow,lighten up people! It was ONLY the PCA’s…no need to get pretty for those,those that did were only there to “ham” it up. For a few this will be the only award show they get invited to. Or some won’t be invited even though they’re show won two awards,AHEM…SUPERNATURAL…not bitter or pissed!

    Anyways,Rob looked fine…casual,himself. His hair looks great! I am sure it is liberating for him.

    As for Ashley,she was very standoffish to him. Pretty sad.

  15. This video isn’t working for me. Weird, because I live in Ohio and can usually get MTV stuff…

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