Breaking Dawn DVD’s Available for Pre-Order

Wal-mart and Target may have jumped the gun a little if only for the fact that we don’t have an official press release and the Target ordering info seems to have come down, but this is what we know:

Walmart and Target will both have an exclusive DVD that has unique packaging. Wal-mart will have a wedding dress motif DVD with a specialty photo and Target’s will feature prop flowers from the wedding. Wal-mart’s wedding dress option will sell for $22.96, they will also have a generic version for $19.96.

Wal-mart is currently citing a 2/11 ship date which would concur with the info that Hypable had about a month ago that Summit was targeting a Valentine’s Day release tie-in. It’s an interesting move in that it will take the movie out of theaters a solid month earlier than usual. One the other hand, once you’ve made 270 million in the domestic market it’s hard to argue that it needs to be in theaters longer.

The High Def Digest is also citing a combo pack “Specs and supplements have yet to be revealed for the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, but suggested list price is $33.99.”

Check out the product comparisons on Hypable. They items seem pretty similar on the content side. It’s the packaging and bonus materials like photos and flowers where there seem to be substantial differences.


  1. At one of the larger movie theatres here in San Antonio there is only showing left and that is early in the morning. At another movie theatre chain they only have like 5 showings left. So I won’t be surprised by this at all!

  2. Christina says:
  3. agree with Melissa, sad no deleted or extended scenes mentioned. Saving for multi-disk set after BD2?

    • Me too, me too. ๐Ÿ™ Deleted/extended scenes should be obvious for a 2 disc special edition. Without them, there’s not much special about it. I keep telling myself that maybe, somehow they’re on there and they just haven’t been mentioned because they’re so obvious . . . but I don’t really believe it. ๐Ÿ™ They’re listed on all of the other movies’ cases.

      And all of this time they’ve been teasing us with screen caps of cut scenes in magazines and interviews with the director talking about how there should be a couple of deleted scenes on the DVD. And now we get . . . nothing. (Sniffle. It actually feels a bit like a slap in the face after all of that teasing.)

      I was kind of hoping that it would be like the New Moon DVD. If we didn’t get them on the main special edition, maybe one of the store-exclusive editions would have them, but it doesn’t look like it. The store exclusive editions aren’t all that special to me, just packaging. If that’s all there is in the way of “specials” on the special edition, I may go looking for a 1 disc version. (And believe me, I intentionally bought 2 different versions of New Moon just to get the deleted scenes AND the extended ones. Even that was better than this.)

      Everyone says maybe there will be an “ultimate” edition with both parts of BD that will have those extra scenes, but I don’t want to bet on that. I mean, 3 months ago, I would have bet that there’d be deleted/extended scenes on this one, and look how that turned out . . . ๐Ÿ™

      • Sandra Dennis says:

        I totally agree!! They took out the part that I thought was very funny where on their honeymoon Bella was eating so much food and Edward was teasing her about how much food she’s eating. They completely took this part out!! I’m sorry but when I read it and see it in theaters I expect to see it on dvd as well, Very dissipointed!!!!!!

  4. i called FYE and they confirmed the release date but said you can’t preorder online! i want to have it sent directly to me. which store does that?

  5. Well ours stop playing 3-4 weeks after it comes out. I believe any DVD should be out 2-3 months after it’s first showing. I also find it silly to make it year between movies. Already done taping. Put it out few months after first one. I hate tv shows that do this as well. If it’s taped and finished put together then put it out there. You still have same fan base

    • Mel_Australia says:

      I think the large gap between these two films has a lot to do with the VFX and post-production side of things, which typically takes even longer than the filming. BD Pt 1 had more green screen shots than Avatar, and Bill Condon has said in a previous interview that we can expect even more SFX in Pt 2.

  6. also you should be able to get same dvd every where. Like Target can only get in U.S. Well those of us that do not travel to U.S. are out of luck

  7. I’m debating whether to wait for the special edition of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2. I know there will be one, it’s the logical thing to do. Plus I don’t want to have multiples of the movies if in fact they do decide to do that. I think I’ll wait a little while.

  8. I don’t like Bella’s hair in that picture. I love the dress design for the box.

  9. Any word on when it’ll be released in the UK?

  10. Went into a F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) store on Sunday and they had a HUGE display for B.D.P.1, stating it was being released on February 11th. It had the summit logo on the display, and was similar to the ones Summit put out for Eclipse, New Moon and Twilight.

    Summit might not be putting out an official release date until we’re closer to February, or until after the movie has made it’s box office run.

  11. Christina says:

    If you preorder from Walmart you are entered into a drawing for a chance to go to part 2’s premiere!

  12. Really excited it’ll be out so early, but bummed about no deleted or extended scenes. It makes up for it a little that there will be the wedding video thing. I really feel like they are saving deleted/extended scenes for some special edition pt 1&2 thing they will put out and charge lots for, like some have suggested. I could try not to buy in Feb, but who am I fooling…there’s no way it will be out there and I won’t have it!!

  13. Amazon is offering pre-orders with a Feb 11 release date. They offer a 2 disc special edition dvd set for $27.99 ($3 off list price of $30.99) or 2 disc blue ray set for $23.99 ($10 off list price of $33.99). Prior to making the pre-order available and listing prices, they had a list of special features to be included. There were no deleted / extended scenes listed and the only commentary noted was with Bill Condon. It would be nice to have Stephanie, Kristen, and Rob – maybe even Taylor – or any combination of them. I really enjoyed the commentaries on Twilight and Eclipse. Maybe next time with BD part 2 – Rob and Kristen seem to have commentary on every other dvd released.

    • They were unable to do a commentary for BD part 1,mainly because they were working on other projects at the time. The one they did for Eclipse was great and hopefully they’ll get to record one for BD part 2.

  14. I’ve pre-ordered my blu ray and DVD double pack from in the UK. On HMV, Play and Amazon UK websites there is a UK release date of 12 March, which was announced online at the beginning of December. We don’t get any fancy packaging in the UK though which is a shame as these US ones look amazing ๐Ÿ™ If you order the blu ray/DVD double pack on you get some exclusive art cards (no idea what they look like yet though). That’s all we have in the UK at the minute. We do still have Breaking Dawn showing in the cinemas here though – we have 5 showings a day in the biggest cinema (Cineworld) in Sheffield. I would go and see it for a 4th time if I didn’t have a nasty cough!! I can’t wait for Part 2 and hope that it the movie picks up straight from the shot of Bella opening those red eyes. Bring on the first hunt!!!

  15. Jean Brown says:

    I was getting ready to Pre-Order on but then i looked at the cheap price and got worried. Seems i have reason to worry. NO DELETED SCENES! All i have been looking forward to is the deleted scenes. Especially the “leaked video”. Now it does not look like we are going to be getting any of those scenes. I dont want to hear no “commentary”. I want HOT honeymoon scenes. Dirty Scummit:(

  16. A bit of a shot in the dark, but I’ll post this here, since it does pertain to the DVD release.

    Does anyone out there have contact info for Summit? It obviously won’t change anything with this DVD, but I would like to write them and issue a complaint about there not being much “special” in the special edition – i.e. deleted scenes. (I remember being part of a couple letter writing campaigns “back in the day,” one successful, one not, and I’d like to have the chance to make my voice heard.) As I said, it’s obviously not going to change anything here, but I’d like to let them know that at least someone wasn’t happy before they try to do the same thing for Part 2’s DVD . . .

  17. Well I have to say a release that I was really looking forward to these people that put together these DVDs, blurays for release really messed up on this one, though I’m sure it was intentional. “Lets see how many people we can get running to the store on Feb 11th for this single disc copy with probably little to no extra features at approx. $22.99+ tax” “then say in a months time or so we’ll bring out the copy that we should have initially being a, bluray/dvd combo with tons of extra bonus material that no one will be able to resist so we can make double the amount on this current dvd/ bluray release”. Well not from me I think for now I’ll stick to rental till they put out the intended copy, and not just rushing a release so they can make pre Valentines Day sales on it. It’s funny they want people to buy movies though these idiotic moves they make it’s no wonder people look to pirated copies. Don’t rip us off and we won’t rip you off, plain and simple don’t you think!!??? Just my 2 cents sorry for my bit of a rant it’s just frusterating to see what there doing without even being said.

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