Next Movie’s Most Anticipated Movie of 2012

It’s a neck-in-neck battle between Breaking Dawn and the Hunger Games over on Next Movie for the most anticipated movie of 2012. Go over and vote for your favorite! Poll closes on the 26th.


  1. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    I voted for “The Hobbit”… and I’ve been waiting for it ever since Lord of the Rings trilogy came to a close in 2003. High production values… Peter Jackson directing… epic story based upon one of the greatest books in history… 😀

    I’m really surprised that it hasn’t ranked higher, but alas… My next vote would go to the “Hunger Games.” I can’t wait for that one either. 🙂

  2. Uh, the voting for this already closed a couple days ago; Hunger Games won.

  3. There are other categories with Twilight as a choice.

  4. Voted for BD 2.

    Vamp fans should be aware that 2012 will see the releases of Underworld: Awakening, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Dark Shadows, Vamps, and Moth Diaries.

  5. Totally mistook this for the MTV poll for Most Anticipated Movie. Then, I realized it was a different poll; my vote went to THG.

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