Melissa Rosenberg Highest Grossing Female Screenwriter

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Melissa Rosenberg has passed a movie industry milestone:

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg got an extra gift this holiday season. With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 continuing its blockbuster run in theaters around the world — $647.3 million in grosses and counting — Rosenberg has become the highest-grossing female screenwriter in Hollywood, with more than $2.56 billion in worldwide revenue.

In the last two weeks, the total grosses for movies Rosenberg has written surpassed those of Linda Woolverton, whose 20-year career had its biggest hit in 2010 with the Tim Burton-directed Alice in Wonderland adaptation.

Despite the successes of Rosenberg and Linda Woolverton, article goes on to talk about the disparity between male and female writers in Hollywood, and that at best baby strides are being made. See the rest on THR.


  1. @Kristin Huiber

    It wasn’t “directorial error”. MR refused to collaborate with Stephenie Meyer. She had admitted this in an interview, and finally the idiot woman realizes that it was a mistake. It was all ego…and nothing else. She didn’t want to give any control of the script over to anyone else…even the story’s creator! I’ll never forgive her for that.

    • AMEN to that, I agree, I have tried to like her stuff, but can’t. She also changed personalities to suit herself, particularly Bella’s. One imparticular I really hate is in the meadow when Edward says, ‘So, you aren’t changing for me?” Of course the girl is and was, Melissa was so into wanting Bella to be independant of a man, she admitted it in a interview, that she changed the fact that this was ALL about Bella loving this man. I freaked more than once at her creative license….

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