Video: The Chaos of the Red Carpet – Nikki, Taylor, and Rob

We get asked all the time what it’s like running interviews on the red carpet at the premier.  This video is a combination of several sites trying to get interviews with Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson.  You can hear us trying to get in multiple questions and it just doesn’t happen!


  1. Crazy! Honestly, you deserve better.

    For BD#2, maybe we can start a petition/poll to get only the fan sites in a press room with the main cast, for interviews- you know the actors would like it as a welcome relief from the repetitious popular media (which they’d also have to do).

  2. Hey guys… that was kinda rough. I actually was there and I was going to say Hi and that I loved your blog but it WAS SOOOO HECTIC. I was Volvo’s contest winner and had attended the BD premiere in LA as well. I had such a great time. I had gotten 27 autographs on the “Red Carpet” but I didn’t get to meet Rob 🙁 I was five feet from my dream that was shattered when the guard told me to move as Rob was making his way towards me. Another guard, the plumped one in this video..actually told me he was going to kick me out if I didn’t go back to where I was suppose to be. It was rough…meeting Rob is my only dream. I debated even putting my autograph book on Ebay. ITEM: 27 autographs on the black carpet of BD in LA PRICE: A meet and greet with Robert Pattinson lol

    His agent also kept saying o ya he’ll be right there…when in fact..that’s what she had said to everyone…n and didn’t come to me 🙁

    anywho….I keep trying to see in any interviews if I am in them….since I was standing right in front of you at times lol..I was wears a white, navy and black ruffled dress. It was haltered with a row of roses over the left shoulder. If you notice me in any of them would you send me an email so I can see 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂

  3. hi brandy < i think you shd post ur story on Rob fan sites, they alrdy help a fan find a photo with Rob during a fan event. Like Thinking Of Rob , Robessesed etc

  4. Kessehu James says:

    I would love a press room release with only the fan sites because the typically media stations ask the same questions all the time. Fans already know all the answers and have seen all interviews. I want to hear new questions people wouldn’t normally ask.

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