The Best of Stephenie Meyer: Fansite Interviews: Simply the Best!

The fansites always have the best questions! Check out what we all asked Stephenie Meyer on the Breaking Dawn Premiere Carpet here in one post!


  1. I have to say, I agree with that question about her web site…. the only juicy news it gives is when something is coming out, I know her brother Seth is running it but it is the Official Site, I would love some personal tidbits like…Had Thanksgiving this weekend at mom’s, ask Stephenie over green beans when to expect the second book of the Host, she just smiled and said, Not Telling…. I mean, something personal…All he gives is updates on releases at book stores etc. and not very many of that kind of thing. Its never updated since Stephenie let him take over. Maybe its time to turn it over to a BFF who has the details and doesn’t mind sharing. Women seem to know what women want. Someone who would do a weekly chat with her, or quote of the week. Its in serious need of a overhaul., I have nearly stopped checking it since its always the same. I get wayyyyyyyy more info from the Lexi (thank you, I would be in withdrawals without your daily fix) lol literally…not kidding…:)

  2. I agree it’s defintely time for her webiste to be updated, both style and information wise. The last thing that was added was about the companion book..

  3. I agree with everyone. It’s sad but our favorite author seems to live in a bubble where you don’t even need to say thank you to the fans. Big name authors from JK Rowling to James Patterson do it all the time, but not Stephenie. I guess she’s made a lot of money and just doesn’t care what people think of what her public image is, or she oblivious that she has helped to create a poor image. Sorry Steph, but handing out signed books to tent city as your only connection to fans in three years, really? Who in the world gives her PR advice? Are they all yes men, incompetent, or does she just not listen?

    She doesn’t mention the Twilight Graphic novel part 2 that came out two months ago. Seriously, other authors mention their books. Let’s say that one more time together…OTHER AUTHORS MENTION THEY HAVE A NEW BOOK OUT! How telling is that, that she doesn’t care that she released a book! That she can’t take time to mention it.

    She’s a producer on on of the biggest movies of the year, a cultural phenomena and there is nothing reflecting it on her website. No thank you to fans for supporting it, to actors for doing a great job, to Bill Condon for directing nothing!

    There’s even no mention of her work with Shannon Hale ( who is lovely in person, on her blog, and on Twitter…maybe Shannon can tell her BFF Stephenie to get it together!) Stephenie’s now a producer, a professional in the industry with her own production company. Maybe she should start acting like one by hiring professional PR people who actually know what they are doing and have a professional and not her brother the dentist do her website. I’m really going to feel horribly bad for Shannon Hale if Austenland flops because Stephenie had all the chances in the world to use her website for PR of her upcoming projects and didn’t do it.

  4. german fan says

    Thank you very much for your critical comments. I am also a little bit upset about Mrs Meyer behaviour but up to now I didn’t dare to say something. Okay, she wants to keep her private affairs. No problem, I don’t want to know things like that. But …. she really could be more open concerning her new projects and !most important! more grateful to her fans for their support. One small example: german fans wrote the worldwide longest fan letter and she didn’t even say one word about it, no thanks, nothing. That is pitiful.
    I really love the twilight saga, but that’s all.

  5. Thanks for posting all these videos into one place. I heart Stephenie!!!

  6. Man, she looks fantastic.

  7. I’m just going to have a short old person moment:

    Back in the day, before the internet, authors wrote books and people read them. Authors didn’t have to do anything more than that. If we liked their book, we’d buy the next one. That was how we showed our appreciation. There wasn’t the kind of relationship that exists now, with fans that want more back from the author than just the books that they’ve paid for. I think it must be very frustrating for authors who just want to write and live privately, to have all these people judging them for not giving more. SM’s time is her own. If she doesn’t want to use her site as a blog, that’s her business. I’m not paying a subscription for the site. If she doesn’t want her brother telling us what she did for Thanksgiving, I think that’s her right as well. It’s nice that we have all these other sites to feed our craving, but that’s not really a necessary part of the reading experience, as those of us who were born in the dark ages know. I guess I should add: get off my lawn!

    Old person moment over.

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

      Well said!! And that’s not an “old person moment”. We don’t need to start giving ages, but I’m 33 and I feel the same way. Stephenie still tries to be a “stay at home” mom to her three sons. She’s made “no bones” about them being her priority. She’s never delved into her private life. And quite frankly, she shouldn’t. She’s not naive–and we all know there are some “crazies” out there.

      And, she is VERY grateful for what Twilight and the fans have given her, but that doesn’t mean she needs to say it every 3 minutes. She is the one being generous with us. She didn’t have to share any of her stories or any of her time, and she did with grace and class. I also happen to know that SHE was the one who insisted on giving the books to those camping out, and stopped to take pictures with the fans, even though the Summit PR people with her didn’t want her doing that.

      The books are what drawn us in and keep us here. Having tidbits of Stephenie’s thinking through interviews and other things is just icing on the cake.

    • I agree that the author is entitled to a private life and need not be at the beck and call of millions of strangers. I don’t agree that– since in the “old days” even popular writers scribbled in relative obscurity– that fans shouldn’t expect a little PR from their favorite author once in a while. In the old days, writers did not become billionaires. Their books did not spawn movies, dolls, candy bars, etc. SM had the amazing luck to have her first novel lead to a cultural phenomenon. All this fan is asking for is that her “official website” be updated more than once every 10 months. I had to keep searching and searching to find out that Vol 2 of the graphic novel came out. It makes no sense. How hard is it to provide a once sentence release date? I hardly think that would be stomping on her privacy!

  8. brenda hickey says

    I agree with both sides…but for goodness sakes…please update the website if you have one!! I went to find out about the Host movie. there is nothing.

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