Fan Checks Out Bella’s Wedding Dress

The person behind the Twilighter’s dream website and Facebook decided to go to Alfred Angelo and check out Bella’s wedding dress. We’re glad she did because we really wanted to know what the dress looked like on someone who is not a professional model!

My best friend Gaby went with me to Alfred Angelo and we had so much fun. The store only had ONE DRESS and it was the dress that was on the mannequin so they had to take it off. HAHA It is also a Size 10 so it was a little big. Regardless I got to try it on and take pictures and that is all I cared about! 🙂

I really wanted to blog about the whole experience and post the pictures at the same time but I am just TOOOO excited and want to share all the pictures with you. I will still write a blog our twi-adventure because it’s a funny story. I totally will but for now I am just posting the pictures.

Check out her blog here and more pictures here


  1. The dress is gorgeous, but I’d feel like I’m wearing lingerie to walk down the aisle because of how thin the silk/satin is…

  2. I don’t like the dress at all. If you are a C cup and up you can’t wear that dress. You need some type of bra. You can’t have any tummy in it. It was made for Kristen, that dress can only be worn by a certain body type. Kristen looked great in it but I just don’t like the dress. It may be very expensive but there’s nothing to it. It’s just like Carolyn Bissette Kennedy’s wedding dress. Her’s was CK and cost over 20K and it was just a slip basically.

  3. As a former bridal consultant I can honestly say there is NOTHING more frustrating than girls coming in to play. It’s the consultant’s job to sell gowns. If you’re not going to buy the dress don’t try it on. Paychecks are made by sales. Fun trips with you BFF don’t pay these ladies electric bills. Go. Look at the dress. Leave. Please don’t waste their time when they could be with a client that’s actually going to buy something.

    • Even though I am not a bridal consultant, I agree with you 100%! There is absolutely nothing more ridicilous than going into a bridal store trying on a dress you have no intention to buy just to say that you have worn it? Come on all you women out there, Get a Life!

    • You said it right! *HI5*

    • MyAfterCar says:

      I’m in sales too, but I disagree, that’s just part of the job. You know going in that some things you do will earn you money and some won’t. Goes with the territory! Let these girls have fun.

      • I agree. It is part of the job. Word of mouth is the best advertising you guys are going to get, so if you are mean about someone coming in to try on a dress you can guarantee that the “girl” is going to tell 20 people how rude you are. Then what sales do you have?

      • BeccanRichard05 says:

        I agree with both of you 110% MyAfterCar and Mumu!! I know that sometimes it may be frustrating for a bunch of girls to come in and just try on dresses and not buy anything but THEY ARE JUST HAVING FUN!! I also agree with Mumu 110% about that being part of the territory, if you don’t like it go and get a different job is how I see it!!

    • Because you ALWAYS buy EVERYTHING you try on?!?! I get your point but I don’t think these girls were doing any harm. What? Did 100 other girls come in and do the same thing and waste your WHOLE day??? Get over it or get a different job. I work in customer service and let me say: your attitude sucks.

    • I agree and understand what you are saying that it is annoying or frustrating for people to come in and play to try on the dress with no intention of buying. However I work in sales myself and part of a sales associates job is to sell. The girls in this particular bridal salon did not seem interested in selling at all. There was no one in the store and the associates were sitting down talking on the couches when we went in. I did not go in with my best friend just to “play”. Yes, I am married but have always wanted to have a wedding again because I had so much fun planning my own. Next year is a milestone anniversary for us and I would love it if we renewed our wedding vows. I brought in my wedding shoes with me and told the associates that I wanted to renew my vows next year and wear a new dress not my wedding dress. I even told them that I was a fan and was interested in trying on that particular dress and if they minded if I took pictures as well. I asked questions about how long it takes to order, getting measured for sizes and everything. I wasn’t just a fan playing and they didn’t seem interested in being helpful or try to make a sale. They also said that I was the first person to try the dress on and that a lot of people have come in to take pictures. Besides even if others just wanted to try the dress on for fun what’s the harm in it. The dress is for made and marketed for Twilighters. I don’t see any random Bride choosing this dress for her wedding.

    • good thing thats your former job. I hope your out of sales.

      • BeccanRichard05 says:

        LOL…. I so agree with you on that! There is no sense in having an attitude like that if you are working in sales or with ANY of the public!

    • I’m not a bridal consultant, but I would assume most women try on dozens of dresses at several shops before finally deciding on their dream dress, and thus this probably happens a lot and should be expected. Also, with all the hype over Bella’s wedding dress I think in this case everyone is expecting LOTS of women to be coming in just for fun! Who wouldn’t want to try on her gorgeous dress? 🙂

    • MariposaAlice says:

      I agree with you, unlike everyone who says they are in ‘sales.’ It’s different being in bridals sales, because you have to cater to the ‘bride’ and to everyone whom she brings in to watch her try on the dresses. If it’s a busy bridal store, and a whole group of girls come in, and play dress up, with NO INTENTION of buying a single dress, I can see how it can be super frustrating to someone who lives sale to sale, and yet still has to put on their best smile for that group.

  4. Danielle Avent says:

    You need to be a certain height and weight to pull that dress off. It’s not for everybody.

  5. It’s such a beautiful dress. Looking at these pictures you can definitely tell Kristen’s was tailored to her body: more fitted sleeves & bodice, etc. I’m a tad jealous. I wouldn’t even look this good in it. (o=

  6. After reading this post I wanted to try Bella’s dress on too. The lady at the store was really nice and even took pictures of me. The dress is beautiful and somehow made me look tall and skinny.

  7. Wait… so she made the staff take a dress off a display model just to try it on to say that she did? Is she in the market for a bridal gown? This, I’m sorry, but this is another example of why the fan base gets the flack it does. I honestly didn’t think fans would go to this level. Not only did she not buy the dress, but she made the staff take unnecessary time to handle the dress just for a picture op. The more that garment is handled and played with, the dirtier it will get and less likely it could be sold. I know that everyone is a twitter over the dress in the movie, so on and so forth, but the pictures of the “real” dress do the design absolutely no justice. It looks cheap, like a Halloween costume. The fabric is so sheer you can see the fabric left to hold the seams together, and the seams are all over the place. Who cuts a long sleeve half-way down? I wouldn’t be surprised if the most expensive thing of the dress is the lace and the buttons the length of the train, and I’m willing to bet the sheer netting is scratchy and possibly uncomfortable on the skin.

  8. BeccanRichard05 says:

    I think that you look B-E-A-UTIFUL in the dress!!! Alot of girls are going to be absolutely jealous cause they want to try it on also LOL! Good for you and don’t listen to any of these mean comments, people are just so miserable in their own existence that they have to knock someone else down to make theirselves feel better! You go girl!! 😀

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