Doing Twilight Cyber Shopping: Check Out CafePress

The folks over at Cafepress sent over this announcement:

Third time is even more of a charm for the Twilight Saga, as “Breaking Dawn” has scored the fifth most successful box office opening in history as moviegoers flocked to the cinemas to the tune of over $139 million dollars in ticket sales on opening weekend.

It seems as if the wedding theme has resonated with dedicated Twi-hards, some of whom dressed up in bridal attire to attend the film! (Designer Alfred Angelo even made a replica of Kristen Stewart’s wedding dress).

Fans are embracing their “invitation” to the wedding, and purchasing and designing their own wedding souvenirs via the Twilight portal at CafePress, the world’s customization engine.

Fans who want to commemorate their attendance at the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen can choose from some of these items:

More “Breaking Dawn” fan merchandise, visit the CafePress Twilight portal.

And in a bit of shameless self promotion, we’d love it if you helped to support the Twilight Lexicon by buying something from our own Lexicon CafePress shop! The graphics above are our top sellers!


  1. I love the “Real Vampires Sparkle” saying. Take that Anne Rice & Stephen King (I am a Stephen King books fan, but he really ticked me off when he dissed Stephenie. What a hypocrite!)! It cracks me up how worked up people get over right or wrong vampire mythology. MYTHOLOGY, people! (o=

    • I think what bothers him and Anne Rice,is that how did Stephenie Meyer become a rock star seemingly overnight and it took them years to get published. It is mythology and any author can add to it,so the reader can look at it from different perspectives. No one had dared challenged the vampire “authorities” like Rice before,so when Meyer’s series came out,she broke the rules so to speak. I like it that she looked at the mythology from the angle of why so many vampire myths didn’t make sense,such as burning in the sunlight. I love the series because it’s a good character drama and it’s about protecting your loved ones. I guess to cynics like King,that shouldn’t apply to vampires.

  2. I just hopped on over there and saw a shirt that said “Team Edward–except when Jacob is shirtless”. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Everytime a new twilight movie comes out I order a tshirt or hoodie form cafe press. Love them, For breaking dawn I ordered a hoodie that says – I want to be a cullen. Love it.

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