The Twilight Lexicon Interviews Stephenie Meyer on the Breaking Dawn Premiere Carpet

Check out what Stephenie Meyer has to say about being producer and the soundtrack bands!


  1. this is great!! I love the songs especially perfectly placed

  2. Always wonderful to hear from Stephenie. What is up with her web site?! And is she looking thinner these days?

  3. Fiona Cullen says

    Brilliant Interview! You know the scene in Breaking Dawn when Edward and Bella are driving away from the Wedding? I really wanted to know the song for that part but I don’t think it was on the Soundtrack! I watched Breaking Dawn for the fourth time yesterday and listened to the soundtrack straight after and it wasn’t on there? 🙁 Does anyone have any idea what that song was?

  4. Stephenie looks gorgeous. Her hair looks great!

  5. I agree with James. She always looks like she has lost some weight, which is great. I’m glad she’s taking take of herself!

    But do we know why Muse wasn’t included on the soundtrack for this movie???