Breaking Dawn Exceeds 500 Million in Global Box Office in 12 Days

According to Gossip Cop:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 has passed the $500 million mark.

The film grossed $508 million in global box office in only 12 days since the film’s release on November 18, 2011.

Summit Entertainment’s Co-Chairmen Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger stated: We couldn’t be more pleased with the success of this film and a franchise that the fans have continued to support over the past several years. Thank you to all involved with the films from the actors, filmmakers and Stephenie Meyer to the most important group of all, the global fan base that continues to drive a desire for more Edward, Jacob and Bella.”

What’s interesting is if you compare the day-by-day totals of Breaking Dawn to those of New Moon and Eclipse, Breaking Dawn is slightly behind New Moon but ahead of Eclipse/ New Moon was a heavy front seller while Eclipse was more even throughout. Keep in mind with Eclipse there were also IMAX sales that commanded a higher price.

So all that being said, it’s anyone’s guess where Breaking Dawn will land in franchise history when it ends its box office run


  1. Considering a lot of fans are saying it’s their favorite (me included) I wouldn’t be surprised if it earns the most at the box office. But then again we have to wait & see if fans love BD2 as much and what that could earn.

    • It’d be cool if in BD 2, Radiohead did a proper cover of ‘tolerate this’, maybe for the scene where Irina see’s them – it’s kinda reviving the victoria atmos, as it’d relate to the ‘hearing damage’ theme – it’d be great to hear that, building stronger when they try and chase her, and reaching peak when they realise that she’s gone, and it’s a new problem.

      And I’d love the ending song for the movie be ‘strange and beautiful’, as it would be perfect for B&E, and kinda ironic, as Edward has kinda been perceived as how he attracted Bella, but that scene contradicts that more than others.

      • or maybe during the christmas scene/ preparing for the battle, would be better for ‘tolerate this’, as a nostalgic family moment.

  2. Foreverinyourheart says


  3. I went to Breaking Dawn Part 1 for 7 times!! And I will go again, while you can watch your favorite movie on the big screen! And friends campaigning. I just dream that BD1 has collected the biggest box-office and entered the history of pop forever.

  4. i was wondering why didn’t Edward shimmer and sparkle in the sun when he was in asme island did you guys notice that??????????????????????????

  5. Well, dang, guess I’ll be taking back that $800 million prediction I made a few weeks back f it continues to earn like this.

  6. Was this a hint of more to come — beyond BD2?

    “…the global fan base that continues to drive a desire for more Edward, Jacob and Bella.”

  7. Fiona Cullen says

    I have seen it four times so far. Going for my fifth time tomorrow! Breaking Dawn is my favourite movie of the series. It is incredible. So true to the book.

  8. Congradulations to the cast and crew of Breaking Dawn. It’s an awesome film and I’m going tomorrow to see it for the fifth time! So happy for the film’s success and Bill Condon was the best choice to direct this film. This adapatation followed the book moreso than the previous films,despite a few things that had to be cut out. I guess I didn’t catch that Edward did sparkle in the sunlight,when they’re at the waterfall. Thanks you guys for having a good eye and catching that. I’ll look for that tomorrow while I watch the film.

  9. I’ve seen it 5 times. Love this movie.

  10. LOL! So I guess this is how Twi-hards say “hello” and “goodbye” to all the “GUESTS” who stopped by to say “we shouldn’t see this”, “rotten tomatoes says that”, etc….—to all those people–I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY NOW. L.O.L.

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