Lionsgate and Summit to Merge?

Hypable is reporting the following:

Bloomberg is reporting that two movie studios well known to our readers – Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate – are in talks to merge.

Though it wouldn’t cause much that typical moviegoers would notice, it’d certainly be beneficial for Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games franchise given Summit has experience from turning Twilight into a major financial success.

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We’ll have to see how this one goes down. If it does go through it’s sure going to make life interesting around here!


  1. Joshua L. Roberts says

    In reality by combining companies it would turn Lionsgate and Summit into a top tier studio, giving them more money and more output potential. This will aid them in moving from a “independent” styled studio, to a studio along the lines of Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros… more power… better funded pictures.

  2. Well, if it’s true, then maybe Summit can produce and distribute movies that don’t slip under the radar. I’ve seen some of the other movies (as in they have nothing to do with Twilight or its cast) they’ve released on tv and thought they were pretty decent, but the marketing just sucked for them.

  3. Lionsgate wants to have access to money that Summit is winning now, then they can spend more on ‘The Hunger Games’.
    So will be only about this serie of Lionsgate. this will be beneficial for Lionsgate.

  4. Hey, wake up guys! If happen the merger, the two studios will be producing the serie, (who wants to be better than our beloved series). I’m NOT excited for that ‘The Hunger Games’ Serie.


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