Kellan Lutz on Being Honest About Acting and Learning From Each Director

This is a really different side of Kellan Lutz.


  1. I love how honest he was in this interview. I know we love the whole cast and we will continue to support them, but sometimes it does seem like fans are so passionate that they are not objective. Some of the cast are amazing actors and some still lack the range necessary to be considered a good actor in the industry. Kellan seems to understand that and it is refreshing. Now, to the defense of those that I do not consider good actors in the films, the films are very limiting. The writing can be cheesy, the characters sometimes lack depth and we definitely cannot blame the actors for that. At the same time, I feel like some of the actors have more experience and talent than others. I want them all to do well though.

    • Chela Madison says:

      I agree. It will be interesting to see, once Twilight is really over (i.e. 5, 6, 7 years after the last movie comes out), where all of the actors end up.

  2. Kellan comes across in this interview as very intelligent and humble. I love it when an actor can actually speak well outside of a script or teleprompter. The mere fact that he correctly uses words such as “complacent” speaks volumes to his IQ. I hope for great things for him the least of which is to find a girlfriend who is as smart as he is.


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