Breaking Dawn DVD Cover and Some Details Revealed

It’s still really early to be talking DVD, and these things and definitely change (remember Chris Weitz wanting to do DVD commentary with Rob and Kristen and their shooting schedules on other films not working out the way they planned). The DVD has no release date scheduled as of yet. If Summit follows the previous November released Twilight Saga movies pattern, the DVD would appear in mid March. Keep in mind this is just speculation on our part.

Here’s what Movie Web scooped out.

Special Features:

6-part Documentary (viewable in both standard and PIP modes)
Bella & Edward’s Personal Wedding Video
Becoming Jacob
Jump to…(character specific favorite scenes)
Audio Commentary with Bill Condon

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  1. i hope they do a commentary with rob and kristen! they’re always so funny

  2. Commentary should have the three on it.

  3. Commentary should have all three of them on it. As well dvd needs trailer of BD2 on it

    • ^^This

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Yes yes, 3 commentators including Rob, Kris, and Bill or Taylor. I love Rob and Kris’s Eclipse commentary, but the 3-person Twilight commentary was even better. 3 commentators make for a better balance. Besides, let’s imagine and contrast Rob and Kris commenting on the honeymoon … quiet … and Rob, Kris, and anyone commenting on the honeymoon … major teasing.

  4. *gasp* I kinda like this cover considering I hated the cover for the soundtrack.

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Favorite cover of anything movie-related so far … all because they included that wedding scene. Yay!

      • That’s exactly why I like it. I actually feared that someone at Summit would decide to put the wolf pack somewhere on the cover and not focus it back on Edward and Bella (and I’m going to stop now before I go off on a long tangent)

        My favorite will always be the first one, but this is tied with the NM DVD cover with the crowd of people with red cloaks on.

  5. I want the Directors Cut and all the deleted scenes. I want to see the “R” version especially the “Leaked Video”.

  6. “Bella & Edward’s Personal Wedding Video?!” Cool! 😀
    I LOVE the cover! So pretty! I hope they include so much deleted/extended scenes it’s not even funny! 😛 Also commentary from Kristen, Rob, and maybe Taylor.
    The commentary always has me cracking up laughing!:)

  7. Commentary with Rob and Kristen! They were hilarious on the twilight and eclipse one! I wantd deleted scenes and extended scenes 🙂 xxx Love the cover it’s gorgeous 🙂 xxxxx <3

  8. What I’ve really missed on every single DVD is a blooper reel.

  9. Chela Madison says:

    I think it’s smart to have Bill do the commentary. I mean they could have Taylor on there or Rob and Kristen, but I think it’d be a smart decision to leave a commentary with the trio (Tay, Rob, Kris) for the last movie. I think that would be a sweet touch!

  10. Victoria Cullen Chmiel says:

    we need the deleted scenes

  11. I’m sure there’ll be more than that on the DVD. I mean, the movie’s only been out for a week. The fact that we ALREADY have a possible cover and extras is kind of crazy. (A good kind of crazy.) I kind of agree with what other people have said, though – we’ve heard from Rob and Kristen – I’m kind of curious to hear something from Taylor, too.

  12. Vampire-girl says:

    I would love a director’s cut but they don’t seem to do these so that the deleted scenes are actually within the movie, it’s a bit different seeing a 30 second deleted scene to where it would have fitted within the movie and altered the overal effect and pacing of it, also an option for them without.
    The only director’s cut I’ve seen is blade runner though. that was my boyfriend’s though.


    Come on Summit I need more extras!!

    Deleted scenes, “R” rated versions, extra extra extra!!

  14. SilverTongueDevil says:

    Please, for the love of all that is Holy, include a rated R version!!! You know…….something for the mom’s and older fans ; )

  15. I am going to be so bummed if Rob & Kristen don’t do a commentary! They always are so funny to listen to.

    If that is the cover I love it! Since it’s so early I hope these aren’t the only extras because there needs to be deleted & extended scenes! I’ve always hoped they would do a director’s cut but if not at least add the extra scenes to the dvd.

  16. I want a director’s uncut edition aka unrated!!!

  17. My guess is that Summit has held out a lot of extra stuff on us (for all the movies) in anticipation of a collectors boxed set after BD2 is released on DVD.

    • I agree. I remember Chris Weitz talking about all of the scenes that got deleted from New Moon, and a lot of the things her mentioned didn’t make it to the DVD. I remember someone asking him why they weren’t there and he said that he had a feeling that they were holding on to those for “a later release.”

  18. Twilight Nymph says:

    Unrated version, and where’s the deleted scenes and a blooper reel would be great.

  19. I hope the put out an unrated /unrated version! ha!

  20. Summit better let them release deleted/extended scenes. Everyone is so caught up in the K&R commentary, and are less concentrating on the fact that these extras suck. I mean, its like they’re barely releasing anything. -_-

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