The Black Friday Twilight Fan Buying Guide:What to Get the Twilight Fan

There are a million Twilight products out there. This time of year we get hit with lots of emails from parents, husbands, boyfriends all wanting to know what Twilight related gift can they get their resident TwiHard. So here are our recommendations.

Having trouble remembering whose vampire power is whose? Need to keep everyone straight in Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie? There are a whole lot of more vampires coming! Find out all of their backstories and the backstories on Alice, Aro, and more. For example, did you know that Victoria and the Denali sister share a connection? Find out more in the Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide.

Bella’s purple comforter. Currently ON SALE at Target with free shipping!!


Bella’s engagement ring, and bracelet that are good quality GUARANTEED. Back BEFORE there were Twilight movies, Infinite Jewelry made the very first Bella’s bracelets and engagement rings. The bracelets feature a custom made wolf to Stephenie Meyer’s exact specifications(made with a bronze wood look for durability), and a wedding ring that you can even get with genuine gold and/or real diamonds if you want. Check them out at Infinite Jewelry.

High quality 8X10 glossy studio shots from Creation Entertainment and signed merchandise from Creation Entertainment. As the official Twilight convention, Creation Entertainment has access to footage not always obtainable elsewhere for high quality stills. They also have some exclusive mugs and tee shirts not featured any place else! Check out their entire Twilight shop here.

Want to create the meal from Bella and Edward’s first date? How about mushroom ravioli shipped direct from the actual restaurant where the date occurred. The date might be fictitious, but the restaurant is very very real. Order online here.


  1. I got the bed set a few years ago and I love it! 🙂 it’s so pretty!

    • I know! I have had this bed set since the first twilight movie came out and I was super lucky and found it in the store! It was my Christmas present that year and I am still using it at college!

  2. I would give up my left foot for Bella’s comforter.

  3. Neil Fowler says

    All Take a real life Alice please.

  4. Those are all cool ideas; my sister got me a Team Edward makeup bag for my birthday that was just beautiful. I’d also suggest movies that are like Twilight, such as 1313 Wicked Stepbrother and Blood and Chocolate.

  5. I’m now trying to convince my husband to order the Mushroom Ravioli! It has always sounded so delicious!


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