Robert Pattinson: I’d Only Win in a Fight If I Sat on Taylor

In the first video (sorry we can’t embed it) Robert Pattinson talks his very nonathletic self could beat Taylor and the worst part of trying for six-pack abs. Taylor responded to the thought of being sat on here.

In the second video (10 minutes long which is UNHEARD OF) rob dishes his dream wedding and more.


What do you think of Rob’s signature humor here?


  1. Love me some RPattz…but for the love of all that’s holy, someone please convince him to stop saing “I mean…” 500 times each and every interview.

  2. CullenCoven says

    I love Rob. He’s awsome.

  3. If he hates every script that he reads, and hates the movies that have been coming out recently, then he’s in the wrong profession. LOL!

    • I guess he actually means he doesn’t like them instead of the bigger sentiment. Though what i also think he means is that he kind of has higher expectations for the ones he will actually choose (or be convinced by someone else to choose…)

      AND mostly I bet he would wish he’d just shut up cause it’s very often a foot-in-mouth kind of situation… :)))

  4. DawnsABreaking says

    So I ran accross this yesterday its pretty hilarious so i thought I should share. A twilight fans worst nightmare ; two guys discussing twilight: breaking dawn part 1

  5. smitten_by_twilight says

    Ah, a man who is as easy to listen to as to look at ….

    BTW, I think the entirety of the first video is clipped from the second. If you just watch the second you won’t be missing much, if anything.