Robert Pattinson Heaps Praise on Bill Condon For Staying Calm

It’s never easy being the fourth guy to entire a franchise. It’s even less easy when everything that can go wrong does go wrong on the first week of filming. Robert Pattinson talks about his level of respect for Bill Condon in the face of adversity. The funny part is that Rob leaves out the fact that they were trapped on the Isle Esme set an extra day w/ no electricity and no way off when a storm kicked up.

“It’s very easy to become cynical about stuff, especially where you are doing five movies in the series,” Pattinson said. “It’s a very sentimental story in a lot of ways, and I’m an incredibly cynical person. Bill would always have a great explanation for why it’s not ridiculous and it’s not corny. It was great to have someone on set who could convince me of those things.”

Pattinson said that from the beginning, the shoot was a challenge. The six-month filming schedule for both parts of “Breaking Dawn” kicked off in Brazil, where Pattinson said “everything went wrong.”

“Just the fact that he didn’t get overwhelmed within two seconds was a big deal,” Pattinson said of Condon. “We were in Rio [de Janeiro] for one day. Two cameras broke down, a crane broke down and everything was crazy. There was no crowd control, and he stayed perfectly calm. Bill was really thrown in the deep end, and we came up with really nice stuff. It was really pretty and nice.”

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  1. I hope those with better connections can communicate to Bill and the actors that, while critical reviews may be mixed, the fans themselves are more than pleased and LOVED the movie!

    • Amen, sister!

    • I’m a huge fan, but didn’t like this movie at all…
      It looks like something that was put together in 3 days. Not to mention the special effects… all of them looked sooo artificial… (especially where they jumped off the waterfall, and the voice of the wolves was just ridiculous…)

      • I’m with you on the wolf talking, couldn’t understand much of the convo.. but IDK how they would have pulled it off since the wolves are communicating their thoughts, not speaking with their mouths. Other than that one part, I enjoyed this movie much more than the others.
        If you’re looking for the special effects, you miss out on the movie if you pick it apart.

        • You weren’t supposed to understand the convo. That went right over EVERYONE’S head apparently. It was supposed to represent a confusing babble of voices.

          Think of a bunch of people in a room together, and something outrageous happens. Everyone starts talking at once, and thinking at once, and then imagine you’re able to hear all of that inside your head. Do you really think the convos are going to be in logical order? That everyone is going to think their thoughts separately so that they can be understood by anyone “hearing” them?? NO! They’re upset and they’re talking all at once.

          • Brandirose says:

            I agree, a lot of people seem unhappy with the wolf telepathy scene, but it is actually quite close to what I imagined when I read the book: a cacophony of unfiltered thoughts and emotions all converging at once with an echo-like double timbre of the alpha (which Jacob takes on during his proclamation that he is the grandson of a chief and becomes his own Alpha.) I thought the intense expressions and feral growls of the wolves served to remind us that they are WOLVES,animals, not fully human with normal human responses when they are phased. They are instinctively aggressive and protective of their pack and slightly unhinged at the threat they perceive. At the midnight viewing I was at (mostly adults, with about 10-15 teenagers) no one snickered or groaned during that scene, and I heard a murmur through the audience after that scene with a lot of “wow”s and “that was intense” and one GUY whispered “THAT was cool.” The wolves can’t choose what they want to “say” or when to “say” it. They are simply able to hear each others entire range of thoughts. I was happy they made it understandable, while still keeping the essence of it. I’m not sure what some people were expecting.

  2. I enjoyed EVERY moment of the movie…even the special effects, communication between the wolves, and the music that played throughout the movie. Bill did an amazing job…the storyline was complicated, but he made it all work!!

  3. I LOOOOVED this movie!!!! I don’t care what anyone else thinks but Bill did an AWESOME job!! I CAN’T WAIT to see it again and again and again! ;D

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