Excellent Robert Pattinson Interview in Empire

Empire does a refreshing interview with Robert Pattinson. We haven’t been linking to too many interviews with him recently because most of them just repeat the same old stuff. This one, however, was really well done.

Are you happy to say goodbye to Twilight? And what has its impact been on our culture?
I guess I’m happy to move on, but it was nice to have good closure. I found Edward quite a restrictive character but in Breaking Dawn he kind of loosens up about everything. I mean, it’s almost impossible not to when you’re delivering babies and, you know, Bella is dying and all this stuff is happening. You can’t play it the same, and that was nice. It was nice to have arguments and things as Edward, which seemed very unusual. But um, what’s its contribution to the culture? Well one of the main things, which obviously the books did but the movies helped, was just getting young people reading again. Harry Potter started this thing, but anything which gets kids reading, it helps. As soon as you start reading one series then you start reading a bunch of other stuff. Just in terms of the film industry as well, I think Twilight showed that you can have a female audience for something and it does well.

Is there something you did like about Edward?

I thought he was great. The annoying thing about him is that that the fans’ perception of him is that he’s this perfect guy, but whenever I read the books, he doesn’t seem like the perfect guy at all. I wanted to play his flaws, but then you have this subliminal idea coming from everywhere saying: “No, he’s got to be perfect!” but you can’t play perfect! Perfect is someone with loads of flaws, and then you stuck in this funny little loop. But it was interesting playing this one because I really didn’t like a lot of Edward’s actions in Breaking Dawn, and it’s nice to play actions where you think: “Oh, he’s doing the wrong thing.”

Can you give an example of that?

I mean, he is just very selfish at the end and gets ruled by his emotions. His heart is running him instead of his head, which is the opposite of all the other movies. He’s always trying to plan ahead, but he becomes much more impulsive and doesn’t feel permanently guilty. He feels like he has been wronged when he hasn’t been wronged at all.

What part of you is like Edward and what part of you is most unlike Edward?

I always feel guilty about everything; that’s quite similar to Edward. And, I don’t know, he always thinks he’s doing the right thing, he always thinks he knows what is going on and I never feel like I know what is going on or doing the right thing!

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  1. Awwwwww Rob so cute 😀

  2. You’re right! EXCELLENT interview and very different questions. I enjoyed it and read every single word.

  3. This interview is so refreshing! I always feel with other interviews with him, the media tries to allude to his rumored relationship with Kristen especially when they ask him about the honeymoon scenes or any other emotional scene he has with Kristen as their characters. And these questions are different, they are more intellgient and spark more of a conversation about the whole expreince of playing the character and what it means to fans and the impact its had on our culture and many others.

    • Very well said. This really was a very good interview, that helped us to understand the direct Rob wanted to go with Edward’s character.
      The two scenes that hit me hardest, were when he was yelling at Bella, because she had made the choice with out him, and when he’s just restarted her heart, and has to leave.
      In both, we see so much more emotion from Edward that we’ve ever seen, even in the books.

      The sad thing, for me, about the Breaking Dawn book, was that we didn’t see enough Edward. The book lost it’s romance – the mid part isn’t suppose to be romantic when she’s sick, but even when they are happy, there are few romantic moments.I hope the next movie can help pull that out, as well as give us more scenes of Edward as a loving Daddy.

      • Agree 100% with your favorite scenes they truly showed Edward at his breaking point. Rob did amazing work. You also saw the clear snap between “This evil thing” and “That’s my child” which was done perfectly. I think Rob played Edward the way he should have been played. Had they played the whole “I’m perfect” bs it would have been horrific because Edward IS horribly flawed, but their love makes him want to be perfect.

  4. Great interview…love it. Not the same old questions.

  5. Great interview! My favorite interviews with Rob are those in which he talks about what he thinks about Edward’s decisions, what he likes/dislikes about Edward, etc.


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