Ashley Greene Gives Advice to the Next Big Franchise Rising Stars: The Hunger Games

Considering that just about everyone involved in Twilight had no idea of the fan intensity and the craziness that was going to be their lives, they’ve actually done a pretty decent job of not totally going off the deep end. Ashely Greene offers some advice to the next group of young stars who are about to go through a similar media and fandom frenzy.

Ashley also has a new film coming out (actually it was shot in between Twilight and New Moon) along with Kellan Lutz called A Warrior’s Heart. Check out the trailer below and an interview with Kellan Lutz.

Kellan was attracted to the film because it’s not “just another sports movie.”

“It’s not cliché, where the kid wins the championship at the buzzer,” Kellan said in an on set interview. “It’s a coming-of-age story about a boy and his journey to become a man.”

It was also a first for Kellan, who got to take on the role of the project’s leading man.

“I’ve never been number one on a call sheet,” Kellan continued in the interview. “I’ve been 7…8…13…26…142…[but] in this project, I’m in every single scene. I’m never in my trailer, which I’m not used to!”

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  1. I don’t mean to be controversial but who are you to be so incredibly rude! She’s giving advice she never had and while she may not have been the leading lady she’s seen what they go through. Have some respect.

  2. Don’t be mean. Ashley is only trying to be nice and helpful.

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