1. the link to Mia Maestro’s Twitter in the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack section doesn’t work ๐Ÿ™‚ thought you’d want to know

  2. I thought Michael Sheen was no longer sending tweets on Twitter?

  3. The french coven? Can someone tell me what that is all about?

  4. Christina Fennewald McCormack says

    The Twitter listed above for Cameron Bright is incorrect. You remember when he first got an account he had like two of them or something? Anyway, that was a while ago. Here’s the active, as well as verified by Twitter, account for him:!/cameronbright
    Thanks for the updated list, Lexicon! xoxo

  5. As a fan of the saga and ROBERT PATTINSON in particularly i love that he and Kristen don’t have twitter or facebook, it lets me know that they want and need a private life, and i like that. everyone is into this social media stuff and i have nothing against it but for celebs you cant cry the paparazzi don’t give you privacy when you tweet and facebook all the time. so when rob or Kristen says its to much they mean it they’re not just crying wolf so they deserve that privacy. (linsay, oh did i say that) i’m sorry.