Where are the majority of the Twilight Fans Located?

Goodreads did a study as to where Twilight is more popular. Hilariously we could have told them this just based upon where people show up for Twilight conventions in droves.

There is no more divisive book on Goodreads than Twilight. It manages to top both our Best Books Ever and Worst Books of All Time lists. And now, surprisingly, we’ve discovered that where you live can indicate whether you’re a Twi-Hard or not.

With the release of the film adaption of Breaking Dawn (well, the first half of the film adaptation), we thought it might be fun to dive into some more of the incredible trove of data we have on the Twilight Saga and its readers.

A map of what each state thinks of Twilight ends up looking a lot like a map of the most recent election results. On the map above, the readers in the red states rated the book highly (the darker the red, the higher the rating), while readers in the blue states gave it a lower rating). The Midwest and the South represent The Twilight Belt, while the coasts were decidedly less impressed with the book.

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  1. Well I’m from Arizona and there are many fans here. Take into consideration that Stephenie Meyer lives here.

  2. Heheld Myhand-Terri Soja says:

    I don’t think this survey is accurate. I’m on the east coast, PA and have many friend there and NJ and NY who are very into it and attend most events

  3. Did they write the colors wrong? Because I’m pretty sure Colorado, Utah, and Arizona have HUGE numbers of Twilight fans. And how is Utah blue, and the 6th most Twilight readers when there are 10 red states and red is above blue?

    And of course, this is just “Good Reads” and I’m pretty sure the majority of us read hard copies…

  4. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    Wow… I guess we Oklahomans really DO love Twilight… 😛

  5. This survey doesn’t make sense for the simple reason that a REAL Twilight fan would have all the books in their hardcover editions. What the heck is “goodreads” anyway? A website?

    • Yes, Goodreads is a website where people list all the books they’ve read or are reading and they comment on it and share with other readers. Its kind of like a Facebook for reading I guess. I don’t know how long its been around but I found out about it when I bought my eReader. But I agree with your comment, most fans, like me, I believe have all the Hardcover editions so the results might not be so accurate. Still it was interesting to see. I have the book in every edition and format jejeje. Book for home eReader for the road jejeje

  6. Ignorant Americans -_-“

  7. Ros Gardner says:

    Don’t forget Australia !!!!

  8. I’m 62 and love, love, love Twilight!!! I also live in Seattle! I’m surprised that my age group is so low(so they say) and that Washington is only red. With the number of fans here I feel we are a blue state for sure.

  9. Tennessee here…LOVE twilight

    • Yeah, here in TN I’m pretty sure almost every girl likes twilight. I haven’t yet come across one that doesn’t like it… maybe one that has never gotten into it, but I’ve never met one that’s just outright bashed it. Now the men… that’s a different story.

  10. Twilight has a HUGE following here in Hawai’i! I’m insulted that we’re in blue…..how dare! Did they even poll anyone in Hawai’i? I’ve never heard of Goodreads.

    And yes, I’ve read all the books in the hard copy form. Were eBooks even out when the Twiilght, the book, was released? Because I read the series again before each premiere, I now have the entire series on my Kindle. But Hawai’i definitely loves Twilight.

  11. Karen Cooper says:

    I live in Connecticut also I am 65 yrs old and I love the whole Twilight Saga

  12. I think is so wrong I live on the west and the east coast and we love it so much on both side..

  13. I think is so wrong I live on the west and the east coast and we love it so much on both side.

  14. I think this is so wrong I live on the west and the east coast and we love it so much on both side.

  15. The map is not accurate.
    I’m from DC and there’s plenty of Twi-Love for the books here 😀

  16. Since Goodreads did the study, it certainly is skewed to the data they collected. They are also comparing each state to the country as a whole, so states with smaller populations will take a tremendous number of readers to turn ‘red’. Look at Utah, they are light blue, but they were called out as having the 6th most twilight readers.

    Personally, I’d like to see a table of the numbers, it would make the graph easier to understand.

  17. Well, I’m sitting in a super-packed theater at 10 am on a Sunday in Alabama with 5 minutes until showtime so I can definitely confirm that this is a Twilight state!

  18. I’ve always been curious about the age of the fans? I know that the teenagers love it but I’m 40. I think there’s just as many adults who love it 🙂

  19. I can definitely agree with this. I was living in southern California when I first saw Twilight and then consequentially read the saga (over and over again). I know this poll is on the books, but if the movies were any indication this how it appeared.. When I went to see the first 3 films they were never sold out, with the exception of the Twilight premiere on base at Camp Pendleton (which by that point it had already been out a month) where there wasn’t a seat left (however it is also a melting pot of people from around the world). I recently moved back to my home state of Alabama, and when I went to see BD at 1pm on Friday (while all the “screamers” were in school lol) I found out it was sold out at the 2 theaters closest to me until Monday. There is definitely a large following in Alabama lol.

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