The Best of Stephenie Meyer Videos Breaking Dawn Red Carpet

Here are the best of the Stephenie Meyer red carpet videos.


  1. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    These are great interviews (though, fyi: the first one doesn’t seem to be working). I particularly appreciate Josh Horowitz from MTV. He always does great interviews!

  2. she always seems so natural in interviews, like you’re just talking to her on the street. I love that she seems so genuine!

  3. i agree lin! also, watching the mtv one with josh made me realize i’m totally going to cry during this movie! i’ve been riding this huge excitement to see it, i didn’t really think much about details. but i know that scene where bella is pretty much dead and there’s that moment of dread worrying about losing your soul mate…oh man, that is heart-wrenching!

  4. Mrs. Stephenie Meyer looks great!! Love her!!

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