MTV: Kristen Stewart: Honeymoon Scene Reflects What I Felt When I Read The Book

Kristen Stewart talks honeymoon, contact and vampire Bella, cookbooks, living with fame and more with MTV’s Josh Horowitz


  1. Watching Kristen give an interview is a painful experience. I only made it through the first two and stopped. She is so uncomfortable answering questions and still, after all this time, cannot put a single thought together in a coherent sentence. And before everyone jumps down my throat for criticizing her, I’m not saying I don’t like her or her acting or anything like that. She just needs some serious coaching when it comes to answering publicity questions. I very rarely listen to her interviews for this reason.

    • Honestly, I don’t think it’s quite that she’s uncomfortable answering the questions as much as it is that she struggles to find the words to express herself. I think that’s just who she is and how she speaks. She’s much more interesting when she is herself, rather than if she is just trained how to answer questions. She has her own way of talking, not everyone gets used to being in the public all the time.

      • I definitely agree with this. I am one of those people that can never answer questions well. I know what I feel and I know what I want to convey, its just that I can’t ever find the words to exactly express what I want to convey. It’s frustrating and I just end up stumbling over words, jumping from one thing to the next. So I enjoy watching her interviews b/c I know exactly what she is trying to say, because I can totally relate. I agree that shes is definitely more interesting when she is herself & not trained to answer questions. How boring would that be?

        • Well, when you’re in the business she and Rob are in, you have an obligation to at least TRY and improve your communication skills. Rob is also a shy person, and if you look at his very early interviews he was VERY awkward. He still is silly at times, but he has improved GREATLY over where he was. Kristen is still stumbling over her words and it makes her look bad in interviews. It’s not quaint or cute, it’s highly uncomfortable for people watching her. I feel for the interviewer who has to try and make some sense out of what she says so he can ask a follow up question.

          • It’s not like she’s a CEO or president of a major company. She’s an actress. A lot of actors and actresses are quirky and artistic in their own way. I mean, acting is an art. Public speaking and communication skills are not necessarily a job requirement. It can’t be easy to be constantly interviewed and then have everybody put so much pressure on what you say. I don’t see why it would be her obligation to improve her interviewing skills. She is who she is, why does she have to change to please people? I wouldn’t. As long as she acts well then I don’t care how awkard her interviews are. That is not what it is about.

    • I actually completely disagree. That is what I love about her. She is raw, passionate and the real deal. As a fan of hers, I’d be super disappointed if she suddenly started being coached on speaking. She’s a complex young woman who makes no apologies for herself. I love it.

      • i agree.. i can relate to kristen cuz she is so down to earth and i also have trouble answering questions sometimes. i would hate if she was suddenly coached on what to say

        • I’m not talking about being coached as in given a script, or a set spiel to deliver in every single interview. But, my goodness, the reporter is asking how she “felt” and she can’t even express her feelings in a coherent sentence. It’s just NOT professional or polished.

          It doesn’t mean that she’s a bad person, a bad actress, or anything else of that nature. It simply means that she has no public speaking skills. And in the acting business, that’s a must. Whenever I’m going to have to speak in front of a group, I at least practice in my mind the gist of what I’m going to say. It would seem like she’d have answers to these opinion-type questions already formulated in her mind by now…

          • Well, I guess the poor girl will have to continue to dissapoint you, and others. It’s called Expressive Language Disorder. And it can take years of therapy to overcome. I get what you mean completely. She is a total trainwreck at times, lol. I, like Jesse and e says (and possibly Stewart), cannot for the life of me, get what is in my head, to come out of my mouth as something other than word vomit, when put in certain situations. I see it in my head, hear it, plot it all out and then…blegh!!! =S

            I have to seriously struggle, and force myself to focus hard to get the simplest responces to come out right. I can think it, and write it down like a Mother f*.., but if you want me to actually talk to you…pifft. No thanks.

  2. joan, i am exactly the same way!! i know what i wanna say and how i wanna say it, but it comes out all wrong!!