Video: Robert Pattinson on the Today Show for Breaking Dawn Part 1

Taylor was on yesterday, now it’s Rob’s turn.

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  1. I think the fact that he is clearly so much more comfortable being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, who sort of makes a joke of the whole thing, as opposed to Ann Curry, who approaches it in a much more serious, reverent way, speaks volumes about Rob’s feelings about Twilight. This interview is so awkward and painful.

    • I was just going to mention how awkward this interview was and I saw your post. He is so much more relaxed when doing late-night talk shows.

  2. Rob looks kind of tired, bless him….it’s got to be exhausting doing all these press junkets before a movie release.

  3. Michelle B says:

    I noticed that she had to throw in ” You have a beautiful girlfriend ” while listing all the things he has going for him.

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