Video: It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

Here is the video of Bruno Mars video for It Will Rain.


  1. Not liking the video… He should have stuck with making it between himself and another girl OR making it with Edward and Bella. Seems like he’s just using clips and leeching popularity from Twilight Fans.

  2. *clips from Breaking Dawn

  3. Dawn Bowers says:

    Ur not missing much, there is no new footage like was said would be in there. And they only show two very small clips like 3-4 secs each. I love the song, but the video sucked.

  4. I really thought there would be more BDP1 footage in the video. So dissaponted 🙁

  5. christine Brewer says:

    Well, Iam normally very open minded about anything Twilight 🙂 But this video stinks, I think. He spent extra time on it to make it right, it was supposed to be out what 2 weeks ago? I thought it was supposed to be the main song from the movie but I think Christina Perri’s song and video are, in my eyes. Dont get me wrong I have come to love Bruno Mars’s song, but come on with the video. Hardly any footage from the movie, stuff we all have already seen anyway. I guess I just had something different in mind. Still love the song though

  6. Morning Rose says:

    I don’t mind the clips video… I actually got excited! I don’t really think he’s “leeching popularity off the Twilight fans” because, I mean, he’s ON THE SOUNDTRACK. Summit probably would’ve been pissed if he DIDN’T include BD clips. Whenever I hear this song though, I think of it as Jacob’s song to Bella when he’s running in the rain after he gets the wedding invitation… So it does kinda throw me off to see scenes from the honeymoon.

    • I agree. I see this song as being from Jacobs pov.

    • Yes, but it summit getting pissed at him for not using Breaking Dawn clips then it just makes it seem like he HAD to do it. Not because he wanted too. It seems like he just said ok, throw a few here and there and that will have to do :\

  7. Kelly Vermeren Madsen says:

    Pretty disappointed in the video…what took so long to come up with that? The back and forth between the (minimal) BD clips and Bruno and his “girl” is distracting & annoying. LOVE the song itself though!

  8. Foreverinyourheart says:

    The clip was before the video started but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I read that the clip was of E & B getting married. >.>

  9. I thought it was amazing! I’m glad he didn’t add a bunch of footage. I like how he showed the two sides of his song. Their side and his. At the end of the day the song is amazing! He is amazing! and I’m so glad it is a Edward and Bella song after all! Don’t waste a perfectly lovely song that I adore on Jake like they did in Eclipse with “Let’s Get Lost” my favorite song on the album!

  10. So NOT loving the video. A bad video to a great song. And the clips from BD? Its like they said “Oh wait! We forgot to throw in some clips since the song is on the soundtrack.” What a letdown. At least the song is awesome.

    • EXACTLY! That’s EXACTLY what it feels like he did!

      • Michelle B says:

        I agree , The song is great but the very two very short BD clips just seem thrown in . I feel let down because it could have been so much better. He could have cut from himself in front of the projector to clips being shown in line with the song . Muse used this idea very well with the video Neutron Star Collision ( Love Is Forever ) from Eclipse.

  11. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    While I love the song, and it has been one of my favorite songs on any of the Twilight albums, I kept asking myself… “This is a Breaking Dawn soundtrack” vid, because the vid was rather Breaking Dawnless. It’s not that it isn’t a good music video… it’s just a really bad movie tie-in music video…

  12. You know, when I first heard Bruno Mars was going to be on the soundtrack, I was such a hater. I posted on FB about how much he sucked, how he would ruin the sort of indie cred that’s come to be associated with the soundtracks…(I said the same for Christina Perri)…but after listening to this song a few times, I actually really like it. The video, eh. But the song is quite good. So I’m sorry to Bruno Mars for all the sh– I talked about him on FB. However, Christina Perri is still the WORST. Even after repeated watchings of the video…God, I know this will come across as mean, but she’s just SO very unattractive…

  13. Katie McCort says:

    This has record company written all over it. They produced a very commercial video. Putting in the Twilight clips makes it less commercial because Twilight is a specific audience, not a general audience. It’s like what WMG did with the Muse video-there are two different versions. One with no twilight scenes and one with the twilight scenes. Yeah, it sucks but…urg. Freaking record labels…

  14. I thought that there will be new footage. I feel punked! really? This is a two week delay video? C`mon even Muse added more scenes.The song is good, the video is not. Sorry!

  15. The clips that they used in the video has nothing to do with the song. I was confused the whole time.

  16. What a let down!!!

  17. Carrie Gamino says:


  18. i was disappointed also. i love the song but i felt like really i waited 2 weeks for that.

  19. That was ok !

  20. Cute video if you weren’t expecting a twilight saga music video of EPIC proportions. I was! I’m disappointed! I hereby strip it of it’s ‘LEAD SINGLE’ status, and I’ll stick with Christina Perri’s effort thankyouverymuch!!!

  21. Brittany Jackson says:

    It was problem with the Bruno stuff. I just wish they would’ve put in some more BD clips. Also, when I hear this song I think of Bella and Edward in a sense of it being towards the end of the movie when she is “leaving him” in a sense and not on their honeymoon.

  22. Hey guys, for those of us that can’t see the video, here is the youtube version of it i just found,

  23. Ok, I see the extra work that went into the video. They had to go back and ADD the Breaking Dawn clips. Obviously, the original video had nothing to do with Breaking Dawn. Love the song! Don’t fake the video. If you don’t want to have it connected to the Twilight franchise, then don’t.

  24. Wow, if you blink twice you won’t even notice Edward and Bella made it in the dang video. You think they could have atleast found a clean white wall to play their projector on! lol Come on now! Christina Perri, A Thousand Years, now that was a video! I still like the song though!

  25. I loved the video. I don’t see what the big deal about not including much of Breaking Dawn in it is. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight and I’m super stoked for Breaking Dawn; but at the same time, this is a song that is for a movie and is commercially successful, by making it minimally Breaking Dawn-related it is reaching out to a broader audience. I think we have to realize that while yes, these artists are featured on a soundtrack, they are not exclusive to that soundtrack and to that film. These films do not define the artists.

    I say Kudos to Bruno Mars for making a video that is inline with his own brand as a musician and not succumbing to video so commercially segregated by the Twilight brand.

  26. I am disappointed. The song for me is just okay. The video wasn’t great either.
    I’m not loving it like I am Christina Perri’s song & video. Hers is so beautiful & you can tell she’s a fan.

  27. Christina Perri’s song and video was so much better.

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