Robert Pattinson On David Letterman For Breaking Dawn Part 1: Videos

How do you think Rob did on Dave’s show?


  1. Absoultley love him. He did an awesome job.

  2. i love Robert Pattinson , can’t wait The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 movie if u wanna to watch movie then join me

  3. Ugh…anything with Letterman makes for a boring interview. Retire already!!!

    • At least Letterman wasn’t rude and hostile like he was with Kristen when he last interviewed her. I was relieved that Rob wasn’t subjected to the same treatment.

      But yeah, Letterman should definitely retire.

  4. Love Rob, REALLY dislike Letterman. Ugh!

  5. BTW, What is up with Edward not sparkling in the sun?!

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