4 Videos: Josh Horowitz One-on-One With Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn Part 1

MTV’s Josh Horowitz, who is one of the best interviewers with Twilight actors, covers it all with Rob


  1. The 4th video does not work 🙁

  2. Confused. Title says 4 videos. There are 5 spaces for videos. The 4th one, about Kristen as a vampire in part 2, is no longer available. TL can you explain please? The rest are good interviews.

  3. Click on the 4th one, then click on the title in blue. It will take you to the mtv site to watch the video.

  4. oh Rob, Taylor’s got nothing on you! I know Robert is joking but SERIOUSLY… i kind of feel like he really did feel more self conscious after New Moon and let Taylor/Jacob take too much thunder. Rob, you are AWESOME!

  5. The video doesn’t play in my country. Can someone provide another link,please??

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