Jake Abel is the Frontrunner For Ian in The Host

Deadline Hollywood is reporting the following:

Actor Jake Abel is frontrunner to play one of the two male lead roles in The Host, the adaptation of the science fiction novel by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer that will star Saoirse Ronan and be directed by Andrew Niccol, who wrote the script. Negotiations are expected to begin soon. Abel was chosen from among a group of young thesps and he is negotiating for the role of Ian.


  1. I’m kind of okay with this casting…

  2. Dayi Martinez says:

    They better dye his hair

  3. Marcy Ninmer Merrill says:

    Not big enough…Ian is supposed to be a BIG dude…this guy is scrawny…better bulk up!

  4. I thought Ian somerhalder was going to play ian

  5. OOOOHHHH YESSSSS !!!!! hes sooo HOTTT YES PLEASE !!!!

  6. He looks about perfect. Plus, he could pass for Kellan Lutz’ brother, who I would like to see cast as Kyle.

  7. This isn’t happening. Nope. Not true. It’s a nightmare! Love Jake, but that’s wrong.

  8. I really like this ! Now we want Kit and want to know who will play Jeb !

  9. Ian is supposed to be big and tall, and very dark haired. I actually don’t care about the hair–look at all the nonsense they ended up with trying to get the Cullen’s hair right. I’d rather have Ian be attractive than perfectly true to the description. As for size, I imagine they had to scale everybody down, especially in age, to match Saoirse. I think Saoirse is brilliant, so I’m okay with that.

  10. sara cullen says:

    i agree with you @ Marcy Ninmer Merrill ..Ian should be big , tall and muscular…jake is not like that

  11. i don’t like it. Ian is suppose to have Sapphire Blue Eyes. he’s are are too pale and not the right color at all. they better use contacts if the use him but i still hope Iam Somerholder gets it cause he’s be perfect

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