Hit Fix Interviews Kristen Stewart: On a year of giving birth and scuffling with dwarfs

Hit Fix had a chance to interview Kristen Stewart one-on-one at the Breaking Dawn press junket

But, if we’re talking about the final “Twilight Saga” movie we’re getting ahead of ourselves, because Stewart has quite the dramatic arc in “Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1.” As many moviegoers and “Twilight” fans know, Bella (Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) finally tie the knot in a moving ceremony. Before Bella becomes a vampire, a negotiation of her “living” after a showdown with the Volturi way back in “New Moon,” the new Mrs. Cullen shockingly becomes pregnant by her living dead husband. While even the Cullens are unsure what is growing quickly inside her, Bella stands strong wanting to deliver the (assumed) child. It’s a dramatic jump from the tentative and awkward teenager introduced in the first “Twilight” just three years ago. Stewart has arguably never been better as Bella, but she won’t take much credit for her performance. She insists much of it is because she’s also grown older and any other actress could have pulled off the character’s arc.

“I think that naturally would have happened with anyone playing the part. Even just the way it’s written,” Stewart says. “I’ve been asked a lot today if I think that this is finally when she became an adult. I don’t think just because you get married and you’re in adult situations that all of a sudden that makes you grown up. I think that she found herself awhile back and I think she just seemed crazy to everyone because she saw this light and was like, ‘Hey, listen, I know something we just need to fight for it. And now finally in this one it all clicks and makes sense. She was right. Everything she’s built, as precarious as it looks, she’ll do anything to keep it standing and it works and I think that’s just part of knowing yourself and knowing you want to be where you are.”


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