Melissa Rosenberg Live Blog Breaking Dawn Convention

Eaisest book to adapt to screen. She says none were easy but Eclispe was easiest and Breaking Dawn was the hardest

Cameo in wedding scenes was so much fun. She decided she was Renee’s college friend.

If she would change anything. Way back in Twilight there is this big Q&A on what it means to be a vamp in book and it got cut in movie script due to budget

She prefers adaptation rather than original writing

First three movies she was juggling Dexter and Twilight last film it was other projects wished she had no conflicts but it’s a luxury writers never get

Melissa Rosenberg had a lot of fun writing wedding toasts especially comedy moments for Anna Kendrick and Billy Burke

The most important thing in writing is to build emotion and then add in the text that gets you there. The emotional moments are the most important

On how much script changes after it goes to screen. LOts of revison with Stephenie before it goes to director. Then it’s set, but director hones emotion, sequence of shots, may make changes or things that are non verbal

What she is most proud of. She belives that she is the only woman to have written a franchise and hopes that it opens doors for others

Favorite upcoming work is some episodes of Dexter season 4 in particular the finale. she says Dexter would be a great Volturi member. And Edward and Dexter both fight inner demons

Loves writing for Billy Burke and Taylor Lautner. Loves their ability to express dry humor and passion

How do you make imprinting not creepy. Make it more spiritual not romantic. Also show it early on in moive with Wolfpack several ways. bill Condon really made it all work and asked for revison and she was like OMG you’re right. They simplified and it’s now a simple, pure, uncreepy version

Who has final say in script is studio, but actors and directors have input. On Twilight specifically it’s been collaborative especially with Stephenie. In most films it doesn’t work that way and she’s happy that Twilight was collaborative

It’s hard to realize that in a strong fandom that people will yell at her about Edward’s wardrobe or other things she has no control on she just reminds herself that if Stephenie is happy she has to be happy.

Her favorite author Alice Hoffman. Likes reading stories by other female authors

How many times has she read too many to count. Each time she rereads the book she is working on then does outline then goes back and rereads certain scenes

She works in her home office with her dog and green tea and sweats. She sets a schedule

She won’t write a novel. It’s a different skill set and craft she has respect for it but isn’t ready to do that now

She was there last day filming of wedding scene.

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