Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno for Breaking Dawn Part 1

Jay covers the handprint ceremony and Breaking Dawn.


  1. It’s a given that during interviews the host is going to ask about her other projects. Don’t blame Kristen for talking about Snow White. Jay’s interviews aren’t the best, I mean it’s late night television! I actually found it entertaining and funny.

  2. what?! i disagree, i loved the interview, it was hilarious! and i haven’t seen kristen so relaxed in…well, it’s just not that often. the part about her punching chris, haha, that was funny! i loved this!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed Kristen’s appearances on Jay Leno and she always relaxed,because at least he doesn’t ake her feel uncomfortable. This was the funniest one yet and I loved how she described the fight sequences with Chris Hemswoth for Snow White. Of course she was going to talk about Breaking Dawn and don’t forget Jay does that with all of his guests. They discuss many topics before moving on to saying a few things about the film and then show a clip from it. It’s nothing to get bent out of shape over and I loved how relaxed she was. There was alot to be happy about,because she and the boys had just recieved a great honor. Can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn part 1. I know it’s goijng to be great.

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