Twilight Lexicon Staff Heading to the Press Junket & Convention: We Want Your Questions!

The Twilight Lexicon Staff is heading to the Los Angeles Press Junket and Convention for Breaking Dawn. We will be live blogging both events. We will also have a representative at the handprint ceremony taking place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Your never quite sure who will get a question in at a press junket. We have some that we have thought of, but we’d like to open it up to you our readers. Most of the actors will be at the junket and/or the convention. What do you want asked, and we’ll try to slip it in!

Also as a reminder the convention is almost sold out, so don’t wait if you were going to buy tickets!


  1. I would like to ask: Most of you were unknown actors and with all your success now all these years later what thing would you have changed to make your success and lives easier?

  2. Has Water For Elephants been released? ( For Grandaughters of course!)

  3. Ask if you could have played any other character in the films who would you have liked to play? Ask any actor.

  4. My question us 4 Melissa, at what point did she know that she had all the great material in the movies without it being 2 much an still making sure that it flow for those who might have not read the book

  5. My question us 4 Melissa, at what point did she know that she had all the great material in the movies without it being 2 much an still making sure that it flower for those who might have not read the book

  6. My question is, I saw Robert in Sweden last week Friday and as I’m hard of hearing, my hearing aid just couldn’t cope with the loud noise thus I couldn’t hear a thing in there at all. How do you cope with it and do you ever wish you could turn it off in that moment when the scream is there? Do you ever use a like invisible earplug????

  7. In Part 1, the 2 sources of conflict or tension are 1) Bella’s dangerous pregancy and 2) a possible attack from shapeshifters. In the book, most of Bella’s short pregancy is skipped or is glimpsed through the window by Jacob. Also, the possible attack from Sam’s pack remains mostly a “mental confrontation” rather than a physical one. What kinds of changes have been made to make these conflcts more cinematic?

  8. my question is for kristen was it difficult to film the scenes where she is learning how control and use bella’s mental shield. question for bill condon will bella’s mental shield be visible to the viewers

  9. Julia Robinson-Kass says:

    my question is for Kristen how did you prepare emotionally for your sex scenes with Robert? and another question i have is what was your favorite moment to shoot?

  10. Filming both movies at same time and scenes out of sequence, how do you keep track of where you are in story? what the character knows? How difficult is that to do? is that why you are paid the big bucks? For Kristen especially going back and forth between human and vampire Bella?

  11. For Kristen, Taylor, and Rob: If you could pick any other actor to play your character, who would it be and why?

  12. a question for bill condon is Bella going to hunt a mountain lion or will it be another animal? For Kristen how did she prepare to film the hunting scene and what did she feel when she was wrestling with the animal and drinking its blood.

  13. my question is for Bill Condon: Bella is a vampire in the second part. In the book it is described that she sees the world in a very different way now. How did you put that into the movie?

    • that is my #1 anticipating factor of book to movie theme! wonderful question! how stephenie describes the moment she wakes up: bella can see every fleck of dust in the sky, the angle of the sun, how different edward looks, etc!

  14. dazzled eyes says:

    My questions for the actors would be: What differences do you see between your character in the movie and the character in the book? and If you could change one thing about your character what would that be?

    My question for Melissa Rosenberg would be: Why was humor just included now in these films when the books are infused with it? How did you make sure the character of Edward was not lost with Bella and Jacob’s POVs telling the tale?

  15. My question is for everyone: What do you feel and what are you thinking when you comes out and there is thousands of fans screaming and crying at you?
    Another question: Can you all please come to Norway?

  16. Dorothy Greene says:

    I would like to know if Stephenie Meyer plans to write a book about the relationship of Jacob and Renesmee and if so, if Taylor Lautner would be interested in reprising that role?

  17. Lynne Stringer says:

    1. Are you coming to Australia for the premiere? 2. What are the biggest difficulties when working with special effects, whether it be the wolves, a supernatural baby, or anything else?

  18. Lynne Stringer says:

    Oh, and tell Rob that he doesn’t need a six pack and shouldn’t feel he has to have one. Men should not feel that they have to conform to any particular body image any more than women should.

  19. For any of the actors or Bill Condon: Was there one scene that you thought would be easy & fun to do but turned out being harder than expected?

    For Kristen: Did she prefer playing human Bella in part 1 or vamp Bella?

  20. Ive never heard, seen or read anything about Kristen narrating/taping her voice-overs. Since they are all her point of view, you would think there would be extra footage or she would mention it by now.

    **Could you ask Kristen anything pertaining to the aspect of her narration or/and since she is the only one that narrates (well, as of now), what is like? Is it special to her? Does she pull out the book and read directly from it? Does it take her long to record? Was New Moon especially difficult since it focused on her? Anything and more like that would be wonderful!

    Thank you! Leslie

  21. Will Rob be featured on the last soundtrack?

  22. I would ask who is playing collin,brady,kim,rachel and rebecca?

  23. Is there one thing any of them regret while filming any of the twilight movies? (maybe a particular scene or way they did something)

  24. We all know that most people reading the book series picture you guys as all the characters, but did you guys visualize yourselves as a character while reading?

  25. For Rob and Kris: What does it feel like to feel watched or stalked by paps? Does it overwhelm the ‘good’ parts of fame? i think helping fans to understand this would make the actors’ lives easier.

  26. My question would be for any of the cast:

    Did you ever feel that being a part of this franchise would shape the way you influence people i.e. fans, directors, other actors?

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