Bill Condon Talks Romance vs Sex Scene on Breaking Dawn

Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Breaking DawnIn a recent phone interview with MTV, Bill Condon addressed the concerns fans have had over the whole idea of a possible “R” rating for Breaking Dawn.

“It’s almost clinical the kind of strict guidelines [the MPAA] have about anything that appears to be — how do I put it delicately?

That appears to be, let’s call it thrusting. In fact, you know, it was so much more about romance than it was about hot-and-heavy action, so it was a very kind of simple adjustment to make.”

Condon wouldn’t confirm what Kristen Stewart said in Glamour about the film being re-cut to avoid the R rating.  We’ve heard from both sides of the fandom – those that want it to say PG-13 and those who want the “director’s cut” version that isn’t tamed down at all.  Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Jenna, Michigan says:

    I think for theaters, PG-13, but if there is an “R version” available when it comes time to buy the DVD, that’s what I’m getting for sure.

  2. i want the director’s cut on the DVD as an option for viewing, that way my kids and I can still watch it together. and me and my girlfriends can watch the more adult version without the kids. Just sayin…

  3. Completely understand PG-13, expected- but hope they think of all of us older fans who are really hoping for directors cut option on DVD!! I would buy both of course!

  4. Ladies, ladies, calm yourself!

  5. SilverTongueDevil says:

    As a grown woman who loves this story I would want the director’s cut. Even fans who started out with this franchise as teens are grown now and can handle the graphic nature of something more than PG-13. So I say put the PG-13 in theaters and offer a R version for purchase.

  6. Give me that hot and heavy DVD.

  7. I would say keep it pg13 at the movies and put the r rated as an extra on the dvd!

  8. I would say keep it pg13 at the movies and put the r rated as an extra on the dvd.

  9. I’m in my 30’s, married and a mother of 3 and think PG13 is just fine. In the books you know what it’s leading up to but it doesn’t go into it and then you just has the aftermath. I know there are a lot of views that differ from mine and that’s fine, but I’d prefer if they did it the same way in the movie as in the book. I don’t think you need to see anything for it to feel steamy. This is Hollywood, with the proper lighting, music and a little chemistry…. Ta da!.. You have all you need. Just think of the first kiss in twilight or the leg hitch/proposal scene,and other close moments in eclipse, it was more then enough. Some almost seemed too private. When it goes too far into it, I don’t like to be a fly on the wall. If they wan’t to make two versions of it, I’m fine with it, but I’ll be getting the pg13.

  10. Shauna Billings says:

    Uh… ya, director’s cut for me! I would buy both because I do have a pre-teen in the house. I would like the option though.

  11. Jean Brown says:

    I am glad SM did a “Fade To Black” in the book. I would have been so uncomfortable reading the details of Bella’s and Edward’s sex life. I dont want to sit in the theater with a bunch of people watching Bella and Edward having sex. I do want to see it on the Directors Cut in the privacy of my own home.

  12. Count me in with those that would like to see the option of a director’s cut. And, just like the others I would get the PG-13 version too, for times when there may be younger audiences with me. It’d be so great if they granted us this.

  13. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, I know I’m going to be satisfied with it. SM used a sort of “fade to black” kind of thing a couple of times. However that wasn’t quite the case when Bella becomes a vampire. We don’t get any explicit details but we get the picture.

    The rating shouldn’t matter to those who’ve read the book. If the Breaking Dawn book got a movie rating, it would be–without question–rated R. The violence and gore are enough to push it that far. So, if you’ve read the book, you know what to expect. No reason to freak out.

  14. TwiMomGran says:

    For the teeny tweens seeing the picture it has to not be R rated, for commercial reasons. But please offer the uncut real version on the DVD. We want it all!

  15. Pam Parks says:

    No question …. GIVE ME THE DIRECTOR’S CUT – for that matter, I want the Director’s cut on ALLLLLLL the Twilight movies!! Bring it!

  16. I would want the unrated version!!! The requirements for a PG13 to an R can be so tiny. One word over the cursing mark. Too much blood. the steamy love scenes. I want to see the birth scenes. And the dang bloopers!! You know there’s got be some belly aching laughs!

  17. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I understand why SM wants to keep it PG-13 for the theatres (even though the book wasn’t PG13!), but I want the director’s cut for the DVD. Not just for the s*x (like others, not my fave spectator sport) but becuz the director’s cut is the more artisitic product, the vision that the group had, without commericial concerns about ratings etc.

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