Robert Pattinson On The Insanity of Fading To Black

Robert Pattinson was interviewed by Total Film for Breaking Dawn. The have part of the interview (the rest is in teh print issue) online.

Those marital relations have some pretty severe consequences too, with Bella becoming pregnant with a half vampire-half human child. Turns out we weren’t the only ones a little taken aback by this turn of events.

“When the final book came out, I was like ‘She’s not even thinking outside the box anymore. She’s broken the whole box!’” Pattinson told us.

“She went all out on the last one. It’s almost a different genre of movie.”

So, was Pattinson daunted by the prospect of the sex scenes? “It’s funny,” he added. “People talk about sex scenes in the book, but there aren’t actually any. It’s all in people’s imagination. They’re like ‘It’s so hardcore,’ but it always fades to black. It just shows bits of the aftermath.”

Not that that filmmakers will be taking that approach. “You have to show something!” Pattinson asserts.

“You can’t fade to black in the movie because people would go insane!

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  1. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Can you imagine the riots at midnite shows if they faded to black?

  2. I admire Stephenie Meyer for making Breaking Dawn an uncompromising author’s vision. BD is 100% the story she wanted to tell. As we all know the basic story was written even before New Moon and Eclipse as Twilight’s direct sequel Forever Dawn. I recall the outrage from a lot of fans in November ’08 the night BD was released, some of which is still archived on the internet (including Amazon reviews). Some fans still pretend that Twilight is a trilogy. For me it’s the best book in the saga after Twilight and its companion Midnight Sun (Dear Stephenie Meyer: please finish it!). Can’t wait for the 18th!

  3. Why cant they fade to black? This was done for years in the movies. They made great movies that faded to back. Everyone knew the couples were having sex. Do we really need to see people having sex or acting as if they are? I am not saying I am not going to LOVE this film, because I am so stoked waiting for it to be released, however, saying you can’t fade to black when you very well could like the book isn’t exactly truth. Just saying.

  4. This is NOT SM’s most popular book and she knows it, as does Summit. Even the actors raised their eyebrows and wondered “WTF”?? I can only hope that Bill Condon has done some tweaking to make it more palatable to the audience. You have to realize that many moviegoers have never cracked open the first book in this saga. They’re learning all about her vampire/wolf mythology just from the films. They really should have touched on imprinting more in Eclipse to prepare these viewers for the Jake/Nessie imprinting. It’s going to ick some people out. It still icks ME out, and I’ve read every single book.

  5. Film and novels are two different entities. Therefore fading to black wouldn’t work in this context,because the fans want to see the romantic honeymoon scenes,SM didn’t elaborate on. Of course they won’t be graphic,but tastefully show Bella and Edward making love. The scenes will be PG-13,pushing R without crossing that line. Kristen said in another interview,she knew it would be pandemonium if they faded to black on the love scene. So Bill C. was able to film it in a way that was mature,but not to the extent the kids can’t watch the film. From what I’ve heard,the scenes are pretty steamy,so I say it’s a watch with your kids at your own risk.

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